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  1. PSX DOOM: Fall Of Triton (OUT NOW)

  2. PSX DOOM: Fall Of Triton (OUT NOW)

    Thanks for the kind words and the feedback. But I must warn you, the later levels have a lot less ammo on the hardest difficulty so you need to be a lot more careful how you fight some areas because certain levels can be evil for first time players. I recommend monster infighting in some maps! Once again, thanks for the feedback (:
  3. PSX DOOM: Fall Of Triton (OUT NOW)

    After nearly 2 years of development! PSX DOOM Fall Of Triton is complete and available to play! Fall of Triton is a Doom 2 Megawad completely inspired by PSX DOOM. It has all of the psx doom features and a brief story. What does Fall Of Triton feature? - 40 Maps to play (30 normal levels 1-30, The two usual secrets maps 31,32 + 8 bonus maps hidden across the campaign, bonus 01-08) - PSX DOOM Montsers - PSX Sounds and Music - PSX DOOM lighting and Atmosphere - PSX DOOM HUD and Graphics - The Nightmare Imp - New Music from other horror games - Levels inspired by: Threshold of Pain, Limbo, Crater, Spawning Vats + So Much More - And a few extra surprises How do the Bonus levels work? Extra bonus maps are hidden throughout the main game. Except for the usual map 15 secret maps, there are an extra 4 hidden secret exits. If you manage to find one of the secret exits, you will play two bonus maps before going back to the next level in the campaign. (E.g. finding a secret exit on map 06 will lead you to bonus 03 then bonus 04 and after you beat them two levels, you go to map 07 back in the main campaign) . Difficulty settings I thought I better go over the difficulty settings: - I am a wimp/Hey not too rough:This difficulty has plenty of ammo and a lot easier fights. I only recommend playing this difficulty if your not great at doom. - Hurt me Plenty: Ammo starts of high but can get quite low in later levels if you play to recklessly. The final levels can get very tough if not careful. - Ultra violence: Ammo starts off very high, but gets critically low in the later levels, every shot counts. Also there are much harder fights involved. Only play this difficulty if you are good at conserving ammo or like the challenge. What inspired fall of triton? I am a huge fan of PSX DOOM. And after playing through my favorite Doom wad Threshold of pain (A huge inspiration for the wad!), I thought that there was just not enough PSX DOOM wads out there. So I decided to put into my own hands to design the megawad. I am deeply inspired by the original PSX DOOM and Final DOOM and many levels have similar design and features of some of the maps. What do I need to play Fall Of Triton? Just a new source port (preferably GZDOOM) and a copy of Doom 2. Fall Of Triton already has all of the PSX features converted to the wad so no TC is needed. DOWNLOAD LINK: https://www.mediafire.com/file/txz5w3au9mp5uro/FallOfTriton.rar My channel. (Going to play the whole wad!): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXF3COzL_fp7SMKswRFpdVQ I just want to say thanks for playing!
  4. PSX DOOM Fall Of Triton (Info Update)

    Hey, Thanks for playing and liking the map! As this is going to be map 16, the player will already have most of the weapons so that is why their are not many powerful weapons until the end of the map. With the Nightmare imps, this is a very early version of them and I have changed their look and fireball now. It is now visible. I tried to follow the psx height restrictions but in future maps I will definitely look into changing them around some more! Once again, thanks for playing the map!
  5. PSX DOOM Fall Of Triton (Info Update)

    I thought it would be fair to everyone to know what's happening with this megawad. And don't worry! The wad is still doing fine. I am trying my hardest to improve on each map with the advice that is given to me. Many levels have been created but there is still a lot to do! It is very hard to find time to create this wad however I am having fun creating it! Here is some information about the wad so far: - 32 brand new levels - PSX Doom Sounds and monsters - PSX Doom Music + a few bonuses - New Monster - Designs that stay true to the original PS1 games. - Levels inspired by PSX Doom and Final Doom! (Threshold of Pain, spawning vats, deimos labs, Hell gate, Crater and much more!) - Doom 64 style Hud The two current Demo's out: Map 09: The Gates Of Hell http://www.mediafire.com/file/qghms7me4w4cfdo/Fall+Of+Triton. Map 16: Pain http://www.mediafire.com/file/ybvyq3imq43oovu/Demo2Pain.wad If you only decide to play one of the maps, I highly recommend map 16: Pain as that is the strongest level. Demo 1 is outdated and has changed quite a lot during development. I want to say a big thank you too all of the below youtubers who have played my maps! -yikesdude754 - Zdenda1990 -Major Arlene - Piece of Pie Software They are ALL awesome youtubers and you should check them out! I just want to say thank you for everyone who plays my maps! RockHardGamer 45,
  6. PSX DOOM Custom Megawad Demo 2!!

    My fall of Triton Megawad has received a load of kind support and advice and I am extremely thankful for it! So I have decided to work on the next demo level Pain (Map 16). This level I took advice from everyone else to try and make it as fun and accurate as possible. Improvements from other maps: - Challenge is raised by a lot! - A lot less boxy style rooms - Not as Linear (Multiple paths to follow at most times) - Ammo is more tight - Better HUD - A few surprises! Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ybvyq3imq43oovu/Demo2Pain.wad (Doom 2 Map 16 Pain (Fall of triton) This level will replace Map 16. You don't need any Psx textures, sounds or music as the .wad file contains it all! Please use Gzdoom to play this (If you want the best affects!) A HUGE thank you to everyone who plays this! I would love some feedback to improve on future maps. RockHardGamer 45
  7. Psx Style Doom wads?

    Does anyone know of any Psx related Doom wads or mods? I have played these ones: Innocence X Innocence X2 Threshold of Pain Threshold of Pain2 Doom the Forgotten Chapter I am currently making a Psx Doom wad and I am a huge fan. I am also looking for cool inspirations for my level, I am trying to make the levels as close to the original game as possible.# Thanks for anyone who can help!
  8. Psx Style Doom wads?

    Does anyone know of any Psx related Doom wads or mods? I have played these ones: Innocence X Innocence X2 Threshold of Pain Threshold of Pain2 Doom the Forgotten Chapter I am currently making a Psx Doom wad and I am a huge fan. I am also looking for cool inspirations for my level, I am trying to make the levels as close to the original game as possible.# Thanks for anyone who can help!
  9. PSX Doom The Fall Of Triton Megawad

    I really should of Done better, Threshold of pain and Twilight Descends are some of my favourite maps. I will definitely look into them maps.
  10. PSX Doom The Fall Of Triton Megawad

    Thanks for the comments and feedback just a couple of points. This is my FIRST real project I have taken up, I have made little maps here and there but this is my first attempt at a big project. Also I tried to copy PS1 Doom too much with the simple rooms with basic decoration. In future I will not stick to square or rectangle rooms and I will decorate the room even more. I have been working on the next map and I think it looks better but it still does not reach the requirement. I needed all of this feedback so thank you because now I have something to work on. So hopefully in the upcoming weeks the design of the level will be better. As for ammunition and enemy balance I have improved that a bit on the next level but I am going to make it a lot more challenging in the upcoming levels.
  11. PSX Doom The Fall Of Triton Megawad

    The "Fall of Triton" Megawad is a psx themed wad. The wad is created for playstation 1 Doom fans that would like more wads just like the original. There are some out there but not as much as I hoped. So I took it as a challenge to replace all of the Doom 2 levels with psx themed maps. For most of the game you are in hell (From Map 09 to 30) That is because I think that hell themed maps have the best design and have a very creepy atmosphere to them. Yes there will be 8 Tech base themed levels as well. I am not going to use any new monsters or guns that are not familiar to the psx doom universe however later on I am going to add in Nightmare Spectres. Currently: The map has been worked on for a lot of time, I have been replacing all of the sounds and music from the pc and adding all of the ps1 sounds and music in. I have done this by using slade. I have currently just finished map 09 (The Gates Of Hell) and have released it as the first demo of the wad. Demo: http://www.mediafire.com/file/qghms7me4w4cfdo/Fall+Of+Triton. (All GZDOOM Players, you might need to change the name to fot.wad) Map 10 (The Forsaken Keep) is now complete! Map 11 (Burning Blood) is now complete! (I took your advice with this level, thanks everyone) If you don't want to play the demo but are interested in what the wad is going to turn out like, Watch some video's of the level: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SiiXmP9idhY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gb-l1wiX_Q Inspirations: I have had a lot of inspirations from other doom wads as well as the original ones from the ps1. Levels from PS1 Doom: Command Center: Love the Atmosphere, Good texture use. Spawning Vats: Again I love the look of the level Threshold Of Pain: My favourite Doom level! Wads: Innocence X: Brilliant Design Threshold Of Pain: My favourite wad! ( ironic I know) Threshold Of Pain2: Great Tech maps Thanks you for everyone who is read this post! I hope you are interested in it, It is going to take a lot of work but I think it will be worth it in the long run (:
  12. PSX DOOM Custom Level: The Gates Of Hell

    I am currently making a PSX style megawad. It is very early in the making but I have just released a video of the latest level (Map 09: The Gates Of Hell) This level will be the first demo for my megawad 'The Fall Of Triton'. Here are some videos of me playing the level. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SiiXmP9idhY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gb-l1wiX_Q What do you guys think? I will create a post talking more about the 'fall of triton' series later on and will post a demo link then. Thanks, RockHardGamer 45