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  1. Dark Linux

    old guard represent!

    I guess I was around a while ago but I wasn't very active.
  2. Dark Linux

    Pray To God difficulty?

    Yeah, that sounds right, since the person who's PC I was playing on (my grandfather's, heh) had gotten D!Zone and had been playing with it a lot, so I started messing around with it. Anyway, it wasn't fun or anything, in case anyone's wondering, at least not at the time, since I sucked at Doom back then (must've been around 7 or 8).
  3. Dark Linux

    Pray To God difficulty?

    I've actually seen the Pray To God, a long time ago. It may have been one specific wad, but I remember setting it from some kind of launcher. Anyway, it was pretty nuts, and my clearest memory of it was Arch-Viles (and BFGs) on Map 02 of Doom 2. Maybe it just inserted high-powered things in the levels?
  4. Dark Linux

    Evidence that Romero did E1M4 (?)

    From what I've heard, Tom Hall started E1M4, and after he left, Romero finished/modified it.
  5. Dark Linux

    Is your name in /idgames?

    For "Holy Avenger" -SargeBaldy Speedmapping Compilation #6 For "HolyAvenger" -SargeBaldy Speedmapping Compilation #9 If I'm not mistaken, I have the second lowest number of occurances of my name in /idgames so far...
  6. Dark Linux

    all your very first WADS

    My first wad, which contains my first 3 levels (although level 3 is only started because I deleted my work, but then found an older version that had been floating around.) is here. Although most of my other work is also unreleased and/or deleted...
  7. Dark Linux

    MooDDoom released

    p: ydlabegraS uoy etah I .noitanimoba na si daw tahT
  8. Dark Linux

    In-progress projects

    Hm, maybe we should squish some of these mods together, so there aren't so many? I don't know how true to the original ideas the mods would be, though. Or maybe look for a mod in progress before just starting one up. Just some ideas to keep the mod:mapper ratio at a more reasonable level.
  9. Dark Linux

    In-progress projects

    I'm working on a mod called DOOM: Tribulation, which you can read a little about at angelfire.com/games5/nova. I'm also doing map 13 for Technology Arena DM...I wonder if that's still alive...
  10. Dark Linux

    DeePsea's Decompile Behaviour Dealie

    Yeah, what I mean by "messed up" is that I accidentally saved over it when I was using it as a template for the other script. I don't think it would be too hard to just rewrite the script (it wasn't very long), but I was trying to avoid having to do that.
  11. Dark Linux

    DeePsea's Decompile Behaviour Dealie

    DeePsea can also extract the scripts easily, but I never bothered to put the script in SCRIPTxx because I figured I wouldn't need to.
  12. Dark Linux

    DeePsea's Decompile Behaviour Dealie

    Well...crap. Is there ANY way I can get my script out of there, or would I have to rewrite it?
  13. Dark Linux

    DeePsea's Decompile Behaviour Dealie

    Oh, okay. I'm still fairly new to scripting, so I didn't know that. Thanks for pointing that out. I used ACC to compile these scripts, and then saved it into the behaviour lump. Well, I guess mine was a failed up compiled behaviour, because the decompile thing always gives me an error message.
  14. I've been saving my scripts to the behaviour lump, when I save them to my wads, but I realized when I accidentally messed up the .acs while editing the script for my last speedmap, that I no longer HAVE the script, except in the wad. Problem is, I can't get the script out of the behaviour lump, but I need to edit it. I noticed that DeePsea has a decompile behaviour thingy, but it doesn't seem to work. Is there any way I can get my script back, so I can edit it again? (Oh yeah, I've also decided not to use the behaviour lump anymore. I'll just save it into SCRIPTxx)
  15. Dark Linux

    Yet another Doom mod in the works...

    Well, it's still really early in development, so, any screenshots would be rather pointless. But, like I said, I'll keep you posted IF anyone cares.