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  1. Marisa the Magician

    Is the Doom franchise "cursed"?

    Applies to Unreal as well. Those involved in anything related to the recreation of alpha/beta concepts (or stuff like the canned PSX port) happen to be "cursed" as well. If I had a dime for every time the Unreal PSX remake guy had some life-threatening event happen to him, I'd have enough to start my own bakery. It seems that with Doomreal I saved myself because I also kept it as just a gameplay mod and decided against tackling all the other parts.
  2. Marisa the Magician

    Hardest doom map/wad ever?

    Ah, the Doom equivalent of a dick-measuring contest...
  3. Marisa the Magician

    Raytracing in GZDoom possible?

    Funny, I've actually been wondering why games don't do that more often. Physically accurate sound propagation would be pretty good, no more hearing stuff on the other side of several walls as if it was right next to you.
  4. Marisa the Magician

    [WIP] Sacrilege - Heretic "Remix" Project

    My oh my... owo
  5. Marisa the Magician

    What's something about Doom that you absolutely hate?

    I was going to say the RNG damage with its ludicrous ranges, but there's something that bothers me even more than that: The delay between pressing the fire button and weapons actually firing. It's perhaps the most discomforting aspect of vanilla gunplay I know about. Especially after finally KNOWING it's there. Until I went and looked at the code I had no idea why it all felt so wrong.
  6. Marisa the Magician

    [WIP] Sacrilege - Heretic "Remix" Project

    Xaser bless.
  7. Marisa the Magician

    John Wheel memorial [now at /idgames]

    Damn... I'm really sorry. I knew him too, even though we hadn't interacted a lot in recent years. It's heartbreaking to get these news now. He will be missed.
  8. Marisa the Magician

    How much of a DOOM purist are you?

    I would give myself a -1 because not only am I not a purist at all, but I actively avoid vanilla gameplay as much as possible. I can't NOT play with some kind of gameplay mod, vanilla is simply off-putting to me.
  9. Marisa the Magician

    thoughts on hyperdetailed doom wads?

    Detailing needs to be the last priority when making maps, the "cherry on top". It can be good, when done right and not excessively. A busy room will always be harder to navigate than one that's more sparsely decorated, after all. It's like adding spices to food. No spices, and the flavor will be flat, too many spices and the flavor will be overwhelming. You need to find that sweet spot.
  10. ... and then two years later Unreal came out.
  11. Marisa the Magician

    Does anyone make Joke Wads anymore?

    It's surprising how many people don't know I made it, despite the fact it's directly in my youtube channel.
  12. Any mod that alters player behaviour should have safety checks for voodoo dolls, it's not too hard to implement.
  13. Thanks for the GZDoom compat. I am an absolute scrub who can't live without the way GZDoom handles mouse input.
  14. Marisa the Magician

    Do you prefer vanilla wads or TC mods?

    I've played vanilla long enough for it to become exhausting, TCs are always a welcome sight.
  15. Marisa the Magician

    Peak GZDoom

    I think mods that use (and abuse) just about every scripting feature under the sun can also be something worth looking at. Take Lithium, for example. The work that goes on that mod is honestly astonishing. Recently, it implemented a dynamic weather system, of all things.