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  1. Message to all cyber bullies

    To those that are having a great time with their sick twisted and cruel fun tormenting others.

    On the doom world forums I will say this shame on you big time.

    To those doing this justification bullshit tormenting other people on here.

    What somebody needs to do is drag your lunatic asses down the walk of shame.

    And teach you one hell of lesson you will never forget.

    Because if you are one of these so called cyber bullies then dont bother commenting

    because if you do then I will know that you cyber bullies are present and I will know who you really are.

    One more thing cyber bulling is not cool at all and you people damn well know it.

    If you insist on bullying people on the doom world forums with your sick twisted cruel fun then will tell you to get the hell out my sight.

    Have Nice day you damn cyber bullies.