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  1. MarisaKirisame


    I've been told he mentioned me in this stream. I was most likely in bed at the time. What did he say?
  2. MarisaKirisame

    Why I hate the term "mapper".

    Well at least the term "mapper" hasn't been devalued by other communities like "modder" has. Where it could either mean "someone who installs/runs mods" or "someone who cheats at videogames" (especially online ones), rather than "mod maker", which they use as a separate thing instead.
  3. MarisaKirisame

    What is your best map?

    For now I'd have to say the Soundless Mound demo. I have yet to make anything that really beats it.
  4. MarisaKirisame

    A birthday gift from Quake mappers to Doom: Speedmap #189!

    Hmmm... is that some Wrcka1x I see there? Who snuck in an Unreal texture?
  5. MarisaKirisame

    Who is your favorite character from any 90's FPS game?

    I don't see any mention of Prisoner 849. One of the few examples of a female FPS protagonist in the 90's.
  6. MarisaKirisame

    Doom Streams

    So... I'm streaming Revenant Bus, but there's a twist to it... https://www.twitch.tv/magusmarisa
  7. MarisaKirisame

    Has PBR for Doom been a disappointment so far?

    If you want to see sprites with normals, speculars, etc. lit by dynlights you could just look at amid evil's first person weapon sprites.
  8. MarisaKirisame

    Rule 666: If it exists, someone made it in Doom

    I plan on porting (or at least loosely imitating) Doom inside GZDoom's ZScript.
  9. MarisaKirisame


    I really hope he does enjoy my map. I put a lot of effort into it even though I wasn't doing very well health-wise at the time.
  10. MarisaKirisame


    Hm, if they are final then I hope Joel hasn't updated his gzdoom, because the build of my map I submitted originally no longer works since 3.3.
  11. MarisaKirisame

    E1M1 performed by Tim Allen.

    Good ol' 32x, in all its flatulence.
  12. MarisaKirisame

    E1M1 performed by Tim Allen.

    Gee boy, about time I made an account here. I'm the person responsible for the whole Tim Allen in Doom madness, so if you want to blame someone for brain damage / laughing fits / time wasted, here I am. I'm sure you'll ask "why", but... I don't actually remember why I did it, honestly. It just happened and I went with it. I don't even have an obsession with Tim Allen or anything.