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  1. Rifle Infantry

    Enemies you don't want to return

    Too late, they're everywhere in the gameplay trailer. Just that now they have pentagram forehead tattoos and are much more "intact" (naked, but no melted body parts/hole heads).
  2. Rifle Infantry

    Random Image Thread

  3. Rifle Infantry

    Enemies you don't want to return

    That's the sort of thing I'm worried about when they say that. Take for example the zombieman, they've shown both a version in light armor and one wearing a heavy jetpack vest, both of which appear to have very similar AI (the only time the jet trooper uses his is to vault up to a new surface). If that's what they're calling doubled demon variety then we'll end up with a roster very similar in appreciable variety to Doom 2016.
  4. Rifle Infantry

    WTF [Doom cover art]

    I would wager that it is the same general purpose assault rifle utilized by troopers.
  5. I love it, but the heavy weapon dude could use a few changes: Larger green ammo pouches Hand more proportional I like the small almost assault rifle like shape of the chaingun, fits it's power level well.
  6. Rifle Infantry

    If you were Doom Guy

    Just put on a tan shirt, dye my hair green, grab my 10/22, and the zombies will be none the wiser.
  7. Rifle Infantry

    The story behind your custom avatar

    It's the unit of the same name from Command and Conquer: Red Alert.
  8. Rifle Infantry

    Which Doom monster do you dread the most?

    Shotgun sergeants. Unlike chaingunners, shotgunners deliver up to 49 damage in a single blast that can be frustratingly difficult to prevent, and they can sometimes fire faster than your own shotgun at close range. Coming from multiple angles they are truly threatening. Unless you're asking map14 of Hellbound, in which case it's zombiemen. Nothing is scarier than cowering in an alley at 10 HP wondering if a trooper faraway is lining up his sights on you.
  9. I totally agree (though I should note that a lot of the "demonic shit" spoken by Hellrazers and Possessed Soldiers is actually extremely distorted, almost totally unregisterable English; there was a thread about it a while back). I would imagine that possessed light infantry would be Earth military forces; unlike the UAC, they don't wear power armor, and are thus fragile and easy to kill in combat. Unlike regular (civilian) possessed however, they make up for it with relatively fast movement, usage of light weaponry like burst rifles, combat shotguns, and frag grenades, and basic tactics such as finding cover. This would make them kinda similar to things like the HECU Marines or Combine Soldiers in terms of behavior; I think this one enemy type behaving in such a way would be an interesting combination with the less intelligent, more mobile demons, especially when you consider the player themselves are moving super fast and with lots of health. To divide the the two types: Possessed Light Rifleman Wearing a damaged tan uniform with an armored vest, helmet, and elbow/kneepads, possessed light riflemen are equipped with a Burst Rifle (usable by regular humans due to its advanced lightweight construction and recoil-compensation mechanisms) and frag grenades like the player's. They use their radio to communicate with nearby possessed and can be heard speaking distorted yet legible English with a variety of reactions (taunting the player, confidence when winning, idle interactions with demons/other possessed, and panic when losing the fight). In combat, they move moderately fast, have about 1-2 shotty blast's worth of health, and make informed use of cover, falling back or crouching when they have none, trying to maintain some distance to the player. Possessed Light Shotgunner Unlike the heavy shield/energy shotgun using UAC Possessed Security, these black-uniformed zombies are equipped similarly to the light riflemen, but with a Combat Shotgun instead of a Burst Rifle. Like the riflemen, they use their radio to communicate and make use of basic tactics in combat, but do not cautiously hang back and open fire; rather, they try to rush toward the player and blast them with a combat shotgun, trying to flank around or find unseen paths to you when they can given that they are no more durable than their light riflemen counterparts.
  10. Rifle Infantry

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I'd show my desktop but I'd be instab& for doing so. If you're wondering, it's off of /r9k/. That is all.
  11. Reading my own old forgotten quotes is both interesting and incredibly cringe-inducing at times. My thoughts on a Doom II movie (because let's be straight, every Doom movie is always the first game with hints of 64): Doom I and Doom II Doomguys would be split up; Doom Iguy would be locked up in intensive medical care, being mentally broken by his ordeal in Hell, and would be mentally unfit to appear in public, though he has become a myth and a symbol of pride among the Marines. Doom IIguy (hereafter just Doomguy) is a USSMC soldier, fighting on the front lines during the last stages of a worldwide Hell invasion. His name is not given (minimalistic presentation). Flashes of Full Metal Jacket/Enemy at the Gates style sequences early-on involving intense urban ground combat between demonic forces and the Marines/other local human infantry. The humans are seeking to capture the city starport so that they can escape to off-world stations on Mars and in orbit; Earth as a defensive position is unsustainable. Emphasis on the unearthly horror of fighting Hell; demons that simply do not give up after being shot numerous times, giant bullet-resistant Hell Knights wading into rifle fire to throw what amounts to napalm, and having your squadmates possessed and promptly turning their guns on you. Humanity is losing, the Marines are pretty much the last organized source of resistance, and it is clear that unless a miracle happens mankind is doomed. Doomguy's platoon is wiped during a catastrophic encirclement by possessed forces (those reserves that were holding back? Thanks to that damn Arch-Vile they're now firing their LMGs and mortars into the back of the front line). He is the sole survivor. Doomguy tries to make his way to safety initially, dodging gangs of possessed civilians (compare them to barely-restrained and organized Crossed in behavior), but ultimately realizes that Hell's hordes are overtaking the city, and he has no way to go but inward Doomguy makes his way toward the starport, the original objective of the mission; figuring that he has nothing else he can do. He arrives but finds that the demons have erected a vast barrier of fire over it blocking any launches, controlled by a powerful demon holding a portal to Hell open to draw forth hellfire for the flame barrier. Doomguy kills the demon with a heavy weapon, but is drawn into the portal as the barrier collapses. Doomguy wanders through hell, and realizes that no matter which way he goes, he approaches the center (weird non-Euclidean geometry). His mental state gradually declines as he sneaks and fights his way toward the center of Hell. He gradually begins to resemble Doom Iguy in mannerism (taking a very similar journey) and stocks up on heavy weapons taken from the possessed and from random portions of Earth phasing into Hell as the realities merge at the border. He switches weapons from an assault rifle to a shotgun. Doomguy finds the Icon of Sin, a writhing, tortured beast birthing new demons through a sucking hole in its skull, a giant thing chained into the core of Hell. He loses his mind and attacks it even as demons bear down on him. When he kills the Icon of Sin, he finds the demons around him backing away in fear, and is allowed to leave Hell freely with no demons daring to attack him. Shots of him trekking home as the inhabitants of Hell watch him retrace his steps. When he finally reaches Earth again he finds it a wreck, but is contacted by the Marines, who inform him that Hell has retreated and across the world humans are retaking their homes. Doomguy is so mentally taxed by the experience that he isolates himself from society and is ultimately committed to a military hospital. He ends up in an identical state to Doom Iguy by the end of the movie. As he lives in the hospital, one day there's an explosion at one end, the familiar sulfuric smell of a portal to Hell opening, and fanatical shouts in German sound through the halls.
  12. Rifle Infantry

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    Doom, but you only have a strange arsenal of unreliable 16th century black powder weapons to fight the hordes of Hell. Weapons regularly misfire and malfunction up to and including violently exploding in your hands.
  13. Rifle Infantry

    Share a random fact about yourself

    >he doesn't know the holy gospel of Pike, Halberd, Musket, and Heavy Artillery
  14. Rifle Infantry

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I invariably go for the class with the greatest load of gunpowder on their person. That carries into other games too- in Total War: WARHAMMER I'm always rushing to build gunners as the Empire as early as possible. Helps that they're the best human ranged infantry in the game what with AP attacks and anti-air capability. In modern games I choose the "standard" class for the time period; assault rifles, bolt actions, whatever. It makes me wish TF2 had at least one full length shotgun/SMG for Soldier.
  15. Rifle Infantry

    Is Sonic Forces really that bad?

    I had wonderful fun with 2 and 3 on a Genesis emulator. Adventure, I solely played for E-102 Gamma. After I beat his story I did nothing but replay the Windy Valley level until I uninstalled nullDC. It remains my sole fun 3D Sonic experience (SA2 shooter characters had to cycle with 2 boring ones...). Looking at Forces, I see OC makers, Egg Pawns standing in place without reacting to the player, and a new tard of the week instead of making Robotnik do something for once. Mania is unoriginal but at least it's a game you can bloody well play without being under 5 (or one of the aforementioned Egg Pawns).