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  1. Rifle Infantry

    Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

    Every (playable?) race from the setting I'm working on. May or may not color this.
  2. Rifle Infantry

    What is Doomguy's race?

    We have hit peak Doomworld.
  3. Rifle Infantry

    Thoughts on Human Allies?

    This. Have the "regular" UAC grunts be wearing tan armor and no helmets or at least lightweight (non full faced) ones so they have as much a resemblance to the possessed as possible. If a grunt is hit by an Argent attack from a Summoner or Arch-Vile, instead of dying, they become a standard Possessed. To this end, most grunts would be armed with either plasma rifles or whatever other weapons the possessed would get in Doom Eternal; these would be cheaper, "second-line"/reserve weapons compared to the more powerful, classic-styled plasma rifle the player uses, and so fire those red bolts at a slower rate. UAC grunts would be somewhat rare throughout the game. Most of the time they'd be either dead or in "safe" situations (like the UAC base sequence in the trailer). If you see them in combat, they're usually massively outmatched and about to die (I imagine somehow saving them would be a good challenge/achievement/way of getting some unique dialogue), or in rather equal combat in minor situations with Imps and possessed. They'd be very similar to basic possessed soldiers in terms of ability, but would run and react faster (plus would be animated to look less uncoordinated and zombielike) in return for less HP.
  4. Rifle Infantry

    Thoughts on Human Allies?

    Say the counteroffensive collapsed. You get pockets of soldiers in random places. Most are dead but some are alive.These men are desperate and hold their position because they're surrounded. Usually they die but if you kill demons fast enough they can survive an encounter. They'll give their thanks and maybe some ammo or health but won't leave the arena since moving forward is even more dangerous than holding for reinforcement. They'd tote heavy assault rifles and fire hitscan shots dealing no damage to the player in case you get in front of them. I agree that there should be no great "offensive" scene the player DIRECTLY participates in a la BD64's intro. They'd just get in the way.
  5. Rifle Infantry

    Doomguy in the Quake universe

    Doomguy would hate the """"super"""" shotgun, normie shotgun, and nailgun. They're all strictly depowered versions of his own weapons.
  6. Rifle Infantry

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I tend to draw shitloads of random sketches of my settings and then trash them and start over till I reach ones I like. I've gone through like forty iterations of the Mk. 1 Steam Artillery tank's design before I found a design I liked enough to "finalize".
  7. Disagree. We will see WW3 in our lifetimes, and most likely anyone under 40 right now will be part of it whether they like it or not.
  8. Disagree. Fall Of The Samurai was the best Total War game.
  9. Agree to StevenC21 /r9k/ is arguably worse than /pol/
  10. Rifle Infantry

    What do you want for Difficulties?

    I'd like AI variance. On beginner difficulties enemies have poor tracking, rarely use special attacks, and fight each other more frequently than you. On higher ones they become more intelligent and cohesive until at top levels you get enemies expertly leading you and practically fighting in lockstep given how hard it is to have them infight. Maximum difficulty should be SNK like, demons have a perfect ability to lead you and they literally drop everything to attack once you show up.
  11. Rifle Infantry

    Are Id reluctant to (re)introduce certain enemy types?

    Target priority was the name of the game with classic hitscanners. They didn't fuck around; only troopers really had low danger-factor and even then are scary to fight en masse at low health in a way Imps never are. Sergeants can deal 45 damage if all three pellets hit and deal maximum damage; and since damage is entirely random (3-15 per pellet) and not decided by range, a lucky Sergeant can do this from across the map if the RNG blesses him. Chaingunners fire just single shots- again, just 3-15 damage per shot- but can perforate you in five seconds or under, guaranteed. And all three of these had a shot dispersion of 22.5 degrees, which is frankly insanely inaccurate (godmode yourself and let a chaingunner open fire from medium distance, then turn around and look at the bullet holes). Yet people don't have a problem with classic hitscanners unless they're making a ragepost on Doomworld after a random zombieman trolled their ironman attempt. Why? Because they're glass cannons that all go down in a single shotgun blast, save Chaingunners (who have a 50% chance of requiring another chip damage to kill them). Even in maps like TNT's MAP09, where there's a veritable army of zombies and you literally begin the map surrounded by troopers from covered firing positions, you can beat it just fine as long as you have a basic sense of stun locking, cover, and target prioritization. Of course, this needs to be modified to fit nuDoom's push-forward combat. I personally think Brutal Doom's physical, bright, loud tracers are absolutely perfect for this, being just barely (in a nicely cinematic way) avoidable if you're moving at medium range, and only really "hitscan" at point blank (where the enemy will likely go for a gun-bash attack anyways). The Heavy Cannon itself seems to fire micro-missile/bullet hybrids with visible trails and travel speed, feeling like a WH40k bolter, so it would be perfect for that role; if too powerful, a weaker weapon can be substituted (a la how the possessed plasmaguns look different and are clearly weaker than the player's example). A variant of possessed soldier toting a burst rifle or heavy cannon (possibly in his hands, too, not just melted into his arm), firing off bursts of 3-5 Heavy Cannon rounds (dealing say 8 damage per shot) and employing player-style frag grenades as a special attack, would be quite the interesting opponent to face, and would be a notable diversion from the vast majority of fodder enemies (being fast-moving projectile-spewing agile hordes). If that itself seems too horrible, he can also be made to have a poor sense of tracking, always firing at where you are rather than leading you (which would lead to nice scenes of barely juking tracers whipping by while closing in on the trooper to smash his head in). And to be honest I think it'd be hilarious if he was programmed to take cover only when fighting other monsters, leading to you interrupting a COD-esque demon shootout with your meathook, SSG, and ice-skate speed.
  12. Rifle Infantry

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    It appears to be a heavier, more powerful variant of the UAC Heavy Assault Rifle; the rounds in the belt look larger than the .50 FMJ used by the conventional HAR. It additionally has a powerful "charged" secondary fire similar to the Gauss Cannon in role, likely explaining why it's called the Heavy Cannon in the first place. Lore-wise (we got a Doom Universe coming after all!) this can be for many reasons: the Heavy Assault Rifle was recently superseded by the more powerful Plasma Rifle, suggesting it is no longer considered sufficient for front-line use (especially given the oncoming war with the demons), and hence was up-gunned for Earth deployment, featuring a powerful secondary fire option for marksmanship purposes. The tactical scope in the original game feels excessively lame (you have to blaze away at a Hell Razer in the distance to kill them, which begs the question of why you shouldn't just use the Gauss Cannon), so this feature was likely introduced to make marksmanship with the assault rifle more rewarding. I personally would love a weaker automatic that's less "holy shit huge" though; the Burst Rifle seems just peachy for that, and I sorely missed it in singleplayer D2016 as well.
  13. Rifle Infantry

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    While playing some good old-fashioned Brutal Doom v20b, I realized: the trooper hitscan mechanics would perfectly fit for a rifle wielding zombie type. Specifically, BD uses these rapid tracers that aren't instant in hitting; as long as you're already moving and not at point-blank range (i.e. where the zombie would already go for a melee attack) you can just barely avoid the tracers, getting easier as you go out. BD's troopers have much better shot grouping than vanilla's, and so their shots are also unlikely to lead you by accident, similar to most projectile demons. Finally, BD's enemy bullets deal slightly less damage than equivalent vanilla ones; I believe 5-10 or so. I'd love to see what they do with the possessed, personally I am hoping for at least one common variant with a firearm instead of purely energy armaments. This would also be a fun way to reintroduce enemies dropping equipment and supplies outside of glory kills; I think it'd be fun to snatch yourself a rifle off of a (technically) living owner, instead of always finding a dead friend to lend it to you.
  14. Rifle Infantry

    New Multiplayer Modes in Eternal.

    I agree wholeheartedly. The sole reason I jumped into multiplayer was to use that sick ass burst rifle, but no, I have to stick with boring-ass plasma guns and rocket launchers till an arbitrary level. Fuck that noise, I'd rather play D4D.
  15. Rifle Infantry

    What is the closest you've been to death?

    I was rocking back and forth on a chair in a special needs class in the 3rd grade (had very little social skills at the time), until I rocked back too far and smashed my skull into the edge of a steel cabinet. The result was a little like splitting a log with a wedge and a hammer, except the log was my skull, the wedge the cabinet, and the hammer gravity. I remember seeing this split second white spark before basically bouncing off the cabinet and rolling along the floor. I cried and the teacher understandably freaked the fuck out, rushing me to the principal's office. My mom showed up real quick and took me to the ER. One set of anesthetic and numerous staples later I'm told they could see the sheath around the gray matter during the closing, and that I had been lucky it hadn't penetrated further and resulted in permanent brain damage. To this day the scar's still on the back of my head though it only brings up any discomfort when I'm thinking about it. At the time I didn't think much of it, I got this rather stereotypical head wrap and every kid on the blacktop was surrounding me to get a look for the next two, three days before the novelty wore off.