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  1. Xeogred

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    Happy July 4th, lol (Projectile Hell)
  2. Xeogred

    Live podcast interview with John Romero. Links are up!

    He said the full 32!
  3. Xeogred

    Doomcute thread

    From Projectile Hell:
  4. Xeogred

    Live podcast interview with John Romero. Links are up!

    SIGIL II? Finally, more Romero Doom 2 maps!! Oh man this is gonna be interesting. Awesome interview!
  5. Xeogred

    What is your favorite weapon in doom or doom 2?

    SSG can handle any and all situations. Always good. Might say the plasma though, even if I hoard it a tad too much and it's more of an emergency situation weapon haha. It's always "serious" mode when I bust it out.
  6. Xeogred

    How would you rate Ultimate Doom's episodes?

    E1 - 10/10: for nostalgia? Still some of the coolest techbase vibes ever. E2 - 7/10: real mixed bag but I like the weird surreal design and ideas more than the subpar flat Hellscape of E3 E3 - 6/10: see above. I also think E3M5 might be my most hated map in Ultimate Doom. E4 - 9/10: A real grower over the years, I think the Romero maps are even harder than his Doom2 stuff on PS/UV. Sigil - 8/10: Haven't played it since release but I recall having a blast with it. I actually did a recent PS/UV run of E2-E4 so here's my map by map random notes:
  7. Xeogred

    NEW series Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness

    It looks freaking dope. I usually don't care for additional adaptations of gaming series that I love, but I'm cool with this. Still trying to figure out if that's Ada with the ponytail though?
  8. I'm around the same maps as you Deadwing and I agree big time on these two. The difficulty shot up a lot, but I LOVED these two maps. I'm going to go as far to say that MAP09 is one of the best I've played this whole year. It was so fun to master it after a few runs. I'm still going strong doing PS/UV and no saves. MAP10 took longer I'm sure and definitely felt more EVIL, but still so meticulously fair. I always ran back to the teleporter after the red key and let those pinkes, Revenants, and Baron's deal with themselves. Thankfully the three secrets were easy, but you had to be strategic when to get them. That HK/Baron elevator was definitely one of the scariest moments and best with the plasma. I think I ended up favoring doing this early on to clear it out, so I could try and save armor/health for later. The two sections with a bunch of chaingunner towers was deadly too, but in my last successful run, I got the spider to help clear out one side of them completely haha. Through blood sweat and tears I finally beat it, and always get a kick when the exit is so close in plain sight to the start. Having done a PS/UV run of Plutonia earlier this summer, this absolutely nails it so far. Compact maps with such intricate item and monster placement, everything has a meaning and is often a bit of a combat puzzle to solve or where to go. I love this kind of Doom map flow. Continuing on this weekend!
  9. Xeogred

    [Megawad] Tarnsman's Projectile Hell - RC1

    I beat it last night. Definitely won't say I loved it and I did some things I rarely do in a wad, God moding some of E3M7 and E3M8, then noclipping E4M6 after I couldn't find one of the keys for what felt like forever. I couldn't even figure it out noclipping. E3-E4 in general got a little long winded in the middle with those huge maps with so many layers, teleporters, etc, so I was losing steam at times. Had to take my breaks, but I've been played a ton of Doom again this summer so that might just be me. Still, had a lot of fun. I bumped it down to HNTR for E4, lol. Which sadly felt a little too easy in a lot of parts, but even on HMP, E2-E3 were quite insane. I feel like dipping back into some skillsaw stuff would be a walk in the park after this. I liked the Cyber Kinghts (Cybruiser?) a lot, better than Eviternity's too since they don't have that hitscan spam attack. Faster Caco's and Imp's was fun. I think the final boss killed himself haha. For the weapons, the burstfire rifle was freaking cool. Faster switching was nice. The beefier Plasma and ammo cap on that felt right. I actually didn't use the explosive shotgun much, for as cool as it was (especially being able to one shot Revenant's usually), I just kind of stuck to the other weapons I guess. The chaingun was great too. Excellent architecture/themes and track usage. Lot of blues that I liked. Moments of appreciation, memes, etc spoilers: https://imgur.com/a/2RisMsw
  10. I think I like Rondo, Super CV4, and Bloodlines all equally for their own strengths. That said I don't care for Dracula X SNES much, definitely feels like a big step backwards from Super CV4 for sure. Kind of crazy it came out 3 years later but feels more dated.
  11. Xeogred

    [Megawad] Tarnsman's Projectile Hell - RC1

    Me > Playing most things on UV by default thesedays > Replayed D2TWID this summer "Hey these Tarnsman maps are awesome. Chill and fun" > Played Syringe "Damn this is good!" > Projectile Hell... UV... "Shouldn't be too bad" WTF! lol, but I got into it after awhile. Lot of saving to get through E1 on UV. I got bored of E1M8 after awhile so I skipped it. Bumped it down to HMP from there and I'm having more fun. Some of E2 reminded me of Shadow Warrior / Build Engine stuff in a cool way. Intentional? E3 is pretty cool so far, except for the weird ghost enemies and neon stuff in E3M1. Favorites so far are probably E1M5, E2M5, and E3M3. Anyone know all the track titles?
  12. Xeogred

    Who Is Your Favorite Mapper?

    @Romero: The GOAT. Romero really is perfection in "less is more" for me. The combat, the exploration, the secrets, traps, everything about his maps is consistently awesome. If there's one selfish dream I have for Doom, it's that he'll give us more Doom 2 maps someday. Only got a few of those and they were quite awesome, but his E1, E4, and Sigil material is legendary too. Sandy Petersen: I'm a rare fan of The Chasm, but I hate The Citadel. Petersen's style is just... crazy and I'm all for it usually. Adventure and surreal sums up his maps. Doom 2 would not be Doom 2 without him. Wish he'd take a shot at making some new maps, but I guess he's said somewhere on his YT channel that he's kind of shy to jump back in. @skillsaw: His style kind of feels like the "best" parts of Plutonia's philosophy in ways to me, while I love/hate Plutonia, it's mostly love for skillsaw's material. Concise maps with tricky parts and high difficulty at times that'll push me to keep getting better. Never goes FULL slaughter to the point of me being bored, so he strikes a nice balance. Valiant is my favorite. @Tarnsman: I'm still trying to figure out what it is exactly about Tarnsman's maps but it's just like everything he touches is gold to me. Quantity and quality. I replayed D2TWID this summer and took notice that all of his maps were my favorites for the most part. Then I hit up Syringe and it was incredible. Solo or teamed up with others. Tarnsman is a homerun with me. Masterfully refined maps that are very fun. @Pavera: If Romero had an evil twin who likes making bigger maps, Pavera might be that. An incredibly cool style that feels fresh to me, densely packed maps chalk full of enemies and action, yet still with just the right amount of item placement and breathing space in between to take in the sights. High difficulty and a lot of sweating throughout, but never do his maps get monotonous to me at all. Check out Arrival. And I greatly enjoyed his stuff on D2TWID and Syringe as well. @esselfortium: Another standout in my D2TWID replay, then I checked the wiki and low and behold, she was the lead on the Back to Saturn X's which is among my top favorites, so yep. Fantastic. Awesome interiors and tech base style. Other standouts I think are probably @Xaser and @AD_79. Keep seeing them linked to some stuff I've enjoyed over the years as well so I'll have to dig a little more. Someone linked me AD_79's Plutonia 5 map pack a few weeks ago too and I loved it.
  13. I wish I took more notes map to map, but I just get in the zone with a really good wad like this haha. I think looking back now I'd say maps 3, 4, 6, and 8 are probably my top favorites. 7 was easier but kind of a nice breather before 8-9. My only nitpick with 9 was the red key. I saw that platform you hop over to early on and think it even has a medkit on there, but guess I wrote it off as a secret that I'd save for later and forgot about it, hah... Favorite tracks would be 2, 6, 7, 10, 11, and 12! That insane breakdown in 11 always happened at the right times when I was going through MAP08. Hell yeah.
  14. Jimmy, your video is what instantly sold me on needing to play this a week or so back when I saw it! I hope to see more Pavera maps and hear more AD_79 tunes in the future!
  15. First off Pavera, you do one of the best Romero's impressions I've seen after replaying D2TWID. I had to play more from mappers I've been taking notes of this year, then hit up Syringe which I absolutely loved, and then just wrapped up Arrival. Played via UV/PS, this wad was a blast. I love how densely packed the action is with the stacked enemy count and most maps having so many areas where you can be flanked, yet cover and items are always in abundance as well. "Fair" is how I often felt playing this. I had to save a lot at times (more than Syringe), but every encounter felt like you're given the tools and then it's up to sharp player skill to survive. I loved how a lot of triggers would activate a door or some teleporters you could see from afar (so many Revenants haha), so you could semi what prepare, but you were about to sweat blood and tears holding down fire for a few minutes straight. I for one don't love slaughter maps and Arrival isn't that at all, but it's jam packed with high difficulty, striking a really nice balance I enjoyed. This style felt unique to me in a cool way. Excellent use of AV's that never felt too cheap and I really enjoyed a lot of the Cyberdemon encounters. Damage floor use and enviro suit placement always felt good and balanced too. Some of the maps had some elevators or doors that would creatively lock the player in from behind (like a door needing a yellow key, might need blue to go back), so you're locked in some section of the map for awhile. Never a true point of no return, but it gave me time to just focus purely on one section of the map for a bit until I could get back. I dug that. There were a few times hunting key doors wrapping back around the large maps, but nothing too bad. I'm not sure I have a favorite map since they were all awesome, but I might have liked the first half a tad more. Always a sucker for techbases and vanilla looks though. That said, MAP08 was truly epic and probably the best track from AD_79 to me. I feel I've gotten a little picky with midis off and on lately, but AD_79's style is absolutely my jam. I thought the title screen and intermission/stats tracks were really cool too. Excellent!
  16. Xeogred

    Cacowards 2021 Mentionation Thread

    +1 for Arrival from @Pavera (awesome music from @AD_79 too!) +1 for Syringe (if it counts?) from Pavera, @Tarnsman , @Marcaek, and @Xaser I replayed D2TWID recently among other wads, finally paying more attention to map credits and taking notes, I saw these names a lot and had to play more. I can easily say that Syringe and Arrival are some of the best wads I've played this year, what a blast.
  17. I like the real Doom 3, but let's be honest Doom 64 is the REAL Doom 3. I think Doom 64 is a must play for anyone who likes the first two. I don't know if I'd put it above them, but I freaking love it and how creative it gets with some of its levels and ideas. Big fan of the aesthetic overhaul, different sounds and new take on the music. Excellent stuff. It's too bad it didn't get a direct sequel, more Doom in that exact style would have been cool. I did enjoy the new mapset with the recent official PC port though, they were worth playing and amped up the difficulty. I always find myself wishing there was a few more tech base maps in Doom 64 though. It seems like it's 70% hell, but I thought the dark atmosphere and tunes actually might have worked best with the earlier space levels being extra creepy and cool. They felt more claustrophobic and mysterious I guess.
  18. I'm sure I've heard it before myself... hmmm. I'm watching decino's run of Sunlust on YT now and notice a lot of SNES remixes in there, like Secret of Evermore. I often hear remixes of classics in skillsaw's stuff too like in Valiant. Maybe someone knows. I always like knowing such details as well.
  19. Xeogred

    Doom Music Remaster

    I just did a PS/UV run of Doom 2 and had a blast playing it with these remixes! Nails the authentic vibes while sounding a little extra darker and more intense. Shawn's Got a Shotgun especially had me pumped.
  20. Xeogred

    What are you playing now?

    Replaying TNT yet again (UV Complex), since I beat Revilution for the first time last week. Is it weird I love M8 Metal? With the bizarre final room filled with switches and elevators in some big circular tower area. I'll just say so far M6-M9 from where I'm at again are some of my favorite maps up to this point, but the ones before this are great too. TNT is weird, sometimes sloppy and experimental and I love that about it. I still like it more than Plutonia personally.
  21. I've tried looking a bit into custom music for Doom, but I wonder if there's a simple way to just load music only from one wad while I play levels from another wad? I beat Revilution recently and loved it, now I wonder if I can replay the original TNT with the same tracks and map numbers (could see that being hit or miss, maybe not always fitting the map but oh well). I use GZDoom, is this possible?
  22. Xeogred

    SIGIL v1.21 - New Romero megawad [released!]

    I remember catching a stream of Romero designing E5M3 months back and he said he believes in Pistol Start / UV, so that's how I initially played Sigil to get the most out of it (I usually do continuous weapons). I'm glad I did and had a great time with it. I ran through it on UV again with a continuous loadout and beat it a little over an hour casually the second time through. Even on continuous, ammo management is pretty tricky if you only know of a few secrets. My only main gripe with this episode is E5M4's crusher section. A shame since I like this map otherwise and the branching paths, lots of detail in this map too, but yeah that crusher spikes part is kind of annoying. E5M7 is probably my favorite map overall, great details and feels a bit different than Romero's norm. For E5M8, I think Romero should have put some of those eyeball switches around the Cyberdemon so you can't just run past him like a joke haha. Also don't forget to check out E5M9 if you miss it, pretty cool secret map. Both soundtracks are awesome. I like the more atmospheric tracks Buckethead did a lot actually, reminds me of the Doom 64/PSX OST. But yeah even the midi soundtrack here is great too. Overall, I had a blast with Sigil. Been loving Doom since it released and have played dozens of megawads over the years, it really isn't that hard for me to fall back on a vanilla approach and appreciate what Romero was going for here. Good stuff.
  23. Xeogred

    What are you playing now?

    I've been playing TNT Revilution these last few days and it's incredible. Easily beats Plutonia 2 for me personally, which I finally played and beat last year. Had a few gripes with some of the middle levels so far but nothing too major. Looking forward to the last third. Special shout out to the composers on this one, the OST is hands down one of the best I've heard for a megawad. Has a nice unique coherent personality to it, a lot of tracks remind me of Unreal/Deus Ex, even Metroid (NES) at times, or awesome metal like always. Amazing atmosphere throughout. It's funny if you asked me what the theme was to the original TNT, I don't know if I'd have an answer. Lots of tech bases with red textures and some charcoal blacks? With a few weird DN3D-esque level details like goofy chairs/computers, etc, well I guess my hunch is right since Revilution has been full of that stuff too. This is arguably even better than the original TNT though. TNT is super uneven but I've always had a blast with it and admired its bizarre experimentation. But I'd say even if you hate the original TNT, definitely still give Revilution a shot.
  24. Xeogred

    What are you playing now?

    I've been playing Doom PSX lately, the legit release on Playstation and it finally clicked with me. I don't really have any nostalgia from playing this at any point back in the day but wow, it really evokes the feeling of playing Doom back in the mid 90's. The gamepad controls are chunky but still ideal and workable, the aspect ratio is slightly off but in a charming way, the low resolution, pixelated grit, and fuzzy images in the distance give it such an awesome vibe. I also love the Doom 64 styled music and sounds, so I don't have an issue with that. I'm about done with the first 30 maps, so it was interesting to see the Doom maps arranged, what was cut, some of the new Jaguar exclusives, etc. I actually didn't expect Episode 4 maps to be in this so that was a nice surprise. Excited to see how Doom 2 is and I'll also checkout Final Doom PSX.
  25. Was literally just playing some PSX Doom again last night... and this looks awesome!