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  1. Is anyone able to answer this? I'm using UDMF format for all maps. I checked every single game configuration and isn't visible when trying to select a map.
  2. I can't open my TITLEMAP in GZDB R3107 anymore. It's not corrupt or anything, and every other map within the WAD is accessible. Is there a way to open my TITLEMAP without extracting it and saving it to a solo wad?
  3. Is there any particular reason why entire sectors disappear when trying to delete specific vertices? Especially sectors that overlap when they use the same line to connect. Also, what's a good way to delete/alter sectors? This is one of the biggest reasons why I get frustrated with map design. It feels like if I mess up building a map, I have to just start over because of these sectors disappearing.
  4. That's most likely the case, not saving and thinking I did, lol! I've been overriding MAP01 through ZDL to prevent a bunch of garbage entries piling up in the external files directory. Seems more proficient that way. Edit: I want to make it clear that I was saving while making changes. I was making small map changes to make sure running the teleporter test WAD through ZDL wasn't the issue. Obviously, the map changes were happening when launching GZDoom.
  5. I turned on the difficulties as suggested, and it didn't work at first. Somehow, it is. Thanks, guys.
  6. Correct. The teleporter-destination-thing is set to a tag of 1, as are the linedef target teleporter-destination-tag, which are shown here.
  7. I'm not quite getting what you mean. The linedefs work when assigned level-end, so I know they're working somewhat. Edit: Before asking my question, "Repeatable Action" and "When Player Walks Over" have been enabled since I've been trying to accomplish this.
  8. Okay, so feeling like even more of a noob, I switched over to UDMF. Upon trying to build a teleporter, I can't get it to work. Despite the fact that all linedefs are pointing to a teleporter destination, something isn't working. What exactly am I doing wrong? I apologize for what feels like harassment at this point. Thank you for being patient, lol
  9. If I recall correctly, that Cyberdemon could be shot at, and the telefrag was basically handed to you due to the area being so small. I'm probably recalling very poorly, though. It wasn't the main source of inspiration for my map. Mere coincidence at best. As for Dragonfly: Fair enough. It wouldn't be too big a deal to do away with hitscans or just set the Cyberdemon invulnerable. If anything, I could probably put a vertically scrolling transparent texture to illuminate the invisible wall to show the player he can't be hit. I would like to know: Does invulnerable still allow for telefragging?
  10. If it helps to explain the entire scenario, then this is what I'm trying to accomplish: I want to put a Cyberdemon in the center of the room, and have him fire at the player. The player must dodge while attempting to complete the map. The player will only be capable of killing the Cyberdemon by telefragging him, which is where the end will be.
  11. Is it possible to design a wall that the player can see through, but not shoot, while creatures cannot get through, but can shoot and see the player through? I want to build a map around a puzzle idea involving this. If it helps, think of a turret behind an invisible wall where you can see it, but only it can shoot you.
  12. LuridRequiem

    Official Tutorial Request Thread

    Would you happen to have a good suggestion for knowing front and back when it comes to manipulating the linedefs? I was doing exactly as your diagram says, but when I would change the linedefs to slope manipulation, I was getting triangular shapes, rather than the arch I was looking for. As a secondary question, is there a reference manual or place online I can read where it will go into specifics like why a linedef needs to be facing outwards in order for slope manipulation to work? I don't want to be that dude who builds maps just knowing that that's how it works without knowing why it works that way. Sorry if this is worded horribly. I do appreciate the confirming reply.
  13. LuridRequiem

    Official Tutorial Request Thread

    Is there a tutorial for creating arches? A really good example would be S.M.IV's Hell On Earth campaign MAP20. It's a recreation of the E2M8 Cyberdemon encounter. In the beginning, there are very smooth, arched hallways that lead to the outside. I don't have much mapping experience, but I'm assuming one would use slope manipulation with sectors at different heights, but I'm making a complete guess. If anyone can explain it better or in more detail so I can follow a guide, I'd be very grateful for it. Also, apologies if this is the wrong place for this question. I didn't want to pollute the tutorial section with a question when there's a thread made for questions.