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  1. Mr.Thunder_Tw

    Hi Iam a Newbie in this forum

    UltraViolet grow up!! Darkcom ZDOOMGL does not support MD2 models annymore, go check the past forums about it 4 more info, it's been mentionned a 10000000 times before
  2. Mr.Thunder_Tw

    ZDoomGL 0.74 is out...

    :D !!Verry verry nice done!! :D it looks better then 0.73 if you just play the ordinary levels of Doom 2. Though in level 3, if you go down to the 'catacombs' with the wet floor, you can see a bug, the guards behind (normaly) some bars are unable to be seen through the 'bars'. The texture representing the bars isn't in the correct place annymore. though you mentioned something about it, i was thinking it might be better to tell it :). I'm still available if you're looking 4 some betatesters :P
  3. Mr.Thunder_Tw

    Md2 files

    I Hope it won't take anny more years 2 wait on that
  4. Mr.Thunder_Tw

    Excitement about Zdoom version .74

    your fish isn't
  5. Mr.Thunder_Tw

    Excitement about Zdoom version .74

    wohoo! may god bless u Timmie :p i don't beleave in a 'God' but wth :p
  6. Mr.Thunder_Tw

    Heh, cool.

    as long as he's stil working on that update and ain't lazy with it, it's ok with me
  7. Mr.Thunder_Tw

    Heh, cool.

    And what about the update??
  8. Mr.Thunder_Tw

    Question about next ZdoomGL

    nice gooin Timmie I'm realy looking 4ward to it's release
  9. Mr.Thunder_Tw

    Beta Testers (warning: long-ass, cryptic posts ahead!)

    well, how r things gooin? did some bugs show up? how r the fixings gooin? is there still a lot to do? :) gl m8 ;)
  10. Mr.Thunder_Tw

    Forum deserves more attention

    ZDoomGL is just great, I realy hope that a new update is comming soon. I CAN'T WAIT!! that's a good sign Timmie ;)
  11. Mr.Thunder_Tw

    Recursive mirrors work!

    Excelent work!! :D
  12. Mr.Thunder_Tw


    I realy like the result! it's better than blinelair or trinelair filtering and a lot to blocky sprites without filtering. maybe if the zdoomgl could ad this in the loading proses, so that it sharpens the picture a bit(a lot). Timmie? can u do that? with an option to turn it on or make it resize the picture even more `£:o) And about the mirror thing, that grate on your link also fades out if u look to the end of it(not in the mirror), so i think it's the mimpap making the tranparent part of the grate this big there is no grate annymore but a fully tranparent render, this also with the grate in your mirror, the distance to the grate X2 could have a to far mipmap. or am i thinking of something else than mipmap? (it should be something downsizing the texture so it's faster loaded and drawed)
  13. Mr.Thunder_Tw

    Beta Testers (warning: long-ass, cryptic posts ahead!)

    is there a way to join the beta testers? i hate the waiting on the latest version and i am pritty interested in the project don't be shy to reject me greetz
  14. Mr.Thunder_Tw

    Jdoom -> Zdoom

    I don't realy like the 3D monsters, they r not as good as the sprites. BUT The Items r fine with me, the 3D items look better than the sprites. That's my optinion and as far as i read this and understood it, there wil be only 1 button to completly turn it off/on. :/ i'd prefer to c a button to turn on/off the 3D monsters and a different 1 to turn on/off the Items. Or a list where in u can choose what model needs to be 3D- and witch 1 to be sprite-animated.