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  1. Marisa Kirisame

    What Does id Software Think Of The Unreal/Unreal Tournament Series?

    This thread has become positively puntastic, I like that.
  2. Marisa Kirisame

    What Does id Software Think Of The Unreal/Unreal Tournament Series?

    If there really was a feud between them, then why does this picture of John Carmack and Tim Sweeney posing together exist? Look at 'em, like twins separated at birth...
  3. Marisa Kirisame

    GZDoom: am_showthingsprites only for discovered items?

    It was really only a quick and dirty test to showcase the use of that feature, but I guess now I'm obligated to turn it into a full mod.
  4. Marisa Kirisame

    Cacowards 2021 Mentionation Thread

    Can definitely vouch for this one, it's made quite an impact.
  5. Marisa Kirisame

    DoomWiki Month in Review (Issue #32)

    Yeah, finally got to cover more of my mods. Wish I didn't have to be the one to do it, though.
  6. Marisa Kirisame

    what if the doom source code never was released

    I feel like if that had been the case, I'd still be modding Unreal Tournament to this day, and I'd be even deeper into clinical depression than I already am, because jesus rollerblading christ is that engine bad. The existence of GZDoom and its more robust modding capabilities are what pulled me away from the vile clutches of Tim Sweeney. Seriously, source ports are a BIG deal here. I don't think Doom would have gotten to where it is without them. The community would surely wither away as other games with more options for content creation come out.
  7. I actually don't play Touhou, I just absorb the fandom.
  8. Doom has made me drop the entire Unreal franchise, the whole Dark Souls series, every Bethesda RPG I had even the slightest interest in, and many other games I used to play regularly. I've also been severely neglecting my massive Steam backlog because I spend more time playing and modding Doom than doing anything else.
  9. Marisa Kirisame

    Why are so many indie games retro-styled?

    The same could be said of the people who insist on replicating cheap CRT visuals or shoddy VHS quality.
  10. Marisa Kirisame

    Why are so many indie games retro-styled?

    Firstly, I want to mention that I think the graphics of Dusk look terrible and are even more low-detail than Quake 1 of all things, but the game is still good and fun, so I don't mind that. Anyway, I'm personally one to enjoy that sort of style as long as it's done in a believable manner (and you don't make things look bad on purpose). Take for example the modelling and texturing work I've done for my latest mod. All is built under the same constraints Unreal Engine 1.x had (even going as far as to use the same model format), and it manages to not look out of place even though it's all 3D models shoved into a sprite-based game (though, admittedly, the stylized look probably helps too). And here's the thing: I'm not a professional artist, I'm just a programmer. I had zero experience with 3d models and texture painting before I got into this, and learned as I went. There are many things I don't know how to do nor have the time and resources to learn, and I would understand the same applies to many of these developers. You work with what you have and what you know. "Retro style" works because it's simple enough that it doesn't take a monumental amount of effort and experience to build assets in, you could just do programmer art and it'd still be fine. And since we've got decades of history to learn from, their fundaments of gameplay and level design are there to draw from too. Old games serve as a very helpful reference for us aspiring developers. We stand on the shoulders of giants, as they say.
  11. Marisa Kirisame

    Can updating the engine be taken too far?

    Funny enough us gameplay modders have the same sentiments and frustrations about map compatibility. Especially those of us who are OBSESSIVE about trying to make everything work and feel somewhat balanced. There will always be a map out there that will break everything, people will always want to try to play your mod in a map where it most definitely won't work. Or worse, they'll complain that it doesn't work with a certain other mod. Though despite all this, I'm still grateful that I can keep making mods and bring all my wacky ideas to life, no matter how crazy or "not-doom" they may feel.
  12. Marisa Kirisame

    Can updating the engine be taken too far?

    ZScript isn't necessarily interpreted, however. By default it compiles to native code through asmjit (and it sure is a blessing for some of us who write really stupidly complicated code).
  13. Marisa Kirisame

    Doom Monster Nicknames

    The baron is a door with health. The hell knight is a door with less health. Or alternatively, a discount baron.
  14. Marisa Kirisame

    Doom Monster Nicknames

    Imps are Hell Twinks. Don't ask.
  15. Marisa Kirisame

    Let's discuss the term boomer shooters....

    I'm personally tired of the "30 year old boomer" meme. It was never good, and don't get me started on the whole "boomer juice" thing. I can't even have a single energy drink without dropping onto the floor from tachycardia.
  16. Marisa Kirisame

    Let's discuss the term boomer shooters....

    I don't want to sound bitter but I feel like I just glazed over a bunch of the games in Realms Deep. I don't know if it was the way they were presented, or that they simply didn't stand out that much. Those that did, however, definitely had something fresh and unique that made them appealing. Now, if only we could have some gosh darned games that draw from Unreal instead of the same old id tech / build franchises...
  17. Marisa Kirisame

    Let's discuss the term boomer shooters....

    True, a lot of them are more Quake-like, or they're Dukebloods. 🤔
  18. Marisa Kirisame

    Let's discuss the term boomer shooters....

    Ah, like Metroidvania? Soulsborne?
  19. Marisa Kirisame

    Let's discuss the term boomer shooters....

    Just call them Doom clones. If we're going back to that era, might as well use the same terminology.
  20. Marisa Kirisame

    Gush about anything related to Pinball!

    Most of my knowledge of pinball is limited to CptSledge's tuesday streams. What I like the most is that LOUD ASS SLAPPING noise when you get an extra game.
  21. Marisa Kirisame

    MOD/S3M/XM/IT Tracker Music Compilation Pack

    Well, there's Xaser, who has definitely made some VERY impressive tunes.
  22. Marisa Kirisame

    F.E.A.R is a very overrated video game trilogy

    I mean, Unreal hasn't even been mentioned a single time in this thread. :P
  23. Marisa Kirisame

    Something about Vanilla Doom you still don't quite get?

    'O' of Destruction / Circle of Death
  24. Marisa Kirisame

    BTSX Arranged: What do you want to hear?

    A cover of Scattered Ashes with more intense trumpets, please.