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  1. And you're not original for making a "anime sucks lol" joke.
  2. why are you alive (sarcasm, this is a joke)
  3. Because the vanilla pistol is useless after you get the chaingun because they share ammo? Giving the pistol separate ammo gives it at least some use. It's now a backup weapon, or a weapon to use when you don't want to waste your other ammo.
  4. I mean, you're not wrong. I probably shouldn't have started this thread.
  5. I know they say practice makes perfect, but I'm noticing that I'm not making much progress just by playing Doom on hard difficulties and replaying sections over and over on an infinite death loop. So, other than just practice alone, how would I go about getting better at Doom? Are there maps I can play to help ease me into harder difficulties, or mods, or anything else I could try?
  6. That's what I was thinking, actually. Sorry to derail the topic, but I often wonder why the BFG behaves this way. It would make much more sense if it worked like a super rocket launcher, wouldn't it?
  7. How is "don't like it, don't play it" a dumb concept?
  8. Wait, I'm not supposed to launch everything in GZDoom? I don't really know much about sourceports, just that you stick wads in one and then make things go "ker-poom". Well, most people don't actually know how the BFG actually works, (it works more like a shotgun than a rocket launcher) (seriously, look it up, it's true), so it probably doesn't really matter.
  9. Wait is it bad that I like Brutal Doom?
  10. Wow I just discovered a surprisingly good song thanks to you. Thanks!
  11. ^^^^^^ This. So much this.
  12. ...That sounded vaguely like an insult.
  13. Check out this review of Hell Revealed: "i hate this. Too many monsters. dull texture . unimaginative. with teenage boys who like to play on a thousand opponents, and so many . totally inadequate as an intellectual product. What a good career ? UAC Ultra, Phobos2,Earth, Shotgun Symphony, Demon Eclipse1, etc. Hell Revealed a shit." Once again, we see them using age as an insult, probably because ignorance. Also, horrible grammar and overall terrible writing.
  14. [NOTE: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT BE OVERLY INSULTING OR RUDE ABOUT YOUR OPINIONS. THIS IS A TOPIC THAT HAS THE POSSIBILITY TO BECOME A DUMPSTER FIRE, AND I DONT WANT THAT.] I've noticed a lot that many people seem to HATE slaughter maps. Why? I mean, just look at this quote by a guest: "I cannot even begin to express how much I loathe these idiot slaughter fests. How old are the authors? 12? Sick to bloody death of downloading garbage like this and having hopes of an enjoyable game pissed all over. Mark crap like this for what it is - idiot overkill crap." I'm not even gonna mention the fact that this anonymous person decided to insult age, because that's not the point right now (though I am quite upset about that, because teens and pre-teens aren't all horrible). But honestly, what's so bad about these slaughter maps that they're considered to be for "dumb children"? EDIT: I don't have an opinion myself on slaughter maps, this is more of a discussion about them.