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  1. Xeogred

    Dead Space Remake Confirmed---Currently in Production

    > Kill off the studio that made this franchise > 3's DLC ends on an insane cliffhanger > EA's let's Bioware give us an entire 100+ hour package of the remastered Mass Effect trilogy. Mass Effect 1 was 2007. > EA wants to remake Dead Space on its own, which holds up better than like any other 2008 game ever Well EA gonna EA. I'm guessing this is a test to see if the franchise can be viable again, after all the brand damage EA did to it themselves. Maybe they noted how successful Resident Evil's been again lately and GOOD single player games. If it does well, I hope they just go straight to 4 then. Got all achievements on the Xbox version of Dead Space, then triple dipped for it across the PS3 an PC as well. Definitely one of the best games ever in my book. I still like it more than 2 personally. I'll play a remake but it seems pretty unnecessary and weird to me. So I didn't have much reaction to this news. Still burned by how they killed off Visceral.
  2. Xeogred

    90's wads thread

    I played Fava Beans (April 1995) for the first time this year and was pretty shocked at how well it holds up. It's really freaking cool. Excellent E1 replacement with a lot of non-linearity, huge optional secrets/keys and progression sometimes, nice verticality which seemed really impressive for its time, etc. https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom/0-9/01fava It was interesting replaying No Rest for the Living again later this summer too and honestly, the first half of it felt like Fava Beans 2.0 in a way. Similar design ideas with a lot of the secrets/optional keys, etc.
  3. Xeogred

    Looking for the most detailed maps/wads/mods

    Hellbound is a beast.
  4. The Jurassic Park Ingen comparisons haha... I'm sold! Looking forward to it.
  5. Xeogred

    I love Cacodemons

    He gets a little needy when I don't have the super shotgun, but yeah my tomato man is good company. One of my favorite demons to help me fight back next to the Mancubi probably hehe.
  6. Xeogred

    [WIP/Announce] Eschatology

    Thank you @Endless for linking this thread in the Cacowards thread! Loved Remilia's maps in WMC01 and WMC02, so I'm keeping tabs on this now!
  7. Had to check this out after enjoying WMC02! Finished a little faster than some others, but probably because I ran HMP and I sucked at finding a lot of these secrets haha. Think I only found one of the ten cool Wadazine collectibles. The few secrets that I did find though helped a TON. Ammo was really tight in some of these maps. Navigation was a little weird at times and some switches were hard to spot. It was mainly just M1 where I wasn't sure what triggered some of the doors and it took me a second to realize I needed to run through the lava river to progress. Beyond that though, the trade off seemed worth it because these aesthetics were really awesome. The glowy lighting effects from the oranges, greens, and blues were very cool. There were some nods to Doom 3, like a short hallway in M5 with flickering lights and a pinkies trap heh. M4 was brighter and a nice change of pace scenery wise. Overall M3, M5, and M6 were probably my favorites, but this whole thing was a lot of fun and had an awesome vibe. Some screens and spots I liked: https://imgur.com/a/aNPFvai
  8. Xeogred

    What is your favourite doom game?

    After my 100th replay of Doom 2 and 1 this year, but finally doing pistol starts, I think I've settled on putting Doom 2 on top. Kind of solely for the full enemy roster and the SSG. It truly makes the difference and I've even noticed in the fan wads that I gravitate more towards, it's typically Doom 2's base. That said, there's maps, music, the atmosphere, and moments of Doom 1 that I still like more in ways. They're a package deal really. I'd have trouble thinking of a time I only replayed one of the two. I tend to roll up Plutonia, TNT, and even the other wads out there into the full "Doom" experience as well, but yeah. That's how I'd break it down. 2016 and Eternal are pretty awesome, but I can't deny I had more fun replaying Doom 64 with its new official release than I did with Eternal when those dropped. Doom 64 is the best between 3 and the new modern games, because the formula is still vanilla Doom with 64. The perfect formula. The original Doom 1/2 foundation is truly perfection and timeless.
  9. Xeogred

    Why is Episode 1 so good?

    Like some others said it really does feel like one of the most coherent stretches of Doom maps in the official releases. There is both so much more detail and consistency in the textures and architecture compared to E2-E3. One thing I like a lot is how Romero put down a lot of "window" like openings where you can peer into other rooms that connect, see secrets from a distance, or even some areas with monsters that are unreachable by the player. Sometimes you'll be able to see outside and some of the skybox but it still feels like you're imprisoned trying to escape these techbases. Even to this day when I replay E1 it's like, is there still more secrets tucked away in these bases to discover? They have a sense of claustrophobia and atmosphere I don't get at all in the other episodes. If anyone hasn't played Fava Beans, I hit that up recently and it was so damn good. Holds up shockingly well and is chalk full of those good E1 vibes if you want more.
  10. Xeogred

    Cacowards 2021 Mentionation Thread

    + WMC02: Thy Flesh Vored RC3
  11. Also shout out to Death Bear's exit room, that was a jaw dropper moment of appreciation for me!
  12. Now I see it haha... that first room is really stunning and gave me some good Plutonia 2 vibes. The whole map was excellent. Endless: Hmm, I think I tried testing the exits a few times but always died and threw me back to an old save. I do have a habit of firing when I run over exit panels though lol... but yeah I'm not sure. At some point I think I purposely saved right before an exit to keep testing it. Not a huge deal either way I guess. Remilia: I think the wiki is incorrectly crediting you for map 13? https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Alexa_Jones-Gonzales_(Remilia_Scarlet) While I didn't finish M6, I still loved the atmosphere and the visuals were amazing. That cathedral area seriously looked like where you fight Pontiff Sulyvahn in Dark Souls 3. I will have to revisit this on UV sometime for sure. I'll have to hit up WMC01 too though!
  13. This was a lot of fun! I just played some other E4 wads and followed up with this one, actually not realizing it was Doom 2 until I jumped in but that was a nice change of pace to get the full monster roster back in. The new textures and E4 styled areas were gorgeous and quite awesome. I played on HMP since I've been beaten down by other tougher wads lately haha. So my only nitpick is that the difficulty flow of the map placement did seem weird when I got to M8-M10, those were so easy for me they were kind over in a blink. But maybe I was just on a roll, they were still fun. I liked how M2 and M4 felt a bit Plutonia-esque to me, but with an actual detailed aesthetic haha. M5 and M7 seemed like the big adventure maps and were great. I hate to say I gave up on M6 after the red key and the actually fun Spider Mastermind fight, but I seriously couldn't figure out what to do next. I think M12 was my favorite, I like that jam packed intense style while never going full slaughter. M13 was really good too though. Excellent across the board. Were the exit deaths supposed to take me to the intermission though? That never worked, so I just had to idclev to the next maps. Oh well. Was this a missing texture in M2? Playing on GZDoom (4.5)
  14. Xeogred

    anyone know any good vanilla doom 2 megawads?

    I'll second D2TWID. Just replayed it this summer myself.
  15. Xeogred


    UV continuous with saves GZDoom 3h48m Beauty Level: 11/10, apparently I took 64 screenshots. Right when I thought I was going to take a break from Doom and have had an itch to replay Ion Fury... this gave me that fix. The quickest way to my heart is cyberpunk, 90's VGM remixes, and oh man oh man. This aesthetic is off the charts along with some awesome gameplay along the way. So much of this felt like a top tier Build Engine game, which is an impressive feat for the Doom engine to mimic visually. There were so many Sega tunes I could recall here, Sonic 3D Blast, Street of Rage, Shinobi III, all those Blade Runner sound effects, oh man. I could not put this thing down and just beat the entire thing in a few sessions today. The difficulty wasn't too bad compared to what I've been playing this summer, but UV does get a tad slaughtery in some sections and ammo management can get tricky (felt like I was low on rockets sometimes, but I usually had plasma to spare). But yeah, a fun romp that never gets too hard, nor was I ever tripped up by the level design or any key hunts. While the neon lights and skyscrapers will probably get a lot of love, I'm a sucker for the dirty underbelly of cyberpunk slums, sewers, bathrooms, urban streets and all that too and this definitely nailed that atmosphere as well. Most of the tunes are pretty upbeat and fun. Makes me wonder what a darker atmospheric take could be on something like this hehe. I uploaded like 20 some images to an album. Don't want to ruin any surprises or spoil the moments of appreciation, so I'll just drop a link here and click if anyone's curious and wants to see more! https://imgur.com/a/lYV5Je3 This was my first DBP venture... wonder if I peaked already! lol, this was freaking GNARLY. Damn good stuff folks.
  16. Xeogred

    Cacowards 2021 Mentionation Thread

    + AUGER;ZENITH The hype is very real with this one. WOW! Loved it.
  17. 10 Alien Vendetta 6 Valiant 5 Arrival 5 Back to Saturn X EP1 5 Cydonia 5 Hellbound 5 TNT Revilution 3 Community Chest 4 3 Doom II the Way id Did 2 No Rest for the Living 2 Lunar Catastrophe 2 Sigil 2 Syringe Honorable Mentions: - Ancient Aliens - Back to Saturn X EP2 - Community Chest 3 - Fava Beans - Japanese Community Project - Plutonia - Plutonia 2 - TNT Evilution - Auger;Zenith --- The big hitters for me this year would be Arrival and Cydonia. Syringe was really cool. Lunar Catastrophe is an excellent Doom 1 megawad as well. This was also my second time playing Doom II the Way id Did and it feels like a grower like Doom II itself for me, great stuff. The rest I've played over the years and those look like a good set of favorites. I wanted to crown one champion so that's Alien Vendetta, even though it's admittedly been over a decade since I played it. Whenever I look up videos though, I bet it'll hold up just fine for me. Valiant is my second favorite. I love both Ancient Aliens and Back to Saturn X EP2, but I gave the points to Valiant and X EP1 in those cases. They win out by a bit, but I'd consider these kind of a combo deal. If you like one, definitely check out the other. First time playing Fava Beans this year in 2021 and wow, it holds up. Then it was fascinating to replay No Rest for the Living and notice, it kind of feels like Doom II Fava Beans. Similar design in a lot of the maps, tons of tucked away secrets and non-linear paths/keys, etc. Interesting. Japanese Community Project definitely brought some fresh and creative ideas to the table and left a mark. As for Plutonia, I finally did a pistol start UV run of it this year and it's still this awesome love/hate relationship to me, but I think I really would call it a favorite that holds up. I just want to give the points to other fan projects over the years now. And Plutonia 2 is pretty solid, maybe it'll grow on me with another replay someday. I still have a soft spot for the original TNT, since it's packaged in with a lot of Doom releases I've replayed it a lot. Real mixed bag but it's comfort food. Revilution is definitely a more refined and consistent package with killer music.
  18. Just knocked out a replay of NRFTL, this whole OST was a banger!!! Personal favorite was level 6. Kept me on the edge of my seat. Music really changes a lot. Love going back through wads with all these fantastic midi packs dropping thesedays!
  19. Xeogred

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    Another replay of No Rest for the Living, the architecture in MAP09's final large room near the end is so awesome.
  20. MAP19 = this was a really cool adventurous map with a lot of insane sections. Found the Invulnerability secret, but I'm wondering if the other secret had a plasma/BFG. Had plenty of cells and damn that would have helped haha. The blue key room in particular was the scariest part, in my final run I got lucky by escaping that room and tip toed my way to the end from there. MAP20 = I need to see a 100% decino run of this madness, lol. This one finally broke me and I save scummed my way to the end. Holy balls! Didn't finish either MAP31-32 in total, but they were cool to look at. Loved the track in MAP32. Were these all AD_79 tunes? All around... fantastic set. Yeah more maps would have been cool, but this wad is just pure quality from start to finish. MAP09 and the ones around there might be my favorite for difficulty levels I could manage better, but there were plenty of good maps and moments after that too as it escalated. Actual Plutonia has some clunkers in the end and loses steam at times, but I never felt that here. GZDoom, pistol starts, UV. Got up to MAP11 with no saving, but from there I maybe allowed one per map if I was burning through a dozen attempts or so. I probably died the most from Chaingunners and Revenants... that checks out for Plutonia.
  21. Xeogred

    Cacowards 2021 Mentionation Thread

    + Cydonia Truly the ultimate "Lost Levels" of Putonia. I'm pretty confident I liked this even more than Plutonia 2 personally. Excellent!
  22. Yep. Are there any midis in Doom from it? If not that's some prime material for coverage and would probably fit in a wad so well heh.
  23. I finally allowed myself a save near the end of MAP11 and MAP13 for reasons anyone who plays this will know, hah. Of course, my very first attempt of MAP13 was really good, then I died like a dozen times haha. Really enjoyed that one. Agreed that MAP12 was a little easier, but still fun. Found 2/3 secrets. MAP14 was also easier, but I remembered playing that one from AD_79's five pack. good stuff. MAP15 had a more merciful Cyberdemon situation. Not too bad on a second try. MAP16 felt a bit Romero and adventurous, one of those big open vertical maps done very well. Found the non-secret blue armor, but only 2/4 secrets. Had fun exploring a bit when I cleared out the map and got to the end. Almost felt like a Plutonia take on The Chasm... hey, I actually like The Chasm. MAP17 was really cool. Chaotic, almost puzzle like. Bizarre track, but I dug it. Caco's helped save the day haha... MAP18 loved this one, took a handful of attempts. Lot of AV's to mow down. Noticed a few things in this room though: