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  1. Map, please?
  2. Reminds me of this I made.
  3. You buy only one part, the other is scattered around 1-3 I think.
  4. Sorry for the bump, but this. Jesus. Side Effects include: -Shitty OCs Also, DOOMGUY!
  5. AEUHHH?
  6. Damn, where did you get those?
  7. To whoever started this challenge,
  8. If you're a long-time or new fan of old games like Doom, Wolf3D, and Quake, Then you will ABSOLUTLEY FUCKING LOATHE STRAFE! I don't even have the game, and its already shit.
  9. It's the Nutshack. It's the Nutshack. TITO, DICK DICKMAN BABY!
  10. Ok, I actually wasn't thinking properly. By shat on, I mean scrapped with even better ones in their place.
  11. I actually want to play it, but its................. A WHOPPING $70!
  12. There are probably people out there that want the old SSG, I actually didn't mean just that, but also some of the new weapons need to be shat on.
  13. I honestly used mediafire because it was more familiar to me, and I already hosted something there. I'm going to use the 2 GB dropbox from now on. Also, this was primarily for the Old SSG.
  14. Honestly, I couldn't use dropbox. Because the Free Trial requires a credit card.