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  1. The idea is neat, but there might be some problems with implementation. Some ports have support for UMAPINFO, but some are not. Crispy Doom, which is recommended for testing, doesn't support it for sure. Another problem is: various ports may work different with "secret exit" trigger outside of MAP15. Vanilla triggering behavior will be resetting MAP02 (i.e. MAP02 will be finished, and after intermission screen will be started over), but if I'm not mistaking, Crispy already have a proper check for having MAP33 and going to it from MAP02. Not sure what to recommend further. Probably safest approach is just put Betray as regular MAP33 without any specific exits to it. But this is also not a perfect way, since player will have to type "IDCLEV33" and know that there is MAP33.
  2. Julia Nechaevskaya

    get crispy doom ported to windows xp

    What is happening when you are trying to run Crispy Doom itself? Is it giving an error like a "TryRunTics64 not found in Kernel"?
  3. Just a very quick suggestion for MAP02: make a small "joke reference" to the Betray level secret exit. Not a map itself of course, just something like a... Non working switch? Or a crusher activating switch, which will explode few barrels in inaccessible sector nearby, to make an explosion sound? Exit line itself is here:
  4. Julia Nechaevskaya

    (RELEASE) Doom: The Way We Remember It (V2)

    Traveling Cyberdemon on E1M7 is absolutely iconic moment. Really nice project, thanks everyone for the efforts!
  5. Julia Nechaevskaya

    Accessibility in source ports

    Hey, glad you liked it :) Thinking more, Unity edition offers some interesting feature - a "Level Brightness". From my experience, it's really helpful when you are playing Doom in... some kind of transport and bright sunlight is shining into your device. I.e., when it is hard to see the screen and gamma-correction simply can't do it's job properly. In fact, it's simply increases overall brightness of the level, making everything looks more clear. Here, I have implemented it as a common feature in RusDoom, nothing really complicated: https://github.com/JNechaevsky/russian-doom/commit/e237e65dca2669df0b78272638fabae3d158c680 And thinking more, we are speaking about Doom, right? Heretic is pretty much same, so most of the discussed features here (or maybe all of them) can be applied there. But Hexen is more complicated, many things are ACS-scripts related, I don't see any simple ways to handle them. Except rough COLORMAP tricks...
  6. Julia Nechaevskaya

    Accessibility in source ports

    Not sure if helps somehow, but Jaguar Doom comes to mind where all world sprites are always in full bright. Maybe it will help somehow to see the things better? And there is still one huge problem - exploding projectiles in player's face, especially when there are a lot of them on the screen.
  7. Julia Nechaevskaya

    Search a DOS Doom Port with Mouse look and GUS Support

    Hi! I'll be short - English language in RD for DOS now completely implemented back. Switching is absolutely similar to the main version, but I'm thinking to set English language to default, since more and more non-russian speakers are interested in RD port, and I definitely don't want anyone to be confused by Cyrillic menus. There is also tons of other improvements, and the project is in release-ready condition, but no changelog composed yet (frankly, it's always most unexciting job to do). Mouse look is working as well as GUS, but there is one interesting thing - running in DOSBox, Doom startup takes about extra 10 seconds to load GUS patches from `C:\ULTRASND\`, but with Fraggle's gusgoona fix it's working well and sounds awesome. :) Edit: it's released! https://github.com/JNechaevsky/russian-doom/issues/202
  8. Julia Nechaevskaya

    Chocolate Doom

    Yes, all available artifacts in Chocolate Heretic are planned to be bindable. Tome of Power will be binded to Backspace by default and can be rebinded. I just have to make few corrections in pull request to make all the things proper.
  9. Julia Nechaevskaya

    Crispy Doom 5.10.3 (Update: Aug 17, 2021)

    Oh dang, I've missed your message. Checked just now dev Crispy build with dev Choco DLLs - everything is fine. But now DLLs seems to be same in both dev Crispy and Choco?
  10. Julia Nechaevskaya

    Crispy Doom 5.10.3 (Update: Aug 17, 2021)

    Windows 10 LTSB 64-bit: - WASAPI (5.3 release, dev Crispy executable) - XAUDIO2 (5.3 release, dev Crispy executable and dev Choco DLLs). Everything sounds fine with both variants. I've also was never having a cartoonish sounds. Edit: same results on Windows 7 Enterprise, 64-bit.
  11. Julia Nechaevskaya

    Crispy Doom 5.10.3 (Update: Aug 17, 2021)

    Got it reproduced. Another place where you can easily see it (same map): https://youtu.be/z3AwLW_4TsU Not sure what is happening, but it's definitely not a DEHACKED lump issue, there only [STRINGS] lumps. Could it be a BLOCKMAP issue then?
  12. Julia Nechaevskaya

    Crispy Doom 5.10.3 (Update: Aug 17, 2021)

    It's working, but it's not very notable in some floors/ceilings because of limitation of 256 colors. For example:
  13. Julia Nechaevskaya

    Crispy Doom 5.10.3 (Update: Aug 17, 2021)

    MAJ, there is no way to fix it at the moment, because all Russian text strings are "hardcoded" into executable, as well as Russian alphabetic chars are using replaced English STCFN font numbers. I have some plans to transfer strings into something like DEHACKED/LANGUAGE lump to bring some nominal English backwards compatibility, but even after this, using a translation PWAD in other ports with non-Doom specific strings (i.e. port-specific) will not fix this case and probably left some strings as untranslated or unreadable abracadabra. In other words: it's very easy to make a simple translation PWAD compatible with other ports, but there is no way to make it looking perfectly proper with all the ports, especially with ports which are using other than standard Doom texts.
  14. Julia Nechaevskaya

    Crispy Doom 5.10.3 (Update: Aug 17, 2021)

    Not quite so, it's mostly issue #204 in Crispy Doom tracker. Formally, it's extremely easy to "fill" whole screen with game window, but the problem is - not everything easy as expected. In very short words: there are too many graphical elements and technical specifics, which are "binded" to original 320:200 (or even Crispy 640:400) resolution, like status bar, menu elements and many rendering-related things. Thus, there are a lot of aspects that's should be accounted to make game window friendly with any resolution and more of that - with any aspect ratio.
  15. Julia Nechaevskaya

    DOOM Retro v4.4 (updated December 3, 2021)

    Brad, since now I'm addicted on p_fix, I have some thoughts to share about hanging corpses. They are looking kinda unrealistic, yeah, but -- they have own "charm". I don't think it was a mapping error, since they are too notable in some places like E2M7 (above slime pool), and more of that, they can be found mostly in hellish Inferno levels, where, I believe "it is okay to see some odd and non-realistic things". Another interesting thing you surely know is missing hanging legs in Doom 1 episodes. I.e. they are not missing, just have no skill spawn flags. Some of them are placed beneath the ceiling, but some beneath the sky. I think they are more questionable, was id forgot to set spawn flags, or rejected them at all. I'm not suggesting to "turn on" those legs, remembering our discussion about trees in Wolfenstein levels, neither I'm not enforcing to add back hanging corpses - it should rely on your author's taste. But it's still very interesting case to think about. :)