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  1. Archviles, just sans the pain thing. I think some kind of zombie with a BFG-9000 and a longer charge time would fit that perfectly though.
  2. The Strife acolytes are as healthy as changunners but are slower and only fire three bullets per attack. Would make a nice enemy somewhere between the SS trooper and chaingunner.
  3. Care to share? I'd love to see (and possibly contribute) to it.
  4. I'd love to see more Possessed variants in DOOM 2. Here's some I thought would pop up: - A possessed "light soldier"- basically, serving for a government/company that doesn't have the advanced power armor and .50 cal assault rifles the UAC has. Looks like a regular Possessed mostly (though with two eyes, ears, hands, etc- fairly intact for one), with light armor, patrol cap/helmet, etc. and wields a Burst Rifle. Moves about as fast as the Possessed Soldier but 1/2 the health (or slightly more than a regular Possessed). - A possessed Elite Guard armed with a chaingun. Red armor, fat from eating dead bodies, and arms melded into a Chaingun giving him a strong resemblance to the old Chaingun Guy. Walks slowly but has lots of health and continually shoots as long as you're in sight. - A possessed civilian (maybe even a lumberjack if it's on the Earth levels) armed with a Chainsaw. Runs quickly and goes for big slashes and stabs at close range but beyond that is not very durable.
  5. Since RNG is a big thing in frustrating speedruns I think I'll go ahead and make a quick DECORATE file that de-randomizes enemy and player damage.
  6. And what a shame indeed, it's a very unique idea. I once rigged a DECORATE-enhanced version with R667 guns and upgraded versions of the original monsters, and it was surprisingly playable, but the later maps did indeed get rather crappy and annoying (especially when I made the stupid choice of giving the regular grunts M16A3 rifles and the ability to fire bursts; that one urban map was a nightmare of cowering from fusillades of rounds).
  7. You can just look into SmoothDoom's files to see how the CVARs would work. If that fails simply making an addon with the rifle and an edited zombieman (to load after the main file) would work. I find that raising the accuracy to 1 degree, base damage to 16, and editing the gun to go through its whole 20-tic animation instead of refiring early creates an entirely unique (i.e. not a "slow but accurate chaingun") and highly useful little complement to the shotgun, great for sniping troublesome hitscanners on big maps. For the animations themselves, I recommend you create your own; the 2016 shotgun pump looks really lame and doesn't have the badass sort of swing that the classic animation does. Perhaps you could have it lower and turn leftwards (almost like the way the shotgun guys do in SmoothDoom). Other animation suggestions: - Chaingun should be held lower to suggest hip-fire. You could have the other hand hold the belt, just like the chaingunners. - Plasma rifle should tilt upwards instead of sideways when it stops firing. - BFG should be edited a bit with a big stock assembly just like the Doom comic. -Pistol should have some options to hold it one or two handed. You could even include a left-handed pistol mode, just like in the centered sprites.
  8. Just smooth up those squares' color changes and it'll look perfectly fine. I love the sorta Quake-esque look it gives off. If you do end up creating the full mod, do throw in the zombieman's rifle though; having THAT as an angled gun would be absolutely awesome.
  9. Huh, that actually resembles the Zombieman's rifle if you squint a bit, what with the pistol grip, no sight on the barrel, and that big carrying handle.
  10. A shotgun guy. If he cleans the blood off his lips and shirt and wears sunglasses, he can pass for a human, which is useful for when you're going around fairly subtly- not to mention he can go in most spaces I can (which would be a fair bit harder for a Revenant or Baron of Hell). He's a reasonably tough combatant and doesn't raise red flags the way a green-haired zombieman or a hulking chaingunner would (or really, any other demon). A solid spread of buckshot will tear most baddies apart, and anything bigger I can handle myself.
  11. Get an editing program- SLADE is probably best. Create a new .wad with it. Make a sndinfo lump and define sounds for weapons/pistol and weapons/chngun. There's a LOT of documentation on the ZDoom Wiki, including slade tutorials.
  12. Funny thing: I once tried heading a community megawad project that'd emulate something like this (with freelook, polyobjects, no visplane overflows, and a few new weapons and edited Realm667 monsters). In the end I did a shitty job of managing the project, and it died out; but if something like it ever pops up in the future I'd be happy to offer up the edited guns and monsters that I created.
  13. The one and only problem with the pistol is that the chaingun does everything it does but better. There is no other pair of guns in Doom that behave quite like this. The super shotgun may be stronger than the shotgun, but it's not as accurate or fast-firing. The plasma rifle might outdamage the chaingun, but it's not nearly as good for sniping. The BFG might reign king over the rocket launcher for sheer power, but it can't fire nearly as fast. The fists might be useless for the most part, but pick up a Berserk Pack and they're a lot safer for melee than the Chainsaw. But the pistol? Nobody uses the pistol. It doesn't have the two-shot bursts or the rapid fire of the chaingun. It is, quite simply, useless past MAP01. What I think could be done to improve this? Split the pistol into two guns for Slot 2. The new Pistol itself needs infinite ammo. This marks it as your "emergency weapon", with the Fists (with the silent-weapon treatment) being useful for killing lone shotgun guys or going on a Berserk rampage. The "poor man's sniper" job goes to a new weapon, the Rifle, dropped by zombiemen. This semi-automatic slugthrower fires slightly faster than the old pistol, does more damage, and is much, much more accurate, effectively becoming the "sniper rifle" of the game. This also gives Slot 2 a little legitimacy even late-game. Even if the chaingun can snipe, the rifle is more economical for this. That drops two Cacos with one SSG blast, so to speak: you get a reason to press 2 even late into a WAD, and the pistol no longer becomes a worthless piece of trash that even the Fists outdo.
  14. Only the cybie really did this; and for a good reason. They seem to put a malevolent sort of intelligence to the Cyberdemon in the Doom Comic. The thing stops shooting (which is incredible enough for any demon) when Doomguy goes at it with fists just to show off how weak and helpless he is. Pretty much every other monster shown is a lot more aggressive; zombie troopers come at Doomguy in mobs with guns blazing, Imps try to fireball him from behind, and if I recall correctly Doomguy falls down a hole with a Pinky tackling him.
  15. Getting a key, fighting across a map to a switch which opens doors for another key, which then can open a door to another area really isn't a puzzle. I'm pretty sure the OP is referring to some wads' maddening switch puzzles and other rather jarringly complex arrangements; I agree there. Worst of all are trial and error choose the switch puzzles; usually error equals death there.