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  1. Xeogred

    What are you playing now?

    I've been playing Doom PSX lately, the legit release on Playstation and it finally clicked with me. I don't really have any nostalgia from playing this at any point back in the day but wow, it really evokes the feeling of playing Doom back in the mid 90's. The gamepad controls are chunky but still ideal and workable, the aspect ratio is slightly off but in a charming way, the low resolution, pixelated grit, and fuzzy images in the distance give it such an awesome vibe. I also love the Doom 64 styled music and sounds, so I don't have an issue with that. I'm about done with the first 30 maps, so it was interesting to see the Doom maps arranged, what was cut, some of the new Jaguar exclusives, etc. I actually didn't expect Episode 4 maps to be in this so that was a nice surprise. Excited to see how Doom 2 is and I'll also checkout Final Doom PSX.
  2. Xeogred

    Playstation DOOM Reloaded - Gameplay + Screenshots

    Was literally just playing some PSX Doom again last night... and this looks awesome!
  3. Xeogred

    Last Official Secret of Doom 2?

    Almost seems too convenient for Romero to take credit for it? lol, what a weird one.
  4. Xeogred

    What do you think of the Icon of Sin?

    I dig it. The best one I've ever seen is probably Plutonia 2's.
  5. Xeogred

    What are you playing now?

    Nice! I think there's two Newdoom's? Been curious about those, but I didn't know about the others. Sometimes it's fun to have a really varied megawad and have no idea what to expect between the maps. For better or worse!
  6. Xeogred

    What are you playing now?

    I have a lot of nostalgia for the CCP's, I think they got continually better with CCP3 probably being my favorite. CCP4 is probably the best and most coherent, though with all the new textures it almost feels like a different project name would have been more fitting. I'd love to see another Japanese Community Project since I beat that one last weekend. Definitely had some hit or miss maps but it was a fun weekend romp.
  7. Xeogred

    Back to Saturn X Episode 2

    I ran through both episodes this summer and they're some of the best megawads I've played for sure. Lots of personality with the unique textures, music, intermissions, etc, too. If the end of episode 2 is a teaser for the aesthetics of episode 3... I need that now! Definitely can't wait to see this to completion.
  8. Xeogred


    A monstrous megawad, one of my new top favorites. I love how venturing through this one feels like a new take on Doom 2's Hell on Earth descent, but this is just far far more detailed and engrossing. There are even a few sections in maps that give nods to classic Doom sections or even Doom 3 at times. It feels "modern" in a strangely amazing way with how detailed the architecture and aesthetics are. I also loved the connected exits and continuity, further giving it a huge sense of scale and adventure. The tech/base aesthetics are some of the best I've ever seen and I loved the Hell maps as well. A huge project from a one man army here and the consistency in design shows. There are not a lot of traps or spawns in this one which seems to be an issue some people take up with it maybe coming off a bit easy, but I personally don't mind a difference in flavor like that. The body count of enemies is still extremely high. That said I did play this with Complex which maybe made encounters more interesting from start to finish, a mod that can break and unbalance things, but it worked really well here. I ran continuous weapons too and on HMP. My only negatives are that I could not figure out the switch hunt or red key in Map19. I also did not care for Map29, which was repetitive. But the pros outweigh the cons! Overall I clocked in about 12 hours and as most say this is a huge megawad with giant maps, so you might need to be in the mood for that. Definitely a must play for the masterfully detailed maps.
  9. Xeogred

    Plutonia 2

    I have a long lasting love/hate relationship with the original Plutonia. I find it to easily be the hardest of the classic vanilla official Doom releases to the point of frustration with some design choices, like chaingunners galore in their barricaded towers. The entire megawad is very brown or green in texturing too and gets a bit drab. That said I continue to go back to it off and on throughout the years. I finally hit up Plutonia 2 this year and it lives up to its name, it's tough as nails, more brown walls and green ooze everywhere, chaingunners, unsafe starts, etc. Some maps like MAP11: Arch-Violence I hated because it was so tiresome. There were others I found really frustrating in the later teens and early 20's too. Don't expect many safe starts in any of these maps, the majority of them have you in enemy crosshairs immediately, along with tons of cramped sections in several maps, to a crazy degree that it seems impossible to beat most of these maps on a first run without knowing the traps and gimmicks. On the plus side, like Plutonia 1, I still had a fun time overall and this definitely felt like an official sequel. The style changed dramatically in the last chunk of maps and for the best, environments started looking much more interesting with a lot of reds, some maps were simpler but very effective, and I really enjoyed the final stretch along with this incarnation of the Icon of Sin battle at the end. The new music is awesome. I played on continuous play via UV and GZDoom, no mods. Clocked in a little over 8 hours. If you're up for some pain and difficulty, check this one out.
  10. Xeogred

    Japanese Community Project

    A great varied megawad just like the CCP's that I've all played and enjoyed. There are a few weird gimmicky maps I didn't like but all around I was really impressed and it was cool to see some unique personality with Japanese mappers, it's definitely unique in a good way. The new music is excellent. Some of the maps seemed a bit Duke3D flavored, or maybe TNT, with areas doing a good job of depicting realistic looking environments and details, like Map32. I really enjoyed Map23: Thermal disposal place by Guna and Map31: Manufacturing Plant by Masayan, I really hope we see more maps from them. Overall the difficulty isn't too high which is fine with me nor is it very slaughter heavy. I'll admit I skipped around Map29, as others said that one wasn't too hot. But otherwise I knocked this out at around 6 hours. I played with Complex and it didn't offset the balance. I'd love to see a JCP2!
  11. Xeogred

    What are you playing now?

    I wanted a bit more variety in another megawad, so I'm finally checking out the Japanese Community Project and this thing rocks! It's definitely got a different flavor in cool ways in the style and some texturing. I'm glad it doesn't seem too slaughter heavy either yet, since I wanted a break from that after Plutonia 2. The music is excellent as well. Seems well reviewed so I think this will be a fun ride for the whole thing.
  12. Xeogred

    What are you playing now?

    Finally conquered Plutonia 2. Anyone know anything about the development for this one? The last set of maps were way different but not exactly in a bad way. It got less slaughter and easier towards the end which I appreciated. The later teens and early 20's were the toughest for me probably. I guess I can safely say I love RED maps too, which was all over in the last set of maps. Some annoying switch hunts in Map 29 though. The Icon of Sin Map 30 fight was incredible like I've heard, really cool setup. Took me about 8 hours 23 minutes for this one. Everything I've beaten this year so far: Hellbound (PC) [12hr][Complex|HMP] Sawdust (PC) [50min][UV] Back to Saturn X EP1 (PC) [7hr][Complex|UV] Back to Saturn X EP2 (PC) [7h30m][Complex|HMP] Plutonia 2 (PC) [8h23m][UV]
  13. Xeogred

    What are you playing now?

    I'm definitely going to need a breather after Plutonia 2, this final stretch is nuts. MAP22 Locus Perditus wasn't too bad though. Speaking of skillsaw, I keep discovering new stuff of his I still haven't played yet... Lunatic! I'll have to check that one out soon.
  14. Xeogred

    What are you playing now?

    Yeah I thought Ancient Aliens was pretty cool but I liked Valiant a lot more. I knocked out MAP20 Lurking Fear of Plutonia 2 tonight, didn't love the map but it's really ramping up difficulty wise here in the home stretch. Overall still loving this megawad. I love how it's true to the Plutonia name... chaingunners everywhere, brown walls, unsafe starts for most maps, etc... haha. I wouldn't have it any other way. I still haven't actually played Eternal Doom myself and didn't know Team TNT was behind it, so I might have to check that one out sometime. Though I hear mixed things.
  15. Xeogred

    What are you playing now?

    Plutonia 2 is amazing! Except for that Arch-Vile level... Playing on UV, even though I don't think I've ever played the first one on UV haha. Always thought Plutonia was the hardest of the old official releases.