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  1. Haven't been doing much art stuff lately. Been trying to focus more on code and getting my security+ certification. I did try my hand at painting a little while ago. Always wanted to try some Bob Ross type paintings but add some of my own style.



    This was my first. One of the local gamer bars was doing a Bob Ross night and was supplying paints and canvases.




    And this was my second. I got the idea while watching an episode of Joy of Painting where Bob did a black and white forest scene. I was up until 2 in the morning working on this.


  2. Some old character concepts I did in 3d Studio Max:


    Bobbit worm character that I'm saving for when Subnautica releases mod support. Someday, I'll get around to modeling a body for it and animating it. The head is actually supposed to split down the center like a banana peel, revealing a Predator-esque mouth.





    This one is just called "Tall Man" because I can't name things for crap. Very work-in-progress. I have no idea what I'll use it for, honestly, I literally just took an existing default human model and just started tweaking it.




    These are some assets for a game I worked on for I think was March Mayhem Game Jam 2018 on Itch.io. The game was called Chroma Dash, an infinite-runner style game involving a color changing orb and multi colored barriers. The player must change the color of the orb to match the barriers in order for it to pass through, otherwise it explodes. We have a team consisting of 5 individuals and 7 days to build it. I would have liked to have continued production on it after the Jam but, as is typical with Game Jams in my experience, the team pretty much dissolved after the event was over. 




    This screen cap was taken early in development. Unfortunately, it doesn't show a lot of the functionality that we added, but I don't believe there was much more to it than this.



  3. 1 hour ago, Walter confetti said:

    Uhm... How about this themes?


    - Cavernous places

    - Mandatory illusio-pit

    - Jungle / woods / anything with plants

    - remake your favorite IWAD or PWAD map from memory

    - Abandoned places


    Cavernous / Abandoned places sounds fun. Been looking to get back into mapping.


    What are the restrictions as far as time limit, ports, and assets? Or is that to be discussed on discord? Sorry, this is my first time participating.

  4. I use sketching pencils like these: 




    Do a quick sketch with the lightest pencil to map out the basic shape, pose, and detail of your subject. Nothing complex, stick figures work great for posing and simple boxes and circles can be refined into more complex shapes later. You mostly want to figure out where everything is going to be and the general sizing. If it helps, do a couple practice strokes with the pencil over the paper before committing to the actual line.


    Once you finish the initial sketch, go over it with the next darker pencil making adjustments as you see fit. Had a few lines not go as planned? It happens, use it as a guide for the next attempt or turn it into another detail. The idea is that any mistakes should be made with the lighter pencils as you refine your shaps and details and your final product should start becoming clearer as you move to darker pencils. Don't be afraid to get messy with the first couple iterations, use the darker pencils clean up those rougher areas.


    I, personally, would get a cheap sketchbook and do a sketch a day. Nothing complicated, just something that you can spend a comfortable amount of time on. A few minutes even.

  5. 6 minutes ago, Mordeth said:

    Suggestion: don't use 3DFloors but use portals instead. (G)Zdoom has them, and they are supremely suited to build rooms above rooms.


    This. I tried using 3D sectors to build and design multiple story buildings and it very quickly became a pain in the neck to manage that many control sectors. Best to use portals to create the illusion of a 3D building. It'll be just as convincing as the real deal without the headache.

  6. The first time I heard the song "Aerials" by System of a Down was as an instrumental cover in a survival wad. I already knew of SOAD but I never listened to many of their songs. I had no idea it was even them until a friend pointed it out. Up 'til then I just assumed (like most other level background music) that it was a cool jam that the mapper threw together for the level.

  7. Update:


    Fixed: Bleeding textures in one of the outdoor "secret" areas.

    Fixed: Teleport Destinations for monster traps were set to medium and hard only, causing monsters to be trapped outside the map on easy difficulties.

    Fixed: Sectors erroneously set as secret.


    Changed: Revenant positioning outside the key room window to be on the ledge closer to the window instead of the two concrete boxes.

    Changed: Monster positioning in the starting area. I didn't like that the player could alert a monster crowd by simply stepping into the main hallway. I wanted to leave it more open so the player could chose a direction to start in without getting too overwhelmed too early on.

    Changed: General lighting changes throughout the level to make it more interesting.


    Added: Monster Traps to fill the gaps in combat after picking up the SSG, Chaingun, and Red Key.

    Added: More ammo in various places throughout the level.

    Added: More health and armor



    Portal Control.zip

  8. Author: Matt Devlin

    Map name: Portal Control

    Compatibility: Vanilla Doom 2

    Playtesting: PRBoom Plus

    Allow jumping and\or crouching: No

    Skill settings: Yes

    Build time: 3 days

    Tools used: Doom Builder 2

    Resources: DOOM2.WAD and PLUTONIA.WAD


    Bugs: Maybe some cosmetic issues that I didn't catch [texture alignments and such], but other than that the mechanical aspects of the level work fine.


    Comments: I was originally going for a much larger map, but I couldn't decide on a direction as far as what I wanted to do with the level. I've been wanting to do a map for standard Doom 2 that can be beaten in less than five minutes, that much I decided. No flashy ZDoom effects or convoluted voodoo doll gimmicks, just raw Doom 2. My original design for this level ended up becoming too complicated detail-wise and ultimately I felt that the map was becoming too long as I was falling back into my old habit of needlessly tacking on extra rooms. I kept dragging my feet trying to figure out what I wanted to do with the level and, ultimately, I decided to rebuild from scratch. Which lead to another rebuild. And another. After about four or five revisions, I arrived at this thing. I feel I might have made the map too small, but unfortunately I'm out of time to fix that.


    If there's any outstanding issues that affect the playablility of the level, please let me know. I'll be online all day to fix any last minute issues.

    Portal Control.zip