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  1. First of all, sorry for my English. I recently got pretty sick of how video games are nowadays. It's mostly just titles you play through and that's it. It's always been clear to me that a game which offers true long-term fun just has to be community-driven. Most of the games you play on consoles or on PC nowadays are over as soon as you had your first playthrough, offering no long-term fun and no reason to start the game again, the ONLY exception in YEARS was Terraria by Re-Logic for me. That was the reason I searched for a game that has an active community and is not a MMORPG whose fanbase will die in 3 years, a game that has unlimited content. And I haven't found a single game. One day (2 years ago) I thought about "Hey, I played that old shooter with my classmate back then, and it was really fun. I just wanna get it and see how it was.". And honestly, I couldn't remember the name, I didn't grow up with Doom, I was born in 1994 and my first contact to video games was made when playing SNES with my sister. I got the game, started up Plutonia, and just played a bit, I thought "hey, the concept is so simple yet so much fun" but I thought it was just another video game I'd put away in a few days. Turns out, after two years, DOOM became THE video game. And by that, I only mean Doom 1 and Doom 2, and by that, I mean: Community-made levels. I don't play anything else anymore, I don't wanna jump into games that I put away after some time and never come back. It's the unbelievable massive amount of level packs and mods that are out there, created by this incredible community, that make this game so sustainable. I just browsed the id games archive and again I thought: Fuck, there is SO MUCH stuff to play. I will never finish playing all those levels, with new megawads and wads and other mods arriving on a regular basis. I'm still relatively new to DOOM, I just recently joined the community and I have played for two years only, but I think I will never get back to anything else. Doom 1 & 2 itself are cool, the levels are a bit out of date after playing new ones, and they are basically just two megawads. The reason why Doom is so great is because it follows a simple and very basic concept, which in itself is not deep at all. It's the community that created so much depth to this game and as a newby, I just wanna thank you guys for all that. The fun I have thanks to you is unbelievable.
  2. plmgrno

    In the /idgames archive, what is a "Port"?

    I recently played Back to Saturn X and I just found out it's vanilla compatible (as it's not in the Ports section). I played some other wads from the Ports section that did not nearly have such a great level design, textures and music. This really stunned me.
  3. plmgrno

    In the /idgames archive, what is a "Port"?

    Thank all of you for your answers! I'm actually new here, @Linguica, were you involved in creating a source port?
  4. plmgrno

    In the /idgames archive, what is a "Port"?

    Thanks! Do you (or anyone) know the maiin reason for wads being not compatible with vanilla doom? Is it mainly mechanical stuff changing gameplay, is it graphics or textures, or anything else? Would be interesting to know.
  5. Hello there. I'm sorry if that's a stupid question but I'm wondering what a Port is in the id games archive. When you access /levels/doom2 there is a section called like that and I can't find amy information on what Ports actually are? When does a wad qualify to be a port? Sorry if that's an extremely stupid question, it could be that I just dont get the point because English is not my mother tongue. No translation of "port" seems to make any sense. Thank you.
  6. Oops sorry, havent seen the other reply.
  7. Why is OBLIGE not useful? I used it 3 or 4 times and I really enjoyed it.
  8. plmgrno

    Site and/or forum bugs or things not working

    How can we access the Cacowards? Besides from googling them.
  9. plmgrno

    Site and/or forum bugs or things not working

    Oh well sorry, since I havent found and posts about this, I thought it was a change made some weeks ago. I will miss the old archive though. I always liked the ffeeling of visiting a website from the 90s.
  10. plmgrno

    Site and/or forum bugs or things not working

    Honestly, I've been lurking on doomworld for years now, but this new /idgames archive is just terrible. Please bring back the old one. Every link is broken now, this is just terrible. Do whatever you want with the forum, but please don't mess with the archive. I cannot find wads, I cannot read the txt files before downloading thus not knowing what I'm actually downloading. Guess this is my new home now: ftp://ftp.fu-berlin.de/pc/msdos/games/idgames/.