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  1. RockHardGamer 45

    PSX DOOM: Fall Of Triton (OUT NOW)

    @RileyXY1 You recognized all the old maps in the level. The other three areas were actually made up. I kind of went for a 50:50 level were half the teleporters take you somewhere new, whilst the others take you back to the past. Thanks for the play though.
  2. RockHardGamer 45

    Playstation DOOM Reloaded - Gameplay + Screenshots

    @Firedust nah this is just an early map. They get longer and tougher as they go along. Including a lot less linear areas and more height variation. This level was created just after the development of Fall of Triton which was my first ever megawad/big project and the best way to describe it was what you said above. So that is why they are "somewhat similar". Over time, I have improved a lot more and focus a lot more on unilinear and unpredictable gameplay. Thanks for the advice though.
  3. RockHardGamer 45

    Playstation DOOM Trilogy - Announcement Trailer

    @DeXiaZ Here is a link to some screenshots and gameplay from some of my levels, Hope this shows it a bit better!
  4. The Announcement trailer didn't go down to well in showcasing our project. So I thought I would try to clear some things up as well as show some gameplay and screenshots from my maps. What is PDR (PlayStation DOOM Reloaded)? - PDR is a Trilogy of brand new games inspired by the Doom games on PS1. - There will be 99 BRAND NEW levels to play inspired by old classic maps (such as Twilight Descends, The Factory, Attack + Much more) - Each game will have 30 Levels + 3 secret maps. - PlayStation Textures, sprites, sounds, music and lighting sounds all return along with Dynamic lighting to show a whole new side to hell. - The Nightmare imp from Fall of Triton is back and improved, along with some more new content. - PlayStation Doom styled gameplay and design. Gameplay of Level 34 (The Tech Plant) from Fallen Earth (My part of the Project) Screenshots from my levels in PDR:
  5. RockHardGamer 45

    Playstation DOOM Trilogy - Announcement Trailer

    Yeah this trailer was a "wrong" choice for sure. Yikesdude made the trailer just purely for the announcement and nothing else, but there were definitely ways to improve it. But I can be the first to admit that FOT was Terrible! I actually hate fall of triton now as that was not PSX DOOM at all. it was an unbalanced, stupid set of maps that can be buried where they stand. A second more appropriate trailer is on order + a gameplay video of my "Fallen Earth" will be coming very soon.
  6. RockHardGamer 45

    Best NRFTL level?

    I really enjoyed both Map 5 and Map 6. But I find all maps to be really enjoyable and a nice challenge.
  7. RockHardGamer 45

    Playstation DOOM Trilogy - Announcement Trailer

    The project aim: A remake of the PlayStation Doom games, so 99 brand new levels to play based on the PS1 classics. Such as level 29 is heavily inspired by Twilight descends, but it is a brand new level has so there will be new areas and locations to explore. Each game will have 30 normal levels and 3 secret maps. All maps might be heavily inspired by PS1 maps but they are all new. We will be showing off gameplay and commentary soon showcasing and discussing a bit more about the project.
  8. RockHardGamer 45

    Playstation DOOM Trilogy - Announcement Trailer

    Wow I'm an idiot! Thanks for telling me
  9. Did you think I just left PSX Content? (; Hell has just broken loose.... Authors of the project: - RockHardGamer 45 - Yikesdude754 What is PlayStation DOOM Trilogy (PDT)? - PDT is not just one game, but a TRILOGY of new games based on the doom games on PS1. (The Ultimate Doom, Doom 2 and Final Doom) - Featuring 99 Brand New Levels! From reimagined classic locations like Twilight Descends, The Factory or Attack to brand new levels and locations to explore. - Revisit classic areas reborn! (Phobos, Deimos, Earth, Hell and more!) - Aubrey Hodges legendary, heart pounding soundtrack returns along with the creepy sounds and intense lighting. - Featuring Dynamic lighting showcasing a whole new look for PS1 Doom. - PDT will feature new content we will showcase later. Trailer More details coming soon! Enjoy!
  10. RockHardGamer 45

    PSX DOOM Fall of Triton (New Screenshots)

    Just some new screenshots of some old updated maps and brand new maps. Link to the original post (and download): PSX DOOM Fall of Triton Nightmare edition newest posts:
  11. RockHardGamer 45

    PSX DOOM Fall of Triton (Update and New Campaign WIP)

    Just some new visual changes to the original Fall of Triton maps. (Maps 01,02,04)
  12. RockHardGamer 45

    PSX DOOM Fall of Triton (Update and New Campaign WIP)

    Thanks for the advice I will look into solving these issues in the remake (:
  13. RockHardGamer 45

    PSX DOOM Fall of Triton (Update and New Campaign WIP)

    I have just fixed that(; All 11 new maps are now made just needing their final touches. I can then start working on the remaining Fall of Triton Maps.
  14. RockHardGamer 45

    PSX DOOM Fall of Triton (Update and New Campaign WIP)

    Yeah lol (: Just want to improve Fall of Triton as much as possible!
  15. A couple of months back I released the Fall of Triton megawad and I was overwhelmed from the feedback and positive reviews the wad received,So many people played the wad and gave back some very helpful feedback for the future of making maps. So I decided it is time to go in and try to improve the wad as much as possible. Changes in progress so far: - Wad Size reduced (The wad has been reduced in size significantly. Thanks to everybody who helped and pointed it out!) - New 11 Map Bonus Campaign (10 new maps and a secret level have been added to the wad. The episode will be on Earth, Screenshots below!) - Updated Maps (The old levels will be updated. This includes: New areas, secrets, size reduction and less flatness) - Darker Atmosphere (This includes darker areas and dynamic lighting as well!) - New Music (A new bonus music track has been updated for map Bonus 01, also now with some Final Doom music) - An old friend returns (; - Updated Psx Sprites (Also the bloody chain texture has been added!) - Nightmare Imp improved (Now with purple fireball sprites. They also infight with imps!) - HUD Fixed! (Now we have the updated HUD from Final Doom) - Final Doom SSG (Super Shotgun is now the Final Doom version) - Nightmare Cyberdemon will have some new sounds New PSX DOOM mini campaign: The new mini episode is called Back To Earth. The levels are going to be much shorter compared to FOT. They are still currently in development. I have made these levels with the feedback I got from FOT. I am going to continue to update the levels as much as possible to I think they are ready to be released. Fall of Triton - Nightmare Edition (Release date): Currently, the update is still in early development. I want to spend a lot of time working so I can improve the wad as much as possible! I will post more information and updates later. *UPDATE* Final Doom SSG now fixed! (Thanks Impboy4!) Original Release Download: Just want to say a huge THANK YOU to everybody who played and helped with this project! Screenshots