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  1. I now want to learn another language besides the two I speak fluently (English and Russian) and I'm interested in French and Spanish. French seems more interesting to me due to it's historical value (one third of English words are from French), but there seem to be more people on the Internet who speak Spanish and understanding them would be nice. Learning both languages at the same time would be very hard so I need to decide. Although I've already started learning French (I know the pronounciation and some grammar), but I may change my mind to Spanish.

  2. A question: is it possible to install the GOG Doom release on Linux (without resorting to Wine)? It says it only supports Windows.

    Steam doesn't even let you download the game if it's not compatible with your OS.

  3. Oh, sorry, that sounded quite rude. I really don't know why I said that. I think what I really meant was that playing with a controller, in my opinion, is much less efficient than with keyboard & mouse and what is not difficult for K & M player maybe quite difficult for for a console player and that's why they've removed certain difficult sections from the game.

    Edit: but I may be wrong, since I tried playing with a controller only once.

  4. 6 hours ago, xvertigox said:


    • Which difficulty do you play at?
    • If you find a map tough do you lower the difficulty or grind until you can beat it?
    • Do you ever play with -fast? If so do you do it consistently?
    • Do you save often?
    • Do you pistol start most, if not all, maps?
    • When I play the wad for the first time, I always pick I'm Too Young To Die, because I'm the kind of person who prefers relaxed and smooth gameplay to challenge. Plus, modern wads are usually really hard for me on higher difficulties, sometimes even on ITYTD.
    • Since I'm usually playing on ITYTD, there's no way to lower the difficulty beyong that, so I just keep trying until I beat it or ragequit.
    • Never tried it.
    • I don't manual save at all. I die, I (pistol) restart. It's usually more fun that way, unless the map is too hard and that may become annoying.
    • I pistol start only when I die on the map (which happens by default when you press 'use').

  5. I've been playing Doom for years, but only today I've discovered that this large column with vines on Refueling Base can actually be lowered and it'll reveal a chaingun in it (and some demons on higher difficulties). For some reason, it's not marked as a secret.


  6. I've just started making a map for one of the ongoing mega projects here and this question crossed my mind on which I couldn't make up my mind:

    Do you think excessive use of symmetry is a good/OK design choice, or do you think symmetry should be avoided as much as possible?


    Just need some opinions so that I could decide what amount of symmetry I should use in my map.


    A couple of years ago I watched an interview with John Romero where he said that "symmetry sucks", but, despite that, I've played a plenty of custom maps with a lot of symmetry in them and I liked them. Not sure what to think about it.

  7. The only thing I liked about the BFG edition is the inclusion of achievements. But every other change made the game worse, in my opinion. Mounted flashlight, doubled ammo pickups, removed/simplified entire sections from Resurection of Evil (most likely because they thought those parts would be too difficult for casual console players). On top of all that, The Lost Mission, while a decent map pack, features a lot of recycled content from the original game/Resurection of Evil and, because of that, it feels more like a fan-made map pack to me.

  8. From the main games my most memorable mapnames were 'House of Pain' and 'Mt. Erebus' from Doom (they sound ominous), 'The Spirit World' and 'The Living End' from Doom II (they sound bizarre).


    Speaking of unusual titles, I remember I once stumbled upon a map in one of the wads, titled 'Crucified Factory'; not joking.

  9. I play almost all video games without manual saves. The only exceptions are certain games, where if you don't save manually, you have to start the game all over again if you die.


    I always start playing video games on the lowest difficulty setting, and then, upon replaying, I gradually move on to the highest one. The only exceptions are games where the easiest difficulty setting is way too easy (like Postal 2's Liebermode difficulty).


    I always try to collect all the secrets and items on levels. In fact, I sometimes spend an hour or more checking the map for unfound secrets, after I've already cleared it.


    I always try to save ammo for good weapons as much as possible. In Doom, I very rarely use rocket launcher and plasma rifle (usually only on bosses, or when I run out of ammo for weaker weapons) and almost never use the BFG. Using shotgun/chaingun is enough most of the time.


    I like all Doom games I've played, but I'm not sure which one is my favourite.


    Thy Flesh Consumed is fine, it's challenging, I like that. But as I said in another topic, it has a bad map placement (the first maps are the hardest).


    I liked Doom 3 a lot, but it's so different from the classic games, that I think it should've had a different name.


    I haven't played Doom '16 yet.


    Doom 64 is great game which not only retained all the classic Doom features (unlike Doom 3), but also is scarier than the PC games. It should've been called Doom 3 instead. Even story-wise it's a sequel to Doom 2, not a remake.

  11. 3 hours ago, CzechMate29200 said:

    I love Doom 3, there I said it...

    And there's nothing wrong with that. It's not a bad game, just very different from the classic Doom.


    And no, not all Doom 2 music sucks shit. For me, the only bad tracks are map 02 and map 03 music. Maybe also map 04 music.