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  1. Four Loko Is Gross

    Doomworld Confessions

    As a "Badministrator", can't you just modify your own post count, regardless of how it reflects on reality? ...and this is exactly why these kinds of threads of discussion are normally avoided or deleted.
  2. Four Loko Is Gross

    Doomworld Confessions

    forums.somethingawful.com? postcount++? If it makes you feel any better, I was a member since the really, really early days, and I can no longer justify being a member there. The horrible scat video pretty much ended it for me.
  3. Four Loko Is Gross

    Not many people take Gzdoom to it's advantage

    What, you got something against the star of 'Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd'? *thumps fists against chest like King Kong... in a threatening, but not not antisocial or antisnowflake manner that would upset liberals*
  4. Four Loko Is Gross

    Doomworld Confessions

    For some odd reason I forgot about InstaDoom. I'm probably just getting old... kids these days. Rawr. Edit: Seriously though, selfie sticks need to die. Now. I'm not even going to pretend that narcissism is a good thing. Even if it is politically correct to do things that will result in the death of your genetic line. It's obviously a matter of opinion, but it's fucking weird how entire industries have sprung up around creating the illusion of the individual as being something worthy of being admired. Yeah, no. I know I'm just as boring as everyone else. Maybe I randomly inherited some genes that make me better at some tasks than other people. Maybe some people are just born retarded. Shit happens. Don't try to pretend the retards are equal to the people that actually have skills and abilities.
  5. Four Loko Is Gross

    Not many people take Gzdoom to it's advantage

    It's almost like the heretical comment "Brutal Doom is Doomier than Doom"... Well, no, it's not... unless you take the official Doom comic book and use that as an inspiration for a Doom mod. It's a somewhat grey area, and open to interpretation. It also hasn't worked with gzdoom for something like half a year now. Which is weird since Sergeant Mark IV made gzdoom. ;)
  6. Four Loko Is Gross

    Most recent movie you saw

    Just saw 'John Wick 2' and liked it. Gore in movies these days seems to be getting more and more realistic, though. It almost felt like watching some kind of cumulative snuff film. But as I said, I liked it. I liked seeing that kind of stuff in the Army, too.
  7. Four Loko Is Gross

    Release Clean Up

    It's about time we got a replacement for those weird cloud hellbaron/knights. >:) Currently, the clouds are the ugliest sprites in 0.11. I'm tolerating the archvile because it's better than nothing, and it does the job. The clouds didn't even have a full set of animation sprites, so every time I saw them in action, I was like "WTF is this?". Even though you are supposed to kill them anyway, I always prioritized the ugly cloud monsters because I hated looking at them. edit: The 0.10.1 point release included the new archvile. I don't see a problem with this kind of tradition, although it would make more sense to save more obvious changes for major point releases. Within reason, because waiting a year or two for an update is kinda lame.
  8. Four Loko Is Gross

    Now: you are a biological or chemical weapon

    I would be a virus that causes taste buds to rot off and never regenerate. Imagine the chaos that such a thing would have on the world's food markets. Entire economies would crumble almost overnight. There would be rioting. Mass suicides. And lots of skinny people. I wouldn't really give a fuck, if I were affected by this virus, since my brain seems to have the ability to retain long term memories (an anomaly, I'm noticing more and more), so I could just pretend to be experiencing the flavors I used to experience. I could dye my lard yellow and pretend I'm eating butter, for example. Or bacon grease. Whatever.
  9. Four Loko Is Gross

    Favorite spices, seasonings, or condiments?

    I hallucinated a little bit the first time I tried ghost pepper sauce. And then I felt pain. Soy sauce is like MSG on steroids. I like it. :)
  10. Four Loko Is Gross

    Doomworld Confessions

    I pour Miller High Life into a champagne glass.
  11. Four Loko Is Gross

    Gameplay Discussion and Map Design

    Hypothetical milestones 2 and 3 could be combined, though, considering they are a move in the same direction. A 0.X.Y release, or multiple such releases could be an alternative to a release every year, or every two-three years, with the obvious exception of major changes or the achievement of a milestone. I know that downloading the bleeding edge version of Freedoom is an option, but not everyone will want to dig through all the release notes/commits all the time.
  12. Four Loko Is Gross

    Gameplay Discussion and Map Design

    You have no idea how long some of us have been complaining about some of these things, with literally no response from the Freedoom team. Or, with responses like this: Literally shit-tastic responses. For over a decade. To be fair, I actually approve of the move towards vanilla/chocolate maps, as that increases the likelihood that people will actually use Freedoom. The average user does NOT want huge fucking mazelike maps with key hunts that make no sense (I know some of you grew up in the era where PC games had puzzle games like that, and so did I, but I hated them even then. Does nobody else hate the feeling of spending an hour or so (or more) trying to figure something out, only to realize that something you missed in the first five minute of the game damned you to the "bad ending" or a complete restart?).
  13. Four Loko Is Gross

    Gameplay Discussion and Map Design

    *gasp* You were my idol... my god... and you allowed this to happen? I think I'm going to have to leave the Church of chungy and find my own way in life.
  14. Four Loko Is Gross

    Favorite spices, seasonings, or condiments?

    I agree. To be honest, I think garlic tastes (and smells) better than onions. I wonder why they don't sell garlic oil that you can smear on foods. It would be awesome when making garlic bread with butter. Or even, dare I say it... a margarine made with 50% real extra virgin olive oil and 50% garlic oil (and whatever else they add to such things). For that excessively decadent taste. Minus any potential protein, but butter doesn't really have any protein either.