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  1. Absolutely unbelievable in every single aspect! And barely it is possible to play without staring into visual aesthetics and wondering about mapping tricks.
  2. Julia Nechaevskaya

    International Doom 6.0.1 / Heretic 5.2 / Hexen 5.1 (updated: September 24, 2022)

    It's supported, just load it like a normal PWAD, i.e.: inter-hexen.exe -file HEXDD.WAD
  3. Julia Nechaevskaya

    International Doom Latest Version Virus Threat?

    Sadly, yes, there is a false positive on newly introduced console wrapper "inter-doom.com". This file is needed to provide console text output under certain conditions (aside from -devparm command line parameter is doing mostly same thing) and can be safely deleted if not needed. Project's co-author Leonid Murin tried to fix it in one of recent commit, but apparently it is happening again. Wrapper's code is here, and I honestly have no idea what can we do next to shut up such false positives.
  4. Julia Nechaevskaya

    International Doom 6.0.1 / Heretic 5.2 / Hexen 5.1 (updated: September 24, 2022)

    Small point release. Have to say, I was too focused on playtesting with strict vanilla mechanics and even haven't noticed that hitstan attacks were broken in non-strict mode. Oh well, now they are fine. International Doom 6.0.1 (released: September 24, 2022) Windows (32-bit): inter-doom-6.0.1-windows-x86.zip Windows (64-bit): inter-doom-6.0.1-windows-x64.zip Changes: Bug fixes Fixed broken hitscan attacks in non-strict gameplay mode (thanks willsmanic). Improvements Fixed false positive on Virustotal for inter-doom.com console wrapper (by Leonid Murin (Dasperal)). Improved brightmap of COMPUTE1 texture (thanks NightFright). Better synchronization code for animated textures and flats (thanks Jeff Doggett and Arsinikk). On Linux, binaries now again installed to "bin" directory. Directory "games" isn't recognized by all distros (by Leonid Murin (Dasperal)). Small improvements of texture alignment on Doom E2M4.
  5. Julia Nechaevskaya

    International Doom 6.0.1 / Heretic 5.2 / Hexen 5.1 (updated: September 24, 2022)

    @blackthorn, thanks! Sure, GL ES will be added to next version of Heretic and Hexen, nothing more than extra menu item is needed. I'm also planning to restore demo compatibility and optional vanilla mechanics as well for these games, but this will take a while. For now, H&H are working pretty well for casual single player, but demo compatibility and strict original mechanics are also a Thing, especially if user want them.
  6. Julia Nechaevskaya

    International Doom 6.0.1 / Heretic 5.2 / Hexen 5.1 (updated: September 24, 2022)

    Sixth anniversary of the project! This is a new major version, with lots of performance and stability improvements, with fully restored compatibility with vanilla demos (complevels 0-4) and 100% original game mechanics, available in one simple menu item. International Doom 6.0 (released: September 16, 2022) Windows (32-bit): inter-doom-6.0-windows-x86.zip Windows (64-bit): inter-doom-6.0-windows-x64.zip Demo compatibility restored Full compatibility with "vanilla" demos now restored. This includes complevel-standards, recorded under original DOS executables and famous demo-friendly source ports like Crispy Doom, PrBoom+ and DSDA Doom: 0 – Doom v1.2 1 – Doom v1.666 2 – Doom v1.9 3 – Ultimate Doom 4 – Final Doom Demos recorded under Inter-Doom are also playable in respective engines. Optional 100% vanilla game mechanics There are numerous small bug fixes which sometimes affect game mechanics more or less. Some of them are optional, but many are not, and previously was disabled only in -vanilla game mode. Having dozens of micro-switches for all possible fixes was a no-go, so I've added one simple menu item, available in the Gameplay section: «Game Mechanics: Strict vanilla mode». By setting it to «on», all fixes will be disabled for retaining 100% original game mechanics. No changes will be made to the values of "unsafe" gameplay options, they just be shaded to indicate their inactivity. In more simple words: if you prefer accurate gameplay, set this option to «on». If you prefer casual gameplay, then leave this option as «off». Note: while demo playing or recording, all fixes are always disabled for compatibility reasons. New screen renderer: OpenGL ES 2.0 Or blitter, or backend, or scaling api, or whatever you prefer, available in the Rendering menu. In practice, it is faster than usual Direct 3D and may give more FPS in both common usage and -timedemo benchmarking. To make sure is it better for your system, you can try to run -timedemo benchmark with both renderers and see which one is giving more average FPS. Example of benchmarking command: inter-doom.exe -timedemo demo1 However, it has a notable limitation on Windows OS – it's not very friendly with screen capturing software. Full change log (beware, it's huge!): Small afterword Exactly six years ago first version was released. Not very long time comparing to other projects, but quite a long time in terms of real life. A lot of things happened and changed, a lot of experience gained. This all is for good, because it have to be. I honestly don't know what else to say. :) I would like to sincerely thank my colleagues, Leonid Murin (Dasperal), Roman Fomin and Fabian Greffrath for being nearby. Thanks to Kraflab for creating DSDA Archive which I was using as home theater while restoring demo compatibility (BTW, may I have a VIP ticket?). And of course, thanks everyone who find this project useful!
  7. Julia Nechaevskaya

    Incompatible display to run linuxdoom

    Have a look, this can be helpful as well: http://sauparna.sdf.org/Doom/Compile_Doom ("XEPHYR: A 'NESTED' X SERVER, RENDERS 8 BPP" section).
  8. Julia Nechaevskaya

    Crispy Doom 5.12.0 (Update: Sep 01, 2022)

    I suspect this is how precise coord system works. Vanilla code "FTOM(MTOF(viewx >> FRACTOMAPBITS))" is preventing walls wobbling by drawing them with logics "one automap pixel is one screen size pixel" which is not really smooth, and also will bring back awful player arrow wobbling while movement. Have a look at Pr+ with 8-bit 640x400 screen resolution (most of interpolation code comes from it) - wobbling is absolutely same. Can it be fixed or improved somehow? Would be nice to know, honestly. We still limited by 640x400 pixels, which is taking it's price: there is simply no way to draw "more pixels" on same zooming level for providing more smooth re-drawing. Also, about "FTOM(MTOF(" have a look how it's drawing diagonal walls or walls in 45° rotate mode. It's really rough.
  9. Julia Nechaevskaya

    DOOM Retro v4.6.2 (updated September 1, 2022)

    Just set "infiniteheight" to "on" in console or config file. DR Wiki contains the rest of other console commands and variables.
  10. Julia Nechaevskaya

    This is Woof! 10.4.0 (Oct 26, 2022) [Updated WinMBF]

    @bofu, famous problem we have suffered across several ports, notably on toggling vertical sync. Are you on Windows 10/11? If so, it's still unclear what was happened: either it comes with one recent Windows updates more than half of year ago, or something went wrong in SDL library itself, or perhaps both cases are mixed somehow. We have fixed it for SDL 2.0.22 by very crazy condition condition. However, new SDL 2.24.0 is out and screen freezing seems to be gone even without that condition. We decided to wait a little bit before port's library update, since MSYS build system still using old 2.0.22 version. Anyways, could you please try to use to use official build of SDL 2.24.0 and see is screen freeze still happening?
  11. Julia Nechaevskaya

    What source ports fix the buggy blockmap?

    No problem! It seems to be vanilla-compatible code, since whole P_BlockThingsIterator function is completely vanilla. I've done various tests before and can conclude few things: Technically, this fix require some extra CPU power, because more BLOCKMAP blocks now will be checked every calculated tic. Not really much, and framerate drops probably will be notable only very low-end systems in extreme scenes or slaughter maps with lots of monsters/projectiles (i.e. actors which are using BLOCKMAP checking). Hit-scan weapons, notably SSG, now missing much less often. Enemy shots presumably less often as well. As a bad side, some enemies will become thicker. Not a big deal commonly, but on some places like in NUTS.WAD, player no longer can fit into this way for final running to exit switch, path will be blocked by Spider completely (screenshot). So yeah, everything have it's own price. :) It's a neat fix to have as an option, but it have own foreseen and unforeseen consequences.
  12. Julia Nechaevskaya

    What source ports fix the buggy blockmap?

    These two blocks of code may be handy, it's all really needed: https://github.com/JNechaevsky/inter-doom/blob/master/src/doom/p_maputl.c#L415-L522 But beware, this is a direct path to demo desyncs! For single player game (i.e. not demo playing, not demo recording, not network game) this is fine, though.
  13. Julia Nechaevskaya

    International Doom 6.0.1 / Heretic 5.2 / Hexen 5.1 (updated: September 24, 2022)

    I have updated InterDoom executables in released archives, download links are same. This fixed random crashes on savegame loading, restores proper support for values above 999 in status bar (notably on DBZDOOM2, thanks cubebert) and add better migration mechanism from previous versions of config files (thanks Dasperal). Sorry, it was my bad, release day was a very long day.
  14. Julia Nechaevskaya

    International Doom 6.0.1 / Heretic 5.2 / Hexen 5.1 (updated: September 24, 2022)

    Phew, it took one extra month in planned two months development cycle, but it is worth it. Doom now have optionally scrolling/flowing liquids on vanilla maps and improved brightmaps. Hexen now have various interpolations, small improvements and tons of texture offset corrections on vanilla maps. Heretic, well, it's fine too. Sorry, I'm not very responsive in incoming feedback sometimes, but this is not the end of the development. Small vacation could be nice, though. Kind greetings and personal thanks to Michael Day (@mikeday) for bits of Hexen interpolation code, Dasperal for keeping co-authoring, and everyone else for the interest! International Doom 5.3 (released: June 12, 2022): Windows: inter-doom-5.3-win32.zip Windows (x64): inter-doom-5.3-win64.zip Note: both versions reuploaded on June 13 with important critical fixes. Changelog: International Heretic 5.2 (released: June 12, 2022): Windows: inter-heretic-5.2-win32.zip Windows (x64): inter-heretic-5.2-win64.zip Changelog: International Hexen 5.1 (released: June 12, 2022): Windows: inter-hexen-5.1-win32.zip Windows (x64): inter-hexen-5.1-win64.zip Changelog:
  15. Julia Nechaevskaya

    International Doom 6.0.1 / Heretic 5.2 / Hexen 5.1 (updated: September 24, 2022)

    @MauryMyers, that's because all these three wads are using custom switches animation via SWITCHES/ANIMATED lumps. It's a mostly a Boom feature, and port doesn't support it.