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  1. a Turrican FPS.
  2. Hello, everyone. I have switched to Pale Moon, after having been notified about when I emailed news about Quantum to the infamous Nathan Lineback of I have added a choice for Pale Moon in the poll. I recommend Pale Moon to fans of the an even older UI.
  3. I guess you will want to burn the entirety of
  4. Fuck it, I decided to go with Craptum just for the speed. I'll wait until someone makes an addon that brings back the old UI. EDIT: Also, the replacement for the old Private tabs add-on is a piece of shit. Instead of making a regular tab private and having both private and regular tabs, it instead closes the tab chosen to be private and opens it in a new window.
  5. Oh, that? I use Classic Shell.
  6. What the fuck is this? So I accidentally closed Firefox. When I reopened it, it was installing some updates. Then it opened. TO THIS PIECE OF SHIT! WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED HERE?! WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO TO MY FIREFOX?! Would you prefer that piece of shit or the old, better UI?
  7. Doom wouldn't be different because it wouldn't exist. id would be known for making Wolfenstein and it's sequels, and I'm probably exaggerating here, but all future FPS would consist of low ceiling rooms with all the walls at 90 degree angles.
  8. The SNES version would be better if it had circle-strafing.
  9. Before you ask, no, I don't regret this.
  10. Chris61.
  11. Not exactly a weapons, but pretty much all the sounds in Chris61.wad will annoy a few.
  12. Once you've seen something like Modern Bubsy(don't look it up), you can never go back. What are somethings on the internet that scare you?
  13. The name S'awesome is the kind of shit that would belong on r/Fellowkids.
  14. Is there any soundbar that can fit my monitor? My monitor is a Samsung S24D300.