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  1. doopnoop

    More than 2 maps in one WAD

    Oh my freaking god I was supposed to select "End normal" instead of end game
  2. doopnoop

    More than 2 maps in one WAD

    Uh apparently I packaged all the wads correctly but when I finish a stage it completes the whole game! am I doing something wrong the end game thing?
  3. doopnoop

    More than 2 maps in one WAD

    I made 4 maps and I want to put them in a single WAD I finish the second level and it just gives the credits thing where it shows the credits thing where it shows all the monsters and when you press e then die,how do I fix this. Using GZdoom builder
  4. End the level when a monster is killed in gzdoom builder?
  5. The realistic Nazi's are the grey ones on the secret Wolfenstein map when you use Brutal doom/project brutality
  6. How do I make the flying sky box jets that appear in the second episode? How do I make the realistic Nazi's? I am using gzdoom builder
  7. doopnoop

    Flying jets in skybox?

    I made a city map and I want o use the jets that appear in the skybox in the hell on earth starter pack do I need to just copy something from a script or do something really hard to do?
  8. doopnoop

    How do you get that rare status bar face?

    "Rarely" It happens in like 20 seconds for me in my map,maybe because i'm again getting shot every 1.5 seconds.
  9. So I made some type of arena map that was just spam of Imps and zombies and I keep getting that weird face and I think it is caused by me getting hit like half a million times,what actually triggers it?
  10. How do I copy and paste a texture?