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  1. I just recently got an SVN build of ECWolf (My PC was also updated as well), and... let's just say it's having problems. Windows Defender marked ECWolf as having some trojan called Trojan:Win32/Azden.A!cl. It's "taking action" right now, and it's not really doing anything. Now, whenever I try to load up ECWolf, I get this error message: "C:\Users\User\Desktop\Other Games\Wolfenstein 3D (ECWolf)\ecwolf.exe" "Operation did not complete successfully because the file contains a virus or potentially unwanted software." Can someone help me out on this?
  2. So, I'm not much of an old gamer (I'm still in my teenage years), and I'm used to the controls used by source ports like ZDoom and ECWolf. Lately, I've been trying to handle Wolf4SDL's controls in order to play Mac-enstein (A TC that, well, ports the Mac version of Wolf 3D to PC, and Wolf4SDL is the only source port to have something like this), and, in my opinion, the source port's controls suck. There's no option for always running, there's no other way to strafe than to hold down "alt", mouse look always moves the player around on the Y-axis, and that's all that I can think of the top of my head. Sure, call me for not being a "true Wolf 3D player", but these problems can only affect someone like me.
  3. Nothing? Oh well.
  4. I'm looking for a sprite set I found a while back that contained this set of sprites, but with gloves. I had first found out about this set's edit when I was searching through Google Images a while back. The picture led to a ZDoom forums thread, which contained a download for the weapons that were included in the image I had found. The image looked like something similar to this one: The closest to what I am looking for is this, from Dump 3. There's a problem with it, though. The barrel has been changed. This may not seem like much of a problem to some of you, but, whatever. This one (A plasma shotgun from Realm667) actually has gloves, but it looks... off to me. Hopefully, someone out there has an archive of what I'm looking for. Chances are, I haven't even provided enough information.
  5. I'm having a problem with The Lost Levels. Whenever I pick up a new weapon, it's not counted as a weapon in the arsenal. I can switch to the starting weapons (Fist and pistol), but if I were to do so, I can't switch back to the external weapon, nor can I pick up another weapon that I previously had. This also occurs with the No Rest For The Living addon. I've looked through the code of both, and there's nothing referencing the weapons.
  6. I just recently got my hands on the latest test version of Project Brutality (Project Brutality 3.0 Test 7-22-17.pk3), and it works just fine; Weapon sway and strafe tilting work, enemy spawning took a bit of a while to fix, but I got it down, everything seems fine. Except for one thing: Explosion marks and bloody footsteps are shown as black boxes. I have provided a screenshot below. What's interesting is that I never see this occur for other users on YouTube. Maybe it's because I use QZDoom. So, any solutions?
  7. Yes.
  8. QZDoom runs just fine in both Software AND OpenGL mode.
  9. Okay, another update. This time, it's *probably* going to end this conversation. Recently got my hands on QZDoom, and, unlike GZDoom and GZDoom SVN, it's properly optimized. The framerate doesn't shit itself during gameplay, and framerate doesn't drop in the menu/console. This *might* mean that my issue's been resolved. This conversation was worthless.
  10. Oh, graphics card. The graphics card is DirectX (I think).
  11. I also just tried to run the game i software mode. The issue still occurs.
  12. Okay. I apologize for being vague with my provided information. Both the in-game FPS counter AND the FPS counter provided in FRAPS (Yeah, I forgot to mention that I have FRAPS) tell me that the game runs fine during gameplay (Average of 150-200 FPS, game freezes for half a second every once in awhile), but tells me that the framerate drops in the menu (Average of 2-35 FPS).
  13. Time for an update. My computer went through a system update, and I still have some problems. GZDoom only has lag with the sound in-game, but the framerate completely shits itself when I go into the menu during gameplay. In other words, it's STILL not properly optimized after an UPDATE. For those who are wondering, it now happens with previous version of GZDoom (Again, it's NEVER happened before). I've went ahead and switched to GZDoom SVN. It lags when I go into a menu/console/pausing. I'm now sticking to Zandronum. Sure, it's FAR behind in technology, but at least it doesn't lag. I've yet to try QZDoom, but I'll have another update once I try it.
  14. Crap, that was a typo. I meant GZDoom 3.1.0.
  15. Hey guys. I just recently got my hands on GZDoom 1.1.0 so I can play D4D v3 Alpha 7. The only problem is that the game lags to a crawl as soon as I start a new game. This doesn't happen with just D4D, either; It even happens when I play the game without any addons/mappacks. This issue occurs even if I'm not playing with any slaughtermaps. The audio lags as well, so it can't be related to the EXE itself. This problem has never happened before with any older versions, and it doesn't even happen at all with Zandronum. Sure, I could stick with Zandronum to avoid this issue, but that would keep me from playing D4D/other MODs that require GZDoom, and I'm not planning on playing D4T. If you want to know about my computer, here's the information: Edition Windows 10 Pro Version 1607 OS Build 14393.1198 Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CP5 M 540 @2.53GHz Installed RAM 4.00 GB (3.43 GB usable) System Type 32-bit operating system, x64-based processor With all of this information provided, is there a way I can solve this? I know that this has become a wordy post, but I just want to explain this in the best way I can.