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  1. RipandTear667

    Most Embarassing thing you've done online

    Okay, I got another one. I got drunk and posted a joke at the time I thought would be funny, calling every good DOOM player an autistic Swedish man (Because every popular DOOM speedrunner I know of is in fact, an Autistic Swedish man) when I woke up in the morning and saw that I was banned, I remembered what I did, and then I drank my morning coffee mixed with the feeling that I might be retarded.
  2. RipandTear667

    Most Embarassing thing you've done online

    I dropped my old laptop (Which was my only device back when I had it) I was drunk at the time, and slowly getting pissed off by the fact this laptop was always so god damn slow, I got so annoyed, that I pushed against the screen, and cracked it. Innocent Computers were harmed during the making of this idiot.
  3. RipandTear667

    New Years Speedmap

    It was a little tough if it makes you feel better, but honestly, you could've made it more difficult, a few more enemies would've done it, and also, the architecture is ugly, it's the same hell texture over and over again, It looks hideous, and not to mention the placement of the enemies, A few blasts from the BFG could wipe them all out, And not to mention that the raising pillars are stupidly fucking easy, they just attack each other, and the start of it is just bloody annoying, because the Arachnotrons are blocking the path to the damn BFG (Which proved a bit frustrating, seeing as I only had a 3 second time limit to reach it). If you want to challenge me with a slaughter map, try a bit harder next time, please, I thought it was a joke, and not to forget it looked like you put not a single god damn thought into it.
  4. RipandTear667

    Malevolent Horizon-----A Void Themed Wad(5 map demo released)

    It looks truly beautiful, not only is it an original idea, with new weapons, a few new enemies, and the fact it DOESN'T murder you for falling into an endless pit, but instead, teleports you to somewhere else, I love it. Keep on doing what you do, this will be one of my favorite WADs for doom.
  5. RipandTear667

    Star Trek Doom Project (GZDoom Doom 2 mod) v0.4b WIP

    I love the look of it so far, as a HUGE fan of star trek (Growing up with it as a child and all), I think I'll love it! Keep up the good work.
  6. RipandTear667

    Counterattack - Now on /idgames!

    Love the map, I'll be trying it out soon.
  7. RipandTear667

    New Years Speedmap

    I like it, and I think it's a genuinely fun map, I don't understand why people hate it, it's supposed to be stupid, honestly, that's where, I think, it gets most of its charm. Why do you expect everyone to try and create a completely serious map, that is built to challenge the player all the time? For once, I want to see a map which purpose is to humor the player, not challenge them.