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  1. If you use the html5 version it's possible to changes the speed by clicking on the gear icon. http://youtube.com/html5
  2. Yay! Managed to resurrect my old account. Done.
  3. Residential Doom

    Someone should put up a mirror for the files... Or if someone allready have them please contact me att ICQ: 89492181 MSN: micke_eriksson@hotmail.com and send them to me --Miffe
  4. The Million Lego Hotel

    Heh.. nice. just play this with ldsprts.wad and you have lego soldiers to fight.
  5. Doom in 2D

    Doom in 2D.... http://www.theunderdogs.org/game.php?id=2828
  6. VaVoom 1.5b7

    When I try to run VaVoom 1.5b7 in Software or OpenGL, I get a "Segmentaion Violaton" error. I Direct3D, it works but the palette is wrong. -Miffe Happy Majbrasa!!!!!
  7. STLaunch.exe

    Still dosent work.
  8. STLaunch.exe

    I cant connect to the masterserver whit STLaunch.exe It says: Access violation at address 00402b04 in module 'STLaunch.exe'. Read of address 418BF44D. Can someone please help me.
  9. What is Hissy???

    What is Hissy???
  10. WadC

    Where can i download this Program????
  11. Level Editor for doom 2.

    i use winme and i can run dos progs.
  12. WadC ???

    Where can I download WadC.