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  1. Cyberkiller

    UAC IN HAPAL released

    If you want to play in english, you must run ENGLISH.BAT because you must load ingles.dat and the english languague for DDFLANG.LMP. In the launcher, you can play the two version or make UEH.BAT with your options. The level MAP03 crashes sometimes but this problem is caused by EDGE, I can´t fix this problem, only the EDGE team. I put a lot of scripts for that level and it can be the problem. Skunkboy, Your problems are caused by EDGE engine and the difficult is normal, you must play a lot for last the game. "Great game! </sarcasm>" ---> If you don´t like the game, don´t play and try to do it better.
  2. Cyberkiller

    UAC IN HAPAL released

    I released my mod UAC IN HAPAL. It has got more than 18 maps, new effects like stepsounds walking, a modified version of edge 1.27 with new features is included in the game. It is in english and spanish. You can download it from here: http://www.iespana.es/cyberkiller/applets/ueh.htm The file is "uehsetup.exe", it is an installation file.
  3. Cyberkiller

    Please help me! (DDF related problem)

    I don´t know where is the error. I use EDGE for my mod and I haven´t got problems with DDF or RTS Scripts. Delete the code of this monster and try to make it again. It can be done by the CHASE and SUPPORT_MEANDER commands in a bad configuration.
  4. Cyberkiller

    Please help me! (DDF related problem)

    Hi, the problem was: DDF_MainProcessChar: Read Buffer Size Exceeded, Size: 1024 Error Occured in Line 3825 of DDFTHING Error Occured in entry [WW2_BRITISH_LIZARD:5557] Line Contents: BRTL:C:4:NORMAL:CHASE you must go to this line in your THINGS.DDF file: BRTL:C:4:NORMAL:CHASE And add , after the CHASE option, like this: BRTL:C:4:NORMAL:CHASE, If this is the last frame of the state, add ; like: BRTL:C:4:NORMAL:CHASE; Remember that if you put, for example: BRTL:C:4:NORMAL:CHASE, #REMOVE; You CAN´T do it: BRTL:C:4:NORMAL:CHASE; #REMOVE; If you have more problems about DDFs or RTS scripts, post a reply again.
  5. Cyberkiller

    Only for EDGE users

    Hi, I am a Spanish doomer and I am finishing a mod for EDGE, UAC en Hapal and I saw that there aren´t any web page dedicated to this good Source Port because most of the people don´t like it. I want to make a portal for Edge in english and spanish but I don´t want to work for one or two persons. I want to be sure that the numbers of persons that will visit this web will be a minimum number. If you are doing a mod or tc for EDGE and want that I make this web with tutorials, utilities, forum, chat, news about mods, monthly awards to the best works (like http://www.wolfenstein3D.co.uk) and a version of EDGE 1.27 updated with some new things that I made, register to my data base of edge users and you will be notified when the web page will be done. If you want to register, go to this section of my web page: http://www.iespana.es/cyberkiller/Formulario_Ingles.htm Bye http://www.cyberkiller.es.vg
  6. Cyberkiller

    DDF Problem

    I don´t know then what is the problem. Try to remake the weapon or change the name of the sound. Be sure that you load the wadfile with -file: edge32.exe -file name.wad -ddf nameofthefolder
  7. Cyberkiller

    DDF Problem

    This error is caused because your sound isn´t in SOUNDS.DDF. In your DDF folder, you must put something like: [GARAND] LUMP_NAME="DSGARAND"; PRIORITY=64; In this example, your lump sound for GARAND in your wad file must be called DSGARAND. Then, EDGE won´t cause this error. You must modify documents in DDF folder, you musn´t modify the LUMPS directly from the EDGE.WAD. If you have any problem with EDGE I can help you. Send me an E-Mail or write in my web forum. My web is: http://www.iespana.es/cyberkiller
  8. Cyberkiller

    3D Editor!!!

    I found some weeks ago a program for to do it: Map2Wad Download it from here: http://www.downloadcounter.com/cgi-bin/download.pl?username=CyberkillerDoom&account=5
  9. Cyberkiller

    UAC Everywhere

    I made the video usin Windows Movie Maker 2.0 for Xp and it only can save it in WMV format. I watched this video with Windows Media Player 9 series and some people have problems with this format. I will convert WMV to an AVI Divx 5.0.3 in some days and I will notify it here.
  10. Cyberkiller

    UAC Everywhere

    You must click "SAVE AS..." or use FlashGet to download for example.
  11. Cyberkiller

    UAC Everywhere

    Hello, I don´t know why this doesn´t work from the news of Doomworld and why works from the news of my web. :( The video is here: http://tmaniak.altervista.org/video_doom_ueh.wmv
  12. Cyberkiller

    Help with EDGE stuffage.

    Hello, I am working in my mod Doom: UAC in Hapal for EDGE 1.27. Answers: 1) I have the same problem but it can´t be fixed with DDFs, it can be fixed using the EDGE 1.27 Source Code. 2) Yes, and example: [450] // EDGE Sliding door (CENTER), SR + MONSTERS TYPE=PUSH; ACTIVATORS=PLAYER,MONSTER; SLIDER.TYPE=CENTER; SLIDER.SFX_OPEN=DOROPN; SLIDER.SFX_CLOSE=DORCLS; Insert this code: SLIDER.SFX_OPEN=DOROPN; SLIDER.SFX_CLOSE=DORCLS; 3) No, EDGE doesn´t support MD2. For models use Doomsday, VaVoom or Doom Legacy. For more questions visit my web page and post in my forum: La página de Cyberkiller http://www.doom2.es.vg