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  1. 2 hours ago, SonicWind said:

    I've been waiting quite a while for updates on what you've been doing with Heretic II. Thanks for coming back to this great, forgotten game. Hopefully, you can keep building on this.


    EDIT: I've given it a try, and the framerate in-game seems to be capped. Any way of fixing this, or is it something you have to work on?

    Its on my todo list.


    I got a basic code injection to load PNG textures instead of the low res M8/M32 textures, and I ran all of the textures through ESARGAN


  2. Hey


    Awhile back I started a thread entitled "recreating the Heretic 2 source code". I've been getting a lot of different requests on what happened, but I want to start over with something a bit more modest in scope.


    So here's what I have so far:


    I have a custom Heretic2 launcher that basically does the following:

    • Adds Contrast Adaptive Sharpening pass.
    • Adds widescreen, and fov/brightness support.
    • Adds music support.
    • Fixes numerous buffer over flow bugs.

    I also have a custom WndSnd.dll that does the following:

    • Adds OpenAL support.
    • EAX reverb.
    • Positional Audio. 

    I also have a custom game/client effects/player DLL that does the following:

    • Fixes numerous buffer over flow bugs.





    To use:


    Extract to your Heretic 1.06 directory. Must be a CLEAN install! To start the game, do NOT go through the menu(or you will crash). Instead type "map ssdocks" or load a save game.


    r_brightness controls the brightness with CaS on ONLY.

    r_fov controls the FOV.


    MUSIC: If you want music, you need to convert the cd audio music to wav files and structure the files/directory like this. https://imgur.com/a/aDReZ0F

  3. 7 hours ago, Shep said:

    Yes, sorry I should have been more clear. To manually implement your .dll the pk4 files have to be removed.

    Been tinkering for most of the afternoon, haven't solved it yet but I'm also bouncing around between a few doom3 items. ;)

    I've fixed the game pk4 issue: https://github.com/jmarshall23/IcedTech/commit/5b280734d3bd576736741bc1168a42436e2aaf85 it will be in the next binary release. Have you encountered any other issues?

  4. 1 hour ago, Shep said:


    When using run.bat, it will always pull the gamex86.dll from game03.pk4 and replace the 4mb gamex86.dll from dkbase with the 2mb file included in game03.pk4. Removing the .pak files will curb the behavior, but even after manually instituting the 4mb gamex68.dll I was unable to proceed.



    I am using the new binary release but will maybe have to try changing directories. Not giving up yet!

    Darklight warnings-fixed1-2.zip

    So have you tried deleting all of the gamexxx.pk4 in base?


    Thanks again for your support :). 

  5. 12 hours ago, Shep said:

    Darklight warnings-fixed1.zip

    I did a fresh installation and re-ran the *.bat's but was unable to proceed. Thank you for your assistance.

    Try deleting you game pk4 files in bsse, also make sure you extracted everything from the fixed package out properly. It looks like in dkbase is the wrong game dll or even missing it entirely.


    Try installing to a fresh directory, and make sure your using the new binary release.

  6. 12 hours ago, Shep said:

    Thank you for the reply. The usage case, essentially, is to use the most modern variety of doom3 (such as Dhewm3) and push it further. I'm not interested in things like sikkmod or other modifications that alter the "nature" of the game. I just don't enjoy oily textures, buggy hdr or extraordinary texture shimmering, etc.


    It's very encouraging to see a project like this one, working on megatextures implementation, as it fuels the imagination and may even represent a technological/graphical improvement much more measurable and less subjective than things like sikkmod.


    I also acknowledge that you appear to be working on these projects as a way to teach yourself, learn and create - not necessarily to satisfy my personal nerdy idtech4/doom 3 play-through desires, so I am grateful enough that the project even exists.


    About to test IcedTech in a moment as the sound conversions have just completed. Took about 30-40min? Not too bad I don't think. Xeon s771@4.2Ghz 8GB DDR2@1100


    EDIT: unfortunately, I cannot seem to launch successfully.  "Wrong game DLL API version"

    Darklight warnings.zip

    Thank you for your support :).


    That error was caused by me including a debug gamex86.dll in the release package and NOT a release package, so you didn't have the runtimes. I have fixed the release and the new binary package is up here:



  7. I committed to my Quake 4 PBR github, a fix for nospecular. In all idTech 4 games(Prey, Quake 4 and Doom 3), ticking "nospecular" in the editor, didn't do anything. Through some memory injection magic I fixed that. 


    Relevant code is here:


    With the two relevant source files:




    So if you drag and drop the files in code into the Quake 4 SDK and compile, nospecular option will work. 

  8. Hey,


    I added Contrast Adaptive Sharpening to Prey and Quake 4. I turn it on and off during gameplay in these videos so you can see what it does. Let me know your thoughts.


    If the Quake 4 video is too dark look at the Prey video since Roadhouse is more lit.





    I measured load times compared to Doom 3 vanilla and RBDoom3BFG. Basically the test is run the game with the command line arg +devmap game/mars_city2, and timer starts at the first black screen(timer starts at 0:09 seconds, and ends at 0:17). This is also a debug build so my load times will be even faster in a release build.


    Doom 3 Base ultra settings: Cold Boot to mars_city2 22 seconds.

    RB Doom 3 BFG: Cold Boot to mars_city2 14.5 seconds.

    IcedTech Doom 3 Vanilla: Cold Boot to mars_city2 8 seconds.


    This video also shows virtual texture mipmapping working.

  10. Hey,


    If I'm creating too many threads, please let me know mods. As some of you know I've moved away from clipmapping(ETQW megatexture streaming method) and moved over to virtual texturing. 


    Here's a full playthrough of Mars City1 using my virtual texturing code. After the initial cutscene, I change the vt debug type(the bit that's drawing the numbers of the pages), and you can see the game retranscoding all of the images, to add the new debug information to the pages. 



  11. So I'm switching over to virtual texturing instead of using clipmapping for MegaTextures, but I've uploaded the megatexture code only to my github. This code WILL NOT compile out of the box(remember I'm using vanilla with a bunch of BFG code integrated over), but this code will have an easier time compiling in the BFG edition out of the box. If anyone wants it, here it is.



  12. 3 hours ago, tempdecal.wad said:

    Looking good. How do you create large landscapes like these? mesh? heightmap?

    I added the ability to import heightmaps into the engine. 


    To create the megatexture, I created a tool called MegaGan.


    In a megaproject you define your megalayers and in each megalayer is a albedo texture and a grayscale mask, then you just type megagen [megaproject] [resolution] then you get your megatexture asset

    Then you run megalight on the map

    Then you run makemegatexture and you got a megatexture