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  1. Indecom4000

    DopeFish: WadLoader for GameMaker Studio 2

    That's super cool! I love seeing stuff like that in GM. Honestly that could be very useful for a project that I've got in the works.
  2. A small number of you may remember some time ago there was a Doom wad loader for Game Maker, in progress on the zdoom forums. Well that was my project, and it had a lot of issues at the time. Issues that ended up requiring me to shift focus away from the project for some time. Well I've been one hecking busy guy over the last couple of years but now that my game is nearing completion I figured that I would take some of my free time and put it back into that wad loader, rebrand it, improve a lot of things about it, and get it working in GMS2. #BRANDING :P So here it is, DopeFish (formerly Deimos Engine), a 3D map loader, complete with a basic FPS controller and some rudimentary collisions that reads map geometry, textures, sprites and map logic straight from a wad file. I've already got a few action specials working, added support for DeePsea Tall Patches, switches that change texture when used, and a few other things. The main goal behind the project is to give GameMaker Studio 2 developers another tool to develop 3d games with. One that uses well established and easy to use map editors, one that just works when you load up the map. I plan to add support for all of the standard linedef types, and once that's complete I'll expand the support to include much of the hexen and zdoom action types, and probably even some of the boom compatible special lumps. Screenshots: Videos: Once this reaches a state of actual usability I plan to release it on various market places for users to implement into their projects. I'd love to know what you guys think of the project, if you have any questions or suggestions for things you'd like to see! This has been a labor of love of mine for a really long time, being a full time game developer I've not had the fortune of being able to put much work into this until lately. I hope you guys like what you see :)
  3. Indecom4000

    Any plans for Gzdoom PBR support for sprites?

    I feel that many of the people considering this are greatly over thinking everything to the point where nobody even bothers trying anything. Sure using a different billboard method might change the location of pixels in 3d space, but lighting accuracy at 100% is not always what's required to create compelling content.
  4. Indecom4000

    Any plans for Gzdoom PBR support for sprites?

    I'm not a regular developer of GZDoom, but I've recently got into modifying the source. One of the many things on my list of things to try and accomplish with it are allowing PBR/specular materials to work with sprites. I've figured out a way to hack this but only for player weapons. I'll be looking into getting this added sometime in the coming weeks. If you want to follow my progress with getting this working, along with many other new additions I have planned, check out this thread:
  5. Indecom4000

    WIP: Project Tremors

    Some more weapon and model tests:
  6. Indecom4000

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Making good progress with my custom build of GZDoom:
  7. Indecom4000

    WIP: Project Tremors

    I've just uploaded another video showcasing the lighting formulas in our custom build of GZDoom. Not only is it possible to toggle between classic and natural but you can also further modify the look of the lighting to suit your tastes using an attenuation coefficient to get the perfect look for your map: To give you a better look at what's been done, check out these before and after photos! Before: After:
  8. Indecom4000

    WIP: Project Tremors

    I'm planning to take a stab at adding some cool features, like volumetric lighting if I can figure out a decent way to do it :P
  9. Indecom4000

    WIP: Project Tremors

    Hey guys, uploaded a new video. Spent the last couple of days rewriting how GZDoom handles lights. Both at the shader level, and at the compile level. There's no longer a limit to how bright lights can be, and as you can tell in the video, the light falloff is quite smooth, much more appealing than standard linear attenuation which looks like total butt. Lights can be independently brighter than one another based on the RGB values you assign them in the map editor. RGB values over 255 are considered overbrights. This will allow you to define a super bright light by assigning RGB values of (25500,25500,25500) making it essentially 100 times brighter than previously possible.
  10. Indecom4000

    My first wad.

    Following rules is one thing but calling someone any kind of a whore is really uncalled for.
  11. Indecom4000

    Personal doom wads

    Working on removing the lighting glitches inherent in GZDoom when you use anything other than linear light distance falloff :P
  12. Indecom4000

    My first wad.

    Because toxic behavior reigns behind the veil of the computer screen. They would rather shut down a noob than offer any real help and watch them flourish, I'm afraid.
  13. Indecom4000

    WIP: Project Tremors

    Lol that's not an affect of the bloom, that's an effect of me testing a custom build of GZDoom that allows for insanely bright lights. Currently it's impossible to create lights that are what I would consider bright without making your own build of the engine. I'm also working on rewriting a different part of the lighting system to allow for more realistic spread of light. Still have some kinks to iron out as evident by these blacked out segments.
  14. Indecom4000

    WIP: Project Tremors

    Oh, that shotgun isn't going to be in the game. It was just a test for the technique I was developing. I plan to have purely fantasy and medieval weaponry :)
  15. Indecom4000

    My first wad.

    Post some screenshots! :)