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  1. -x Kabal x-

    The best cheat code since the Konami Code?

    NTHGTHDGDCRTDTRK Turok Master Cheat. Something about it that rings, which causes me to remember it.
  2. -x Kabal x-

    Favorite Gun in DOOM

    I really don't like taking a weapon in higher regard than another, but each weapon does have it's pros and cons. Fist- Useless, w/Berserk okay I guess, but not against projectile foes. Chainsaw- A tiny bit overrated, however, it can be used to go up to a single enemy and shake em up a bit so they have no time to attack. Pistol- Naw. Shotgun- Pretty good to use when just messing around and sniping, and using your highly developed sidestepping skills (no wait, that's just me). But it becomes obsolete a little later. Super Shotgun- Awesome. Can pick off distant enemies, and has no trouble with the bigger demons. Only con has to be reload time, and it has a big usage of a small capacity of shells. Chaingun- The Chaingun is always usually your last resort when you run out of rockets or cells. I personally love this weapon. The fact of just goring those enemies to death with the chaingun is awesome. The con of the chaingun is that when your low on bullets and you go at a big enemy it kinda sucks because bullets are the weakest out of the ammunition. Rocket Launcher- I'd say the RL is the most fun weapon. Just picking off enemies at a distance is fun. The con? Recoil and lack of ammo. Plasma Launcher- Rapid gun with the best ammo in the game? I love it. I use more cells with this than the BFG because I only use the BFG on the big enemies as a first round beating to weaken them up a bit. But against anything but the Masterminds and Cybers, the Plasma Launcher is the best weapon. BFG- Uses to much cells, dude.
  3. -x Kabal x-

    Favorite DooM music of all time.

    Yeah, I did say that when I was 5. They thought it was funny so I didn't get spanked.
  4. -x Kabal x-

    Favorite DooM music of all time.

    This may have been done before, but I wanted to know... Mine is Level 9: Abbatoire from The Plutonia Experiment.
  5. -x Kabal x-

    Some dumb questions and crud.

    FIRST OFF I THINK MY QUESTIONS WILL BE ANSWERED QUICKER IF I PUT THEM ON GENERAL INSTEAD OF QUESTIONS, BASED ON HOW FREQUENTLY GENERAL IS VISITED. I am a DooM veteran as far as playing the regular game. DLing levels, map editors, playing online and all of that I have never done. My stepdad got rid of the old hard drive with all my old DooM games, and my copies are gone so I can't put them back on this hard drive. 1. Is there some kind of DooM 2 shareware I can get? 2. You can't download anything like zDoom, or get any levels and access them with shareware can you? 3. Is there anything in which I can download to enhance the coolness of my Final Doom (which has put DooM95 on my pc, so it's just DooM 95)? 4. Since (for now) I just have a 1.666 shareware version of DooM, and DooM 95, can I make any levels? (BTW, don't just say, get the game, because I can't find them anywhere and I can't DL Kazaa on my pc for some stupid technical reason). Thanksya.
  6. -x Kabal x-

    Most Enjoyable Map

    Doom II: The Crusher, there's none like it.
  7. -x Kabal x-

    What's your style?

    I like the darkest grittiest, hell-like levels.
  8. -x Kabal x-

    Age of people playing Doom these days!

    Man, I've been playing DooMII for 9 years. I'm 14. I've played it everyday for hours since I WAS 5. Shows my devotion. Even when I'm gone, laptop, DooMII. 3,298 Doom II days and counting... 9,921 Doom II hours and couting...
  9. -x Kabal x-

    Most Hated Map

    I really can't complain about any of the Doom 2 maps, I mean, none of them are bad to me.
  10. -x Kabal x-

    Help with ZDoom.

    I DL'ed ZDoom, Unzipped it into my folder, and it keeps talking about not finding an IWAD or something? I wanna get ZDoom going!