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  1. Share a random fact about yourself

    This is really getting my brain juices flowing. I drew some civilians of various species today, but I don't feel like posting them (since I take pictures via phone- no real other good camera around for me at the moment- and I've found that literally anything bigger than a single person on a paper is not even worth picturing). I'm pretty happy with that exercise. Y'know, this really calls for an Everything Else thread- in which Doomworld pulls a /tg/ and creates its very own fantasy/sci-fi/what-have-you setting through collaborative effort, be it writing, art pieces, conjecture, etc.
  2. Share a random fact about yourself

    Get drawing. No, really, right now. Bust out a notebook paper and draw anything. Don't stop. I mean it- don't stop. If you're hung up on drawing a specific part or object look up tutorials on the logic behind it or that item itself. Practice is literally 99% of all drawing acumen. It doesn't matter if you've studied the greatest artists a million times or read every single art book in existence, you still need to put that pencil to the paper- and do it a lot- if you want to start seeing results.
  3. Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

    Now that I've gotten back into a drawing swing, I decided to do a bigger image in the same "universe" as my previous ones. This one's a bit under my expectations- a bit less dynamic than I hoped (seems like more of a standoff than an active melee) and who knew that a crappy phone camera wouldn't be enough to adequately cover an entire paper. Either way, here it is. If I get a better camera in the future I will most likely retake this one.
  4. Share a random fact about yourself

    I do the exact same thing, but with Portuguese arquebusiers (think the Terco unit from Total War: SHOGUN 2, and you'd be on the dot). Other "models" for me include Doom's former human troopers, HL2's Combine soldiers, Japanese ashigaru, Napoleonic line infantry of various nations, and Vietnam-era US infantry/Vietcong fighters. ...I really need to draw some non-military stuff.
  5. Share a random fact about yourself

    Whenever I draw people, I nearly invariably draw some kind of soldier or military personnel. Military-related items are pretty much all I ever draw, from various firearms to tanks to aircraft to installations. I never really draw characters. Whenever I draw someone they're usually a low-ranking unnamed grunt or otherwise lack any sort of name or defined backstory. That doesn't stop me from making characters for various settings or campaigns, but I just never tend to draw these two concepts together.
  6. Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

    Finally realized how to light things from the side and now I feel like an eternal brainlet. I went ahead and completed the aforementioned fantasy musketeer sketch. Now with 50% less glare! Fattened the musket a bit (it looked way too thin previously), other minor changes, and finally completed the bottom half. I'd say he looks pretty well prepared for war now.
  7. Opinions on Modern First Person Shooters

    Modern shooters are okay in terms of basic player balance. Problem is, they're just so stale. What do I mean by that? Let's take Doom 1. It has seven basic enemies- the former human, former sergeant, imp, lost soul, cacodemon, baron of hell, and pinky, as well as two bosses in the form of the cyberdemon and spider mastermind. Classifying each enemy: Former human: Weak, but instantly damages the player. Slow moving. Cannon fodder. The player wants to eliminate these at once or interrupt their gunfire, or take cover if their health is low. Former sergeant: Weak, but threatening close up, and instantly damages the player. Dangerous up close, causing a different tactical choice than with former humans (as you will want to maintain distance). Imp: Dangerous up close but less so far away. Player will want to fight at medium range, where their weapons are strong, but they can easily dodge fireballs, which are fairly damaging. Lost soul: Charges and is tough. Player will want to avoid its charge and kill it while it's defenseless, or interrupt its charge. Pinky: Tough and melee. Player will want to eliminate these as they close in, and move around to not be cornered and bitten to death. Cacodemon: Flying, tough, lethal ranged attack. Player will want to avoid its ranged fire even more than an Imp, and so stands farther away (the large size of the cacodemon compensates for the lesser accuracy). Baron of hell: Enormous and extremely tough in melee. The player wants to avoid letting it corner them or getting hit; comparable to a massive Imp, but with added pressure to not get close. Let's compare that to a selection of modern enemy archetypes used in most modern shooters. I'm going to name them via 4chan boards, because why not. /r9k/ (grunt): Fires a handgun or light weapon. Player will want to gun them down and take cover against hitscan retaliation. /b/ (moron): Carries a knife or other melee weapon. Stupidly walks or runs toward the player and tries to whack them. Player will want to gun them down and move on. /k/ (soldier): Fires an automatic weapon. Player will want to gun them down and take cover against hitscan retaliation. Sometimes throws grenade to force the player to move for a few seconds. /pol/ (shotgunner): Fires a shotgun. Player will want to gun them down first because they usually charge. /fit/ (heavy): Fires a heavy automatic weapon or shotgun. Player will want to pour gunfire into them while avoiding their hitscan attacks. /jp/ (sniper): Carries a sniper rifle. Player will want to gun them down and take cover against hitscan retaliation. In all of these, the player's reaction is basically one of three things: I will shoot him. I will obstruct his view to me so that he stops shooting, then I will shoot him. I will shoot him, but shoot him with higher priority than other people I will shoot. There is none of the movement or tactical thoughts present in Doom. Earlier games- such as Half-Life- have a diverse palette of enemies and force the player to use movement and thoughts, much like Doom, but the modern "action movie" type game in which your enemies go down in two shots and you regenerate health render most engagements exactly the same for the most part.
  8. Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

    That's pretty great- better than what I can do on digital at least. (I myself can't really use a tablet well without chicken scratch, and I certainly can't color well; I usually leave most of my stuff grayscale.) However, from one artist to another, I have a few things to critique: The eyes are way too far up on the head; a good way to visualize why this looks wrong is to think of the skull and brain behind it. Eyes should be somewhat flatter and more on the "middle" of the head; this looks less "incorrect" to the eye, since it gels more with the natural arrangement of fleshy and bony bits under the skin that humans and human-like creatures have. The muzzle is very hard to define; apart from the gray fur and down-sloping jaw, it is very hard to tell that the mouth is located on a muzzle and not on a flat human face. Extending the mouth backwards a distance and generally making it look less overtly "human" would go a way towards establishing the presence of the muzzle even from the front. The shoulders are arched out to the sides and terminate too far up. This can generally be corrected easily by drawing a "skeleton" - or at least a general framework of the body- before you actually do it, simply ignoring (or erasing) body parts that come off frame. This doesn't have to at all be complex- don't go drawing clavicles and ribs- but just a sort of collection of very basic shapes detailing proportions. Been recently doodling, so here's some of my work. I'll try and detail my system for reference. This is a basic human framework from the navel up. You can see the cross drawn on the head, as well as the two lines above and below it; from the top down, these are the brow line, nose line, and (lower) mouth line respectively. I added some basic features (beginning of jaw, brows, and nose, where eyes would roughly be, mouth) to show the starting steps. This is a similar drawing, but more "complete" (still kinda rough and sketchy). I guess it's a non-possessed Shotgun Guy with a bit more facial hair than normal. You can sort of see where his pectorals end and his torso begins, as well as the same framework from before with detail applied. The shoulders in particular, if not tensed, are not at all flat, instead sloping down quite a distance. Eyes on this one I'm not really happy with, but you could draw a sort of "shell shocked" feel from them I guess. Here's a final image, because I was having quite some fun drawing. This is a Lycan musketeer from a Napoleonic-style fantasy setting I'm working on at the moment. If you look closely you can see the exact same starting framework of the head as before- it works just fine for anthro characters too, just with a bit of tweaking to make sure you portray how long or short the muzzle is. EDIT: Now with 50% less glare.
  9. The "stupid mod idea" thread

    Hyper realistic Doom. Hideous Destructor, move aside. You have to clean your guns between levels, manage your stress level and stamina, control recoil and use sights, zombiemen are a mortal threat because they start shooting when they see you and one or two bullets is usually lethal, you can bleed out from wounds and can be hurt enough to go into shock, imps can and will out fight you in melee, you can suffer a heat stroke when moving around lava and blood in Hell with heavy equipment, bullets can penetrate doors and other thin surfaces, and you have to manage your sanity and mental state or you'll break down and huddle in a corner crying until a zombie walks by and shoots you.
  10. Share a random fact about yourself

    I once fell off a bridge.
  11. How did you react when you first gazed upon the SSG?

    "ok" "This is kinda ok but it's really too much for these troopers" "I would've liked an assault rifle better"
  12. Share a random fact about yourself

    What in the hell is even happening in this thread now?
  13. Share a random fact about yourself

    I have a pathological obsession with gunpowder in video games. I literally cannot play a pre-gunpowder game like Rome: Total War without thinking "what if my legionaries had arquebuses". In any game where it's an unlockable or only certain chars use it I will always be drawn to those regardless of whether or not they're objectively good.