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  1. ... and then two years later Unreal came out.
  2. Marisa the Magician

    Does anyone make Joke Wads anymore?

    It's surprising how many people don't know I made it, despite the fact it's directly in my youtube channel.
  3. Any mod that alters player behaviour should have safety checks for voodoo dolls, it's not too hard to implement.
  4. Thanks for the GZDoom compat. I am an absolute scrub who can't live without the way GZDoom handles mouse input.
  5. Marisa the Magician

    Do you prefer vanilla wads or TC mods?

    I've played vanilla long enough for it to become exhausting, TCs are always a welcome sight.
  6. Marisa the Magician

    Peak GZDoom

    I think mods that use (and abuse) just about every scripting feature under the sun can also be something worth looking at. Take Lithium, for example. The work that goes on that mod is honestly astonishing. Recently, it implemented a dynamic weather system, of all things.
  7. Marisa the Magician

    Action Doom: Rampage Edition

    Well, well... Now this is a special surprise.
  8. Marisa the Magician

    Fake software look in recent games

    The real problem is that people are going around slapping these palette reduction filters on their games without any care for the quality loss, or not even giving it any dithering (come on, dithering is important). At least, if you drew stuff using colors that more closely match the palette, they wouldn't look all grungy and riddled with banding.
  9. Marisa the Magician

    How do you make a map hard without large groups of enemies?

    The simplest way to increase difficulty with lower enemy counts is to have less space to fill.
  10. Marisa the Magician

    Do you have any mapping gimmick trademark?

    I will put at least one picture of Tim Allen somewhere in it.
  11. Very very interested in this game, certainly. Especially with all shiny new features it'll bring to GZDoom.
  12. Marisa the Magician

    What is your opinion on weapon wheels in video games?

    I'm one of those weird people who prefer to cycle through weapons using the mouse wheel alone, and number keys very rarely. To me, weapon wheels feel awkward, especially with the whole aspect of how you select weapons by "steering" the cursor towards them. Oftentimes, getting the selection juuuuuust right is a problem (especially when I'm tense), and I end up picking the wrong weapon. With the mouse wheel (and combined with having some way to preview what the "pending" weapon is, such as the number being highlighted in the hud, or a name tag showing up), things are much easier.
  13. Marisa the Magician

    a wad that you have created that you despise

    Well, I have my fair share of regrets surrounding abort_m and all the attention it's garnered compared to other projects, but if there's something I've made that I would despise, that'd probably be my first and last jokewad: Total Madness. Look, I was an impressionable teenager back then, with very questionable influences. Stuff like that happens, but good god, simply thinking back to it fills me with a mixture of embarrassment and self-loathing.
  14. Marisa the Magician

    Worst color conbination

    Thanks, doc.