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  1. Heretic2 launcher:  

    You wrote: (I got a basic code injection to load PNG textures instead of the low res M8/M32 textures.


    Yet, when I am running "Heretic2Portals" the game does not load any PNG textures by default that I am aware of using "Heretic2CAS_0.04".


    I am presently converting all the game map textures to "PNG x4" size and they looking pretty good so far.


    used to map for Heretic II ages ago and would love to try re-mapping some of the old maps I did using the "modified "q3map2 and q3radiant" to load and create maps for the new renderer for my own pleasure at home please if you can provide me a download link to it that would be great!!!


    Many thanks in advance for all you have done so far.


    My email address: pgagnon2009@live.com