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The Nate

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  1. Leaving this place. May never return.

  2. The Nate

    Something About The Doom Movie...

    Just make sure to not throw in any of the novels' shit at all
  3. The Nate

    Post Your Controversial Opinions About Doom

    Memento Mori is ass
  4. The Nate

    Has any WAD explored heaven?

    Mandrill Ass Project does
  5. The Nate


    Guncaster. Enough said.
  6. The Nate

    Has Doom Become More Popular Because Of The Doom Slayer?

    I say it kinda, er, "ruined" the perception of Doom by creating new fans that refuse to believe Doom had horror elements from the start and that it was always about being the ultimate badass and not about surviving and becoming the ultimate badass as a bonus
  7. The Nate

    bad doom engine games

    It's too damn easy to softlock in Strife
  8. The Nate

    Doom Movies

    The novels make them look like Citizen Kane and Casablanca
  9. The Nate

    Bobby Prince or Mick Gordon

    Aubrey Hodges
  10. The Nate

    Problems playing The DOOM Tribute project

    I do remember there being an error message about nodes on map load, if that's anything
  11. Something that restores the more grim style 2016 had
  12. The Nate

    Doom Eternal Confession Session

    I technically don't have the proper hardware to run it, being that my CPU is a lowly FX-4350, which technically isn't even enough for 2016
  13. The Nate

    OG Doom Marauder Enemy

    Do you mean some sort of crazy DeHackEd creation in Vanilla?
  14. I'm just hoping the E3 version of Gladiator gets released at some point since that's the only reason I was interested in the official release anyways.
  15. The Nate

    How will DOOM 6 work?

    I say that
  16. The Nate

    Post Your Controversial Opinions About Doom

    Y'know, Carmack said that about Doom 3.
  17. The Nate

    DOOM: Last Sin

    I'm sorry, my attention shifted the moment you dissed 64's soundtrack.
  18. The Nate

    Is Doom 3 good?

    Yes, unless it's BFG Edition.
  19. The Nate

    My opinion on Brutal Doom

    I used to be one of Mark's lousy fanboys. Now, I regret having my old usernames (Sgt Jack V, Sgt Nate V). BD is one of the biggest turds I have ever seen. It's bland, has poor design choices, and is badly coded (in the way that it looks fine on the surface but is a fucking mess if you look at it in SLADE). And yet, I used to think it was the best thing ever. Thank God for mods like Guncaster.
  20. The Nate

    Resurrecting the missing Doom64 monsters. (KEEN)

    How about GORF?
  21. The Nate

    Any windows (operating system) themed textures for DOOM?

  22. The Nate

    Post Your Controversial Opinions About Doom

    Aubrey Hodges is better than Mick Gordon
  23. The Nate

    Why Was Doom 4 Called Doom?

    Because they already used that one.
  24. The Nate

    Mentions of unreleased Doom betas on a betaarchive topic

    I wonder if one of them is the build seen in "A Visit to id Software"...