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      Our server host (Linode) is going to be applying patches to address the Meltdown vulnerability over the next day or two. Because this involves patching the hypervisor that the Doomworld virtual private server runs under, this will require some degree of downtime. Some of our servers are due to have this maintenance around midnight-ish tonight, America time, and the other server is due to have this maintenance tomorrow around midnight-ish, America time. So if you try and come to Doomworld and stuff appears to be broken, don't freak out!


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  1. If you use the html5 version it's possible to changes the speed by clicking on the gear icon. http://youtube.com/html5
  2. Yay! Managed to resurrect my old account. Done.
  3. Someone should put up a mirror for the files... Or if someone allready have them please contact me att ICQ: 89492181 MSN: micke_eriksson@hotmail.com and send them to me --Miffe
  4. Heh.. nice. just play this with ldsprts.wad and you have lego soldiers to fight.
  5. Doom in 2D.... http://www.theunderdogs.org/game.php?id=2828
  6. When I try to run VaVoom 1.5b7 in Software or OpenGL, I get a "Segmentaion Violaton" error. I Direct3D, it works but the palette is wrong. -Miffe Happy Majbrasa!!!!!
  7. Still dosent work.
  8. I cant connect to the masterserver whit STLaunch.exe It says: Access violation at address 00402b04 in module 'STLaunch.exe'. Read of address 418BF44D. Can someone please help me.
  9. What is Hissy???
  10. Where can i download this Program????
  11. i use winme and i can run dos progs.
  12. Where can I download WadC.