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  1. Rifle Infantry

    Zombieman Variant Differences?

    Alright. Having looked at some slomo footage I think I was mistaken; soldier armor comes off in one piece when they get shot, revealing their uniform beneath. With armor. Before getting shot, armor intact. Right after they get shotgunned, the frontal plate on their vest can be seen sailing off to the right. Glory kill, closer detail on the uniform. Shot from the Phobos trailer of an "undamaged" zombieman; hasn't taken any wounds yet but still lacks their vest. Ditto, facing the player a moment later. The presence of unarmored zombieman that hadn't lost it due to player damage points at either this feature being cut pre-release, or demon infighting (which otherwise does not appear to inflict damage of any kind) being capable of damaging zombiemen.
  2. Rifle Infantry

    Zombieman Variant Differences?

    I noticed that plasma rifle zombies come in two different variants: some are wearing a dark green vest, and others a heavier-looking set of tan combat armor. This strikes me as weird given that everything else incl. faces are the same on these models. Cosmetic variation in demons is generally limited to fodder-zombies, and those tend to differ level-by-level, remaining identical to one another therein. Only soldier zombies seem to have differing models than one another in the same level. Are there any observable mechanical differences between these guys (e.g. durability, able to use their jump-jets, etc.) that have been already noticed?
  3. He's not all that bad. The worst that he can be is when he's paired with several heavy demons to distract you; much less so if there's a constant stream of fodder around, which gives you unlimited health and SSG ammo to deal with him. He is pretty good at forcing you to fight him, though, with all his mobility; unlike the Doomhunters which you can basically ignore in a fight until you're ready to kill them.
  4. Rifle Infantry

    Your first impressions?

    I had an absolute blast with the game. I'll just say what I didn't like, because it's a helluva lot shorter of a list than what I do: The introduction is poorly paced and the least fun part of the game. Platforming was fun for secret-hunting, but crossing large gaps with it was incredibly annoying. I'm looking at one specific level here, but I won't spoil. Don't like quite how hard the game forces you to switch weapons to deal with monsters. It's fun and interesting to have each one be vulnerable to a specific weapon, etc. but if you use the wrong one they're tremendous sponges. Curiously the Heavy Cannon doesn't seem quite as subject to this as others, it proved reasonably effective against basically everything and ended up being my most-used weapon. Ammo is plentiful with the chainsaw and fodder abounding, but caps are frustratingly low even when upgraded. Multiplying them by 1.5x would reach an ideal place I feel (with the exception of the Plasma Rifle's stock, which feels right). UI: Pulsing red "LOW AMMO/HEALTH" alerts gets annoying when you're running around for a long period of time out-of-combat with it. Might be a bug, but was informed I'd gotten some codex entries (e.g. for the Zombie Cultist) that were nowhere to be found. Don't like how visible the Doomguy face is when you grab something. I liked 2016's weapons being placed in-world more than the spinning green pickups in Eternal. Those could have at least benefited from a soldier corpse, etc. to explain why they were lying around. What surprised me is that the game runs at all on my ancient GTX 750, and not even that badly at that.
  5. Rifle Infantry

    Pistol Gone?

    The pistol has a certain charm in all of the Doom games for its sheer uselessness. It's the one weapon that's fully invalidated by everything else in the roster; I mean, the super shotgun isn't as accurate as the shotgun, but the chaingun doesn't have anything the pistol doesn't, so on and so forth. 2016, it had the one advantage of infinite ammo; but frankly there's never a moment in the game when you can't somehow get access to a few shells or whatnot. In Eternal's case the Heavy Cannon seems to have become the ideal fodder-sniper- lots of ammo around, the regular automatic fire dumpsters imps in a few shots, and of course with the weapon mod you're one-hitting anything human-sized. Hence there really isn't a need for any pistol. Frankly, though, this little number cut from Doom 2016 would have been quite nice to start out with, or maybe see some zombies toting...
  6. Rifle Infantry

    Eternal possibly removes the pistol?

    It's all the presentation. The pistol's slick, black, and when you shoot it it jumps in your hand and kicks up a big muzzle flash with a "pow". More importantly, against map-1 troopers it makes for a satisfying one-two punch, making it feel useful for at least the period you'd be making use of it. For the engagements it's meant for, it's no less satisfying than any other of the classic weapons. Compare to the D2016 pistol; barely any recoil, tiny in your hand, and even dumb possessed take a few shots and a glory kill. It doesn't feel like anything useful, even in the earliest engagements.
  7. Rifle Infantry

    Eternal possibly removes the pistol?

    The pistol was utterly pathetic and underwhelming in D2016. No power whatsoever, took numerous shots to down a basic Possessed, sounded like a cat sneezing. Classic pistol was infinitely better. Sounded somewhat meatier, looked cool, and for fighting zombiemen it had the perfect tempo as far as damage and RoF went. I'd be fine with starting with a shotty in Eternal. If not, a pistol with a lower rate of fire but proper damage and sound effects would be well appreciated.
  8. Rifle Infantry

    What would be your ideal doom movie?

    This. Give me some buttery smooth Akira type thing and I'd gladly pay gold for it.
  9. Rifle Infantry

    Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

    Updated take on the former human.
  10. Rifle Infantry

    Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

  11. Rifle Infantry

    Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

  12. Rifle Infantry

    Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

  13. Rifle Infantry

    Cyberdemon Old Style Drawing

    There is a certain excellency to the combination of simplicity and detail in this one. Your work gives off an excellent comic-book feel (esp. around the face) and mixes that with excellent classic-esque shading. It's cleanly readable and overall I like it quite a bit. Keep up the good work!
  14. Rifle Infantry

    Retro FPS - What would you want in it

    so Deus Ex but Doom? I'd unironically love that.