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  1. To sum it up, "Do what you want cause a pirate is free, you are a pirate!" Bought it a few months later after having snapped.
  2. A fucking portable Bullet Bill cannon.
  3. I believe, back at Disney Quest in 2010, Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong.
  4. Already got it free from humble last month.
  5. HELL: INFINITY (I apologize if this name has been taken) In a nutshell: A goddamned Sonic based mod that serves as a prequel to part of an even stupider idea. It hurt so much to write this.
  6. Not to mention it would've introduced what could've been a great character.
  7. Get with the times man!
  8. No, because most single maps that replace MAP01 don't change the music.
  9. This may or may not work.
  10. I recognize the SatAM episode where your avatar came from.

  11. I honestly feel that something's off if the cursor is on HMP.
  12. I used to be a pirate before I joined here.
  13. I used to pronounce it like "Lin-goo-ick-uh", but now I pronounce it like "Lin-gwee-kuh". EDIT: The package also says "Silva", but I now pronunce Silva as "See-vuh", just because of SiIvagunner.
  14. The Sonic Retro forums gave me a pop up about this, and imgur. If it happens to YouTube, it's safe to say that, at the least, there will be death threats to Ajit Pai. At the most, **MOCKUP DON'T TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY** BOMBS FOUND AT FCC! AJIT PAI HOSPITALIZED! Sorry.