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  1. DtM

    Your Fave fighting game Characters

    Nina from the Tekken games. In fact, I like fighting as most female characters from Japanese games, the ones that are scantily dressed. Yeh, I'm sad. What's your point?
  2. DtM

    What (for you) is the most important aspect of a map?

    Architecture and feel of the place is just as important as the gameplay. Dark areas have demons, doors opening behind you with cacodemons, and will definetely end in a big room full of corpses. There should always be an arena somewhere for the trigger-happy DooMer with perhaps a couple pillars around the place, particularly against bullet-firing foes/that annoying revenant, and foes aplenty to defeat. The megawad I'm making is specifically accurate - why have this room?, where do these scientists eat? (WHERE is the mess hall in Knee Deep in the Dead???), maybe the Plasma Gun SHOULDN'T be lying in the middle of the hall, what would an invisibility powerup ACTUALLY look like?, stuff like that. It seems to be unprecedented, to the kind of map which has computer terminals left right and centre for no discernible reason, no places to eat or sleep, and loaded weaponry precariously lying around all over the shop, and the same goes with seemingly random textures.
  3. DtM

    The /newstuff Chronicles #114

    * DtM punishes the flamers by exploding for no apparent reason.
  4. DtM

    The best cheat code since the Konami Code?

    COMMANDER KEEN -------------- GOD TC(space) The first cheats I ever done.
  5. DtM

    Favorite episode in DOOM

    It's Episode I by far. Like so many others said, that IS DooM in its very essence, storyline and feel, and playing it gives me nostalgia. (first time I played DooM was nine years ago)
  6. DtM

    Mega Ultra Turbo Lifts

    If you allow the use of source ports, nearly all of them allow the use of BOOM linedef's, so just set whatever options when you get to the BOOM linedef dialog box and set the speed to Turbo. The first helpful thing I've said in a forum. :D
  7. DtM

    Your ST wishlist

    Stick a sniper rifle in there!!!!
  8. DtM

    Trenches wad glitch - why???

    Yes, if 'tis the site you are referring to, 'twill be a Shockwave one, with many wonderful graphics, but for now it's just a place to stick all the files I need to send to other peoples, like wads in the works. :D
  9. DtM

    Trenches wad glitch - why???

    Okays, http://members.lycos.co.uk/dtm2002/trenches.zip Hopefully, none of that again.
  10. DtM

    Trenches wad glitch - why???

    Legacy's dead, isn't it?
  11. DtM

    Trenches wad glitch - why???

    Okay, I gots that working. The glitch still appears when you're up on the tower and too many rockets get shot, but meh... maybe when Legacy updates this will all be fixed. I am presented with a new problem, again a dumb one. http://member.lycos.co.uk/dtm2002/trenches.zip I have made a feeble attempt at putting fragglescript in as a sort of optional briefing you can have, xept there is an annoying problem which I cannot seem to pin down. Does anyone knowes what the prob is? (I included the seperate fragglescript in the zip file).
  12. DtM

    Trenches wad glitch - why???

    Whilst I'm on my idiot streak I think I'll mention NOW that it's a Legacy *.wad.
  13. DtM

    Trenches wad glitch - why???

    It seems I have made myself quite the fool. :O http://www.geocities.com/domthemighty2000/trenches.zip Sorry, it be a zip file, be it.
  14. I have a wad on Geocities (unfortunately): http://www.geocities.com/domthemighty2000/trenches.wad I stuck four CyberDemons in the middle of a deathmatch arena designed to be on a trenches theme. I've shamelessly ripped off many graphics and in other cases ingeniously designed my own (you'll know when you see them, quite dodgy, be they). Anyhoo, if you play the wad, you'll notice that they disappear occasionally for no apparent reason, even while firing rockets, and then suddenly appear again. WHY?! I cannot figure this out. Probably something quite obvious.