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  1. W.Hudson

    DOOM HD Project

    Sorry for the 7 month necro but is this project still ongoing? Nobody else is making classic doom minis, except for Bethesda when they feel like it and at 200 quid a pop.
  2. W.Hudson

    Doom RPG apk

    Bumping old thread sorry but i came here from a search engine and cant find anything else anywhere on the internet. the only thing i havent tried is emailing john carmack does anyone speak russian? https://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?depth=1&hl=en&prev=search&rurl=translate.google.co.uk&sl=ru&sp=nmt4&u=https://4pda.ru/forum/index.php%3Fshowtopic%3D511463%26st%3D0&usg=ALkJrhgsZvHJlunzFEIhz5E0elZZKbLYUg#entry26570128 there are .apk downloads for loads of games but the links seem broken also ive tried running j2me but im not a programmer so have no idea what im doing. ive tried the online jad jar to apk converters and get an error every time and cant convert/compile anything to apk any other options besides buying an old phone and trying to track down the java file?