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  1. The one and only problem with the pistol is that the chaingun does everything it does but better. There is no other pair of guns in Doom that behave quite like this. The super shotgun may be stronger than the shotgun, but it's not as accurate or fast-firing. The plasma rifle might outdamage the chaingun, but it's not nearly as good for sniping. The BFG might reign king over the rocket launcher for sheer power, but it can't fire nearly as fast. The fists might be useless for the most part, but pick up a Berserk Pack and they're a lot safer for melee than the Chainsaw. But the pistol? Nobody uses the pistol. It doesn't have the two-shot bursts or the rapid fire of the chaingun. It is, quite simply, useless past MAP01. What I think could be done to improve this? Split the pistol into two guns for Slot 2. The new Pistol itself needs infinite ammo. This marks it as your "emergency weapon", with the Fists (with the silent-weapon treatment) being useful for killing lone shotgun guys or going on a Berserk rampage. The "poor man's sniper" job goes to a new weapon, the Rifle, dropped by zombiemen. This semi-automatic slugthrower fires slightly faster than the old pistol, does more damage, and is much, much more accurate, effectively becoming the "sniper rifle" of the game. This also gives Slot 2 a little legitimacy even late-game. Even if the chaingun can snipe, the rifle is more economical for this. That drops two Cacos with one SSG blast, so to speak: you get a reason to press 2 even late into a WAD, and the pistol no longer becomes a worthless piece of trash that even the Fists outdo.
  2. Only the cybie really did this; and for a good reason. They seem to put a malevolent sort of intelligence to the Cyberdemon in the Doom Comic. The thing stops shooting (which is incredible enough for any demon) when Doomguy goes at it with fists just to show off how weak and helpless he is. Pretty much every other monster shown is a lot more aggressive; zombie troopers come at Doomguy in mobs with guns blazing, Imps try to fireball him from behind, and if I recall correctly Doomguy falls down a hole with a Pinky tackling him.
  3. Getting a key, fighting across a map to a switch which opens doors for another key, which then can open a door to another area really isn't a puzzle. I'm pretty sure the OP is referring to some wads' maddening switch puzzles and other rather jarringly complex arrangements; I agree there. Worst of all are trial and error choose the switch puzzles; usually error equals death there.
  4. While I love the Valiant chaingun, I think it should have a little more spin-up and spin-down time, plus less accuracy. To compensate you could reintroduce the vanilla chain gun with a little more accuracy as an assault rifle of sorts. That's what I did for the super pistol in my personal Valiant install.
  5. Doomguy missed a zombieman in that alcove on E1M1. It tracked him throughout all four episodes, just barely missing him level by level. Eventually it ended up going into the same portal as him, but wound up inside the city instead of outside it; coincidentally in the same field Daisy was frolicking in after having escaped their cage in Doomguy's flat. It promptly pulled a Long Dark and twisted Daisy's head off, then put it on a stick because it had actually just eaten a leftover Dopechan Instant Noodle cup (human viscera flavor, apparently it's popular in Japan) on E3M8 that was laying on the ground in Hell, and wasn't really all that hungry at the moment. Then it wandered off and killed like four people. To this day that zombieman is still looking for Doomguy.
  6. I've experimented with using a rifle that's around 2x as accurate as the chaingun or pistol, fires at 210 RPM (think the Smooth Doom gun), and which deals 10-30 damage (i.e. 2x the pistol/chaingun damage). All of that levels out to roughly equal DPS to the Shotgun. So far it's worked well (especially when you pair it with a modified Monster Resource Wad rapid fire trooper). What other assault rifle "types" are out there and work? I'm curious- has anyone managed to make a burst-fire rifle that doesn't feel like shit in the vanilla weapon set, or another automatic weapon that doesn't require one to touch the Chaingun?
  7. As the title says. What's your favorite edited or entirely new monster? What .wad does it come from? Why do you like it? My personal favorite's gotta be the Monster Resource Wad's Rapid Fire Trooper (that is, the original yellow-haired one, not the KDiZD resprite), especially when paired with a custom rifle weapon for it to drop. It's just a well-fitting monster; a sergeant-stat trooper that trades high burst damage for weak but repeated shots, a little like a Chaingunner but with less horrific DPS.
  8. A megawad set in realistic areas with a large variety of weapons, each with their own unique niche. However, the player can only carry up to five "weight points"- light guns like pistols are worth one, medium ones like rifles and submachine guns worth two to three, heavies four. Also, the enemies have heavily revamped AI; former humans take cover, strafe, and communicate among their squads as they execute strategies like suppressing and flanking, lesser demons like imps and whatnot crawl on ceilings and ambush the player, and greater demons like hell knights pick up things in the environment- such as explosive barrels and even cars- and fling them at the player. A western fantasy megawad. Revolvers and breech loaders going hand in hand with magic spells and DnD esque races. The maps would have unique locations only accessible by certain playable races; for instance, a werewolf or other clawed race could scale a cracked wall to reach a secret ammo cache. A megawad where the player is one of the two former humans at the start of Doom 2. The bullet in your back only hurts, not kills you, and you set on a revenge quest against Doomguy for killing your brother (the other zombieman). You'd travel other areas around the spaceport fighting marines with support from friendly demons, and as you near the end of the megawad you'd start nearing Doomguy traveled areas filled with demon corpses. In the final level you'd fight Doomguy among the burned out remains of the Icon of Sin.
  9. I've found that giving the pistol infinite ammo works well. It then becomes a somewhat useful ranged emergency weapon; the Fist I usually buff by making it a silent attack and swinging a bit faster. Because the Chaingun shouldn't be the only bullet firing weapon, then, it frees up a space in Slot 2 for a rifle-type gun.
  10. Hue. I know Doomguy was intended to be just a blank slate for the player to fill in,, but I'm the kind of person that applies WAY TOO MUCH thought into the plots of games like Doom. To me, he works as his own character even if his only form of expression is to pull a trigger.
  11. Deeply, deeply, deeply fucked up. He's killed so much that it's an ancilliary action now. He's not unlike a former human, in a sort of detached daze as he guns down countless Hellspawn. One of the reasons he works mostly alone is because he has to stop himself from reflexively shooting other Marines as he rounds a corner, owing to how many zombies have contributed pinkish bullet scars into his torso by now. When he walks down a ruined street, other Marines stop short and stare at him with gazes that are half respectful and half incredulous. His reputation and power have reached the point where the Marine Corps simply directs him to the biggest demon staging areas if they wish it to be cleared. His entire body is a pockmarked landscape of craters, scars, and burns from the sheer abuse he's taken, and he quivers from stimpak addiction that's only been quelled by the sheer adrenaline of demon killing so far. Weighed down by the guns he carries- most commonly a double-barrel shotgun he found sitting in a dark maintenance underhall back on Earth- he clanks as he walks, his battered body armor crisscrossed with ammo belts and shell holders. At first it was terrifying for him. Former humans and imps were something to hide in a vent from. Now he simply kills them as he goes along. Most demons, despite normally being psychopathic murderers ready to turn on one another in a moment if so much as accidentally grazed, will shit themselves when they see him. Though it's not represented in Doom's simple AI, I always imagine Imps backpedalling and flinging fireballs in an absolute panic when they see him. Former humans, even through the murderous daze they normally go about their duties enshrouded within, know enough to scream, throw down their rifles, and sprint as fast as their legs can carry them in the opposite direction. Cacodemons and Pinkies are perturbed by the sheer amount of death that he stinks of. Hell Knights carry a terrified respect for him and even Barons rue the day they see him. Revenants were already unlucky enough to have met him once; how they can muster the courage to try again is beyond me. Mancubi smell burned meat and dried blood, and in their greed believe they could take him on. Arch-Viles, the highest priests of Hell, whisper unholy prayers under their lips as they hear the approaching sound of clanking ammo chains and the gentle whirr of a BFG's main reactor. The only thing that drives most demons to fight him is the knowledge that if they run, a far worse fate than a simple shotgun to the chest awaits them. Cyberdemons are foolish. Their computerized scanners tell them that they have 40 times his durability and far superior weaponry. Most of them privately believe that he hasn't really killed all the demons he is said to have. Well, before he took a rocket launcher to Baphomet's forehead, that is. Now demons know him as the one who killed their overlord and creator. And throughout it all, what's left of him? Nothing. He doesn't even know his own name anymore. When the computers on Phobos went berserk during the first incursion, his file was wiped. He's killed so much, taken so much trauma, that he has forgotten who he was or what his name is. All personality has been worn away by years of incurring the same trauma over and over again. All that's left is years of honed instincts, military training, and well-drilled knowledge of heavy weaponry. Sometimes, when a battle is over for a time, he might amble into a deserted house and search the fridge. He might chew on some leftover hamsteak to quell approaching hunger pains, or guzzle a Corona in a mini-fridge downstairs in a futile attempt at wiping away the things he's seen. Perhaps an imp will wander inside- it's those times where he reaches down to that ancient holster of his, draws his Beretta 2092, and blows the little bastard away in a cute little imitation of that first time all the way back on Phobos. After 48 hours of continuous operation, fueled by a handful of Berserk packs, he collapses in a barricaded room- checked three times, after the time a former sergeant attempted to gut him with a bayonet as he slept- and a few tears might roll down his dusty, bloodied cheeks as he drifts away for a few hours of fitful, restless, dreamless sleep. They call him "Doomguy". That's what he reckons he is now. The bringer of Doom.
  12. Which rifle do you use? Also, why use the regular chainsaw if you have a super chainsaw? Do they utilize fuel now?
  13. E2M2 is confusing to navigate. I personally prefer E2M1, because I'm a mindless zombie who cannot comprehend branching paths in a .wad without running into the same areas 230 times searching for a plainly marked exit.
  14. I'd beg to differ; sometimes a basic alternate mode (such as a spin-up for miniguns or iron sights for a semi-auto rifle) notably improves the weapon.
  15. Why stop at just the vanilla weapons? Fist: Your meaty fist, with a brass knuckle you bought before you were shipped out to Mars. Pretty much suicidal to use normally, but all that changes with a Berserk Pack. Chainsaw: Here due to a shipping incident that ended up with the intended jackhammers going to the Amazon, the Chainsaw has found a new purpose: felling demons, not trees. Pistol: Your standard issue sidearm. Not very powerful or fast firing, but nonetheless useful against lone zombies or other weak enemies. Rifle: The standard arm of the Marine Corps, this semi-automatic rifle is highly accurate, and is both faster-firing and more powerful than your pistol. Shotgun: Favored by UAC security for its power and relative accuracy, this pump-action pellet blaster is highly useful at close to medium range. Super Shotgun: Twice the barrels, half the length, and triple the firepower. While this break-action double shotgun might be slow to fire, you're using it wrong if the enemy is still alive after you fire. Chaingun: This infantry-portable LMG features rotary barrels for enhanced cooling, allowing you to fire for an extended period of time. With a steady rate of fire and a belt feed, it's a good weapon for anything. Minigun: Double the fire rate, even if it's unwieldy and must spin down when you release the trigger. This barely-portable beast will drink bullets up quickly, but can mow down anything. Rocket Launcher: Firing mini-missiles at a high rate, this anti-armor bazooka is great for dealing with mobs and heavier baddies. Just don't fire it at close range. Grenade Launcher: Designed to fire boucing grenades, this semi-auto explosive slinger can be used to hit enemies behind corners and other obstructions. Plasma Gun: The experimental weapons labs have produced this next-gen assault gun. Though its plasma bolts are slow moving, it is both very powerful and rapid-firing. Railgun: The newest sniper rifle devised by the labs, this energy weapon compresses plasma into a "rail" and launches it with perfect accuracy at hypersonic speed. BFG-9000: This big bastard is the prize of any arsenal. Effectively being a directed nuclear meltdown, its shots can remove entire rooms of enemies. BFG-10K: The most advanced energy weapon ever devised. Fires BFG shots automatically, but eats away your plasma cells in seconds.