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  1. No, because most single maps that replace MAP01 don't change the music.
  2. This may or may not work.
  3. I recognize the SatAM episode where your avatar came from.

  4. I honestly feel that something's off if the cursor is on HMP.
  5. I used to be a pirate before I joined here.
  6. I used to pronounce it like "Lin-goo-ick-uh", but now I pronounce it like "Lin-gwee-kuh". EDIT: The package also says "Silva", but I now pronunce Silva as "See-vuh", just because of SiIvagunner.
  7. The Sonic Retro forums gave me a pop up about this, and imgur. If it happens to YouTube, it's safe to say that, at the least, there will be death threats to Ajit Pai. At the most, **MOCKUP DON'T TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY** BOMBS FOUND AT FCC! AJIT PAI HOSPITALIZED! Sorry.
  8. Please. All of us. Save the internet.

    1. dmg_64
    2. Albertoni


      ^ They know how to promote themselves. Their marketing team is fantastic, I keep seeing things like them promoting sexual education, condom distribution, etc.

  9. Companies like Comcast are gonna have us pay fees or else websites will be blocked by our ISP's. There's only a few days left. There are sites everywhere asking you to writes letters to Congress and the FCC to save the internet. Here's one. Please. Save the internet. EDIT:This topic will possibly be locked due to it possibly involving politics.
  10. Looks like it's based on Castlevania 3.
  11. This piece of shit:
  12. I once saw some idiot on the Strafe banned commercial comment "FUCK YOU STRAFE YOU'RE FUCKING MINDS ARE TWISTED NO WONDER THIS WAS BANNED FUCKING SICKO'S. Really You Should Not Be Able To Make This Game. Fucking Mental Basterds´╗┐" To which someone replied "FUCK YOU NAME MISSPELLED GAMING MISSPELLED YOUR FUCKING SENSITIVITY IS TOO STRONG NO WONDER I'M MOCKING YOUR RETARDED COMMENT MISSPELLED SICKOS. Really You Should Not Be Able To Capitalize Every Single Word. Fucking Triggered Misspelled Bastards."
  13. Every new piece of info about this game ruins my visions of it more. If you want the lyrics I thought up, here they are. Blue streak, speeds by, Sonic the hedgehog. Too fast for the naked eye, Sonic the hedgehog! Blue streak, speeds by, Sonic the hedgehog. Too fast for the naked eye, Sonic the hedge-Hog! Sonic, he can really move! Sonic, he's got an attitude! Sonic, HE'S THE FASTEST THING ALIVE! "Instrumental" Look out when he storms through don't doubt what he can do! Nobody's faster than Sonic the hedgehog! Look out when he storms through DON'T doubt what he can do! Sonic the hedgehog he is the fastest thing ALI-IVE!
  14. In the "Play Doom" section, please remove the part where it says you can get the IWADs on torrent, because I'm afraid it might encourage pirates or cause others to become pirates.
  15. I actually kinda liked Mark's name, although I used Jack because Sgt Nate V doesn't have the same ring to it.