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  1. Summer Deep

    New Arrivals - a first wad.

    Well, anyways, here's a full playthrough. Not sure where the 10% of missing kills are.
  2. Summer Deep

    New Arrivals - a first wad.

    Yes, it was quite fun to play this. Please note though that the player can get locked in after collecting the green armour. This only seemed to happen to me if I had previously entered the secret area at around 1:30 on this playthrough. Sorry for the jittery picture and temporarily blank screen near the start, courtesy of OBS screen recorder. EDIT: Er, no, you can shoot it open. Sorry about that....
  3. Summer Deep

    What are you playing now?

    Been playing the Japanese Community Project megawad. Early impressions were favourable: it seemed like a pretty polished, no-nonsense type wad with nice compact levels. The 'nonsense' kicked in with MAP10 however - towards the end, I was locked in a room and tried in vain for almost an hour to get out. It's obviously some sort of switch puzzle, but I really have no time for this sort of rubbish. Looked up the solution, but that's really just killed my interest in this stone dead. Briefly looked at MAP11, and that seems like utterly pretentious tripe as well. It's actually put me off playing any more megawads at all for the time being - I also gave up on the previous one I tried (Doom Core, by Valkiriforce), for reasons I can no longer remember.
  4. Summer Deep

    "Compound Fracture" A New 5-Map GZDoom Episode For Doom 2

    Good work. I've just played this (on UV difficulty) and enjoyed it. Final level was pretty easy, but it makes a change from the IOS maps in so many wads, where the mapper seems to want to put a mystifying new 'twist' on an already murderously tough concept, and just provides endless frustration and alienation for the gamer, who by then just wants to get the thing over and done with...
  5. Summer Deep

    Atomic Bath (First Map Release)

    Played it on UV and died once (couldn't resist shooting an oil barrel to take out that first imp, and took myself out in the process....). Got 98% kills, didn't have enough ammo to finish off the final Baron. The Berserk pack seemed to come along very late in the proceedings - could have done with it a bit earlier considering there are so many pink demons and Lost Souls in the map. Only found 2/10 secrets, that probably explains my ammo issues. An entertaining 10-15 minutes however.
  6. Summer Deep

    What are you playing now?

    LOL, I survived that last Oscillation map! The encounters in the final arena were tough, and I had to save a couple of times, but the hardest section by far is the opening one - my strategy was to try to get through as soon as possible to the 'basement' room where the blue door is, clear it out (tricky!), then advance from there....
  7. Summer Deep

    What are you playing now?

    Oscillation Playing initially in UV continuous on GLBoom+. A very tough and imaginative wad, perhaps a bit too imaginative occasionally and verging into gimmickry. I survived on UV until the middle of MAP07, where I was constantly defeated by the Archviles on the rising and falling platforms. Switched to HMP, which is no pushover, and finally completed the level. According to a review I read, MAP09 is impossible - oh well, we'll see.....
  8. It seems a bit back to front. It's when your health's low and you're in trouble that you really need to move fast.
  9. Summer Deep

    Water Spirit

    Really enjoyable, challenging maps. There are elements of slaughter gameplay here, but it's not of the all too familiar crass variety, and the environment is so atmospheric and imaginative. It's all very manageable, even on UV, if you make use of the 'occasional' save and use the layout to your advantage. The archvile extravaganza finales to the second and third levels initially seem completely over the top, but if I could get through them, then you probably can too. By the way, I killed 856 out of 857 monsters in the last map, but couldn't find number 857 anywhere... 9 out of 10.
  10. Summer Deep


    Not too bad really, and definitely worth a play. Thought at first that it was bugged or broken, but it turns out you have to locate one or two hidden areas in order to progress. Health is tight, ammo less so, but I found myself in the final room with 50 rockets and no means of firing them, as the launcher was obviously very well hidden. That made the Spider Mastermind fight a bit of a nailbiting affair. There's a really tough teleport ambush at one point, involving shotgun sergeants and barrels in a very small room. It's just about survivable, but still not sure how I managed it. The Doom 2 conversion of this wad has an Archvile in this room.... Played on UV, ZDoom.
  11. Summer Deep

    What are your other hobbies?

    Computing at the moment. I have 24 laptops, including 11 Thinkpads and 5 Dell Latitudes. Also a bit of an Ebay addict of late, and make almost daily bids in the auctions.
  12. Summer Deep

    what are your thoughts on Perdition's Gate?

    Played it a couple of years ago and really liked it. You can finish it in an evening or two. Last level was imaginative and fun.
  13. Summer Deep

    Running PWADs

    No-one's mentioned Rocket Launcher, which in my view is exceptionally good.
  14. Yes, not bad. I've played the first two maps, and it's certainly a pretty tough challenge in some parts on UV. By the way, it seemed possible to beat the Cyberdemon near the end of the second map simply by staying in the red door room and hosing him down with plasma from the foot of the stairs. He doesn't appear to be able to fire his rockets into the room because of the angles involved.
  15. Summer Deep

    My 2nd Map UPDATED 1.4 [looking for critique]

    Yes, that's a considerable improvement! The additional Barons, Revenants and Mancubus spice things up pretty well. Ammo and health is tighter, as it needed to be, with no option now for chainsawing and punching. Incidentally, the level as it now stands has TWO computer maps, which is presumably an oversight that can be easily rectified. Strangely, when starting this new version of the map, I found that all my ZDoom controls had been reset to the defaults. No idea what caused this - may in fact be unconnected to the map.
  16. Summer Deep

    Most recent movie you saw

    Sylvia Sylvia Plath, her tortured relationship with Ted Hughes, and her suicide in 1963. A lot better than you'd expect from a 21st Century film.
  17. Summer Deep

    My 2nd Map UPDATED 1.4 [looking for critique]

    Here's a recording of a playthrough. Picture quality seems a bit muddy, and the combination of OBS Screen Recorder and Windows 8.1 always appears to exaggerate my slightly jerky playing style, but hey.... Didn't find a rocket launcher or plasma rifle to go with the ammo - presumably at least one of those are in the secret I failed to find?
  18. Summer Deep

    My 2nd Map UPDATED 1.4 [looking for critique]

    Not bad, seems perfectly competent to me, reminiscent of the mid-nineties maybe. Took me around nine minutes to do on UV. The surprise chaingunners are probably your most effective device, and the congested corridor with the hell knights, demons, sergeants and imps soon after the start is tricky to negotiate. The secret soul sphere and berserk pack are too easy to find - having that much extra health available dilutes the challenge, I feel. Also you need more going on in the warehouse area with the crates - the lighting effects create a scary mood and a feeling that a few nasty surprises are in store, but very little materializes, except for the Baron, who isn't that hard to deal with. You definitely need a few imps hiding in those nooks in between the crates. Maybe that second green armour isn't necessary either... There's some decent action behind the blue door, but I'm not sure that a couple of HKs behind that door at the back are the right choice - they're very easy to handle with the SSG. A pair of revenants might have been more interesting. And do you really need the rad suit there, when there's only a couple of feet of slime between the player and the switch? As I said, pretty good fun, but probably some obvious room for improvement. Hope these observations are of some use. Oh, also I don't know very much about the mechanics of mapping, so maybe this point isn't relevant, but I originally tried the map in GLBoom+, and the first door wouldn't open.
  19. Summer Deep

    New Map I've completed "Shiver Hollow"

    @ Matias Thought you did pretty well in that playthrough, but needed to move around a bit more in the boss battle. His reactions aren't the sharpest, and you can almost circle strafe him. Here's a couple of my efforts at the final section - I played pretty poorly in the first attempt, and really deserved to die....I seem to be playing without the backpack here, which is strange, as I noticed in your playthrough that it's not in a secret area and is openly available. By the way, I loved the way you nipped off for a coffee before taking on the Cacos - I didn't notice any Starbucks branches in the map!
  20. Summer Deep

    Mapping regrets?

    ^ LOL, at least it's not as bad as that repetitive 'Groovy' voiceover from some mid-1990s maps.
  21. Summer Deep

    Things about Doom you just found out

    ^ My recollection is that the 'Boney Member' status came up when 206 posts were reached, that being the number of bones in the human body.
  22. Summer Deep

    Things that mappers do that annoy you.

    I doubt whether that view is as unpopular as you might suppose. Certainly the merest hint of things like linearity or symmetricality is likely to elicit tut-tutting from the majority of the mapping elite, whose voice is the prevailing one on this forum, but I suspect that a very high percentage of the gaming peasantry (of whom I would count myself one) are quite comfortable with such things. I too like to know what I'm supposed to be doing in an FPS game, and to get from A to B to C with the minimum of fuss. Your own recent release, Shiver Hollow, could probably be described as pretty 'linear', and is none the worse for that.
  23. Summer Deep

    Things that mappers do that annoy you.

    ^ Yes, though I suppose this site is one where the views of mappers predominate over those of straightforward gamers, so it's maybe not surprising that a measure of prickliness should be apparent. I do remember a very similar thread from a couple of years back, in which everyone seemed a whole lot more laid-back about these matters. Maybe the title was worded a little less provocatively...
  24. Summer Deep

    Things that mappers do that annoy you.

    So-called 'Action Starts', ie putting the player under attack right at the start of a level. I like to 'find my feet' by having a look around and assessing the terrain before any heavy stuff begins. If you're playing in PRBoom+ or GLBoom+ this also makes it difficult or impossible to save at the start, meaning that if you get killed, you will have to replay some or all of the previous level. No armour anywhere near the start of a level. Powerups left in front of switches, where I have no option but to pick them up even if they're not needed. People still do this when creating maps today, even though it has been recognized as a notoriously senseless and unnecessary feature for years and years. Why??? Stupid puzzles - you're locked in a room, and the mapper thinks it's an interesting idea to leave you scratching your head about how to get out. Similarly, levels which succeed in creating the mother of all anticlimaxes by deliberately making the route to the exit unclear, after you've killed all the monsters. Talk about snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Damaging F***ing Floors: "Yes, I want you to explore my map, but I don't really want you to explore my map, because I'm going to make it as unpleasant and rushed an experience as possible by putting in all this bloody lava, nukage or whatever". Wads which use ambushes, and particularly teleport ambushes, as the mainstay of their gameplay. Overuse of Archviles. Icon Of Sin in the final level of a Doom II megawad. The game deserves better, but one problem is that when a mapper decides to opt for an alternative, he or she often ends up trying too hard, and devises something even worse. Hello Valiant and Winter's Fury. Er, that's it for now. But an honourable mention here for Hellbound, a top class megawad which succeeds in avoiding the majority of these phenomena, and demonstrates that it can be done without making the gameplay boring or too easy.
  25. Summer Deep

    New Map I've completed "Shiver Hollow"

    Just played the map on UV difficulty. Took 38 minutes, died 3 times, twice to the spectral dark warriors (those are lethal if you don't spot them immediately and take them out) and once to the Hexen-style floating bishop things (underestimated them, you need to make sure you collect all the plasma cells in the area in which they spawn). The final boss wasn't too bad at all though, quite easy to take cover behind those wide pillars. I thought you could have made things a bit trickier for the player by allowing the monsters outside the first door into the entrance room at the start (seemed to be restrained by blocking lines). Then again, holding back the blue armour until one is well inside that hazardous wooded area redresses the balance considerably. All in all, this was a fun and challenging experience!