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  1. Is it possible to use the music pk3 for other wads? I've got this setup with gzdoom but it's not working: [Global.Autoload] Path=D2TWID.wad Path=PSXTCMUS.pk3 Path=complex-doom.v26a2.pk3
  2. I couldn't find a general suggestion thread so I hope this works. I'm getting sucked back into Doom and loving it, was hoping you guys could shoot me some megawad suggestions. The ones I played years ago are Memento Mori 1-2, Hell Revealed 1-2, Community Chest Pack 1-3, and eventually Alien Vendetta which might be my top favorite. I was thinking of replaying Memento Mori 1-2, but I'm not sure. I recently took a dive into the skillsaw projects and I have to say they were mindblowing. Valiant is my favorite and something I love about the mapset, is that there's actually small compact maps. Sometimes less is more, so it didn't feel like a competition to make the largest hour long labyrinth or anything. I love huge levels, but not for a whole megawad. I'm wondering if Valiant dethrones Alien Vendetta honestly. Ancient Aliens was pretty awesome too, but did have a few maps I didn't quite love, and I hate to say some of the neon did get to me after awhile. So I like how Valiant was a bit more vanilla in comparison. Vanguard cool to see how skillsaw has developed from this. Real fun quick romp with this one and no complaints really. Hilarious final level. Some megawads I'm thinking of hitting up: Doom The Way Id Did 1-2 - 1 looks cool, but I really do get a bit more out of Doom with the super shotgun and 2's expanded enemies. But maybe 1 is really good? Community Chest Pack 4 (looks really good, I loved the others even if they were a mixed bag) Plutonia 2 (I kind of loathe Plutonia because of its boring brown textures and chaingunner abuse... but the level design is pretty good). I'm well versed in TNT and Doom 2 Master Levels. My playstyle: - I'll admit to being more of a continuous weapons kind of guy, non-pistol start. But there's no harm if the megawad is designed for pistol starts. - I mostly play vanilla and with gzdoom right now, no mods, no mouselook, etc. - I can do classic Doom episodes on UV, but for megawads I'm safer in the HMP zone and not too big on BFG spam levels haha. - I like the base levels and episodes of Doom 1-2 a lot.
  3. Xeogred

    Looking for more megwad recs and suggestions!

    It was pure magic! Loved all the new visuals, the monsters felt completely authentic and like they could have been in an official Doom release, and the musical choices were great. Top notch. The Japanese Community Project looks like a blast, I saw that one recently. Dang, lots of great recs here. Doom 4 Life. lol
  4. Xeogred

    Looking for more megwad recs and suggestions!

    I'm having trouble with Plutonia 2's skyboxes/textures. When and where do I load the DEH file in gzdoom's config, if that's needed? Using latest gzdoom. Wait... I guess I am playing via Doom 2 on Steam, so I don't know if I have the Plutonia 1 wad. lol
  5. Xeogred

    Looking for more megwad recs and suggestions!

    Nice, I do seem to keep stumbling upon Hellbound... might be a sign. Pirate Doom looks funny and cool.
  6. I'm getting heavily back into Doom and have GZDoom setup perfectly for how I like my vanilla Dooming. However I've stumbled upon Complex Doom and it looks really awesome to me. What I was hoping to do, was maybe grab Zandronum and set that up for Complex Doom, while I can still use GZDoom for vanilla playing and leave my settings untouched and all. I guess I'm mainly asking because I'm playing via Steam, and deleted/replaced "dosbox.exe" so I can track my time through Steam. I know I'd have to constantly edit the GZdoom and Zandronum exe's, but that's fine... I just have no idea if this would work or not, if some files would overwrite others, or if it's even possible to have Complex Doom installed for one source port and not for another. Is it possible or a terrible idea? I was also wanting to check out the Doom PSX PC conversion, but that might get even messier.
  7. Thanks guys, I had a feeling it might be a bad idea haha. But I will look into the launcher idea, I can't remember the ones I've used in the past but I liked them. I have nothing against them.
  8. I always struggle a bit with E4M1 and M2 myself. Brutal start and in general I sometimes have a tougher time with Doom over Doom 2, since Doom's design is more claustrophobic. Doom 2 is really lopsided for me and not that hard on UV, but there are a few tricky portions. I would say probably the hellish outpost section, M7-M11. The city levels are a lot easier for me because of all the space you get in the bigger open levels, with a few exceptions. Maybe some tricky levels near the end but in general... Doom 2 UV isn't too tough for me. TNT isn't too bad, but Plutonia Chaingunner Haven is a different story for me.
  9. For vanilla Doom, E4M1 always comes to mind haha.