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  1. yeh exept thats two peoples jobs so whyle someone does a good job on the gamplay , the othere can make more skins .... ( catch my drift) i bet the hardest jobs in the id team is coding ( carmak) and level making, models can be maid in half the time a mapper needs to make a map and seeing as it will be a long game....
  2. [noob]plonker

    Real Time Enviroment Altering

    enny way who cares redfaction suxed and doom is gonna pwn and it doesnt have that option
  3. [noob]plonker

    annnother d00m 3 vid

    for thows that din't play the alfa this will be more intersting than for the ones that did cus there are some seens ( menny seenes actualy)from the alfa , still good thaught LINK REMOVED BY DECREE its 20 mb just clic on the discette
  4. [noob]plonker

    The NV35 Doom3 Advantage

    yeh i whant one to, thing that sux is that there aint enny black market for hardware :S witch sux cus you can get that ericson phone for like 30 $ on the black market and loads of other stolen goods you could easely get one of them 40 % off but i have yet to find sutch a dealer ..... :(
  5. [noob]plonker

    The NV35 Doom3 Advantage

    hmmmm cus the fx 5200 isnt to mutch of a hole in my poket @ 102 euros i find that a good price .....
  6. [noob]plonker

    The NV35 Doom3 Advantage

    so what i'm better of looking to buy a nvidia geeforce fx than a ati radon to run doom ]|[ ?
  7. [noob]plonker

    Half-Life 2 vs. Doom 3

    i'v got a better one : harrypoter 2 vs lotr2 :| lol similer fight
  8. [noob]plonker

    The card that will make Doom 3 take it in the ass

    acording to my source its only a 9700 pro with difernt drivers
  9. [noob]plonker

    Tenebrae and doom 3

    why ? you guys dont play quake ? yeh but me has O/Ced mine
  10. [noob]plonker

    Texture pack wishlist...

    i'm not an artist omfg you got to find that link agen i've been trying to find some for a week now
  11. [noob]plonker

    Texture pack wishlist...

    hmmm what i'd realy like right now texture wise is the rest of the quake 1 textures redone in high poly like the onse you can get on the Tenebrae site ( exept they were lazy and only did the first level)
  12. [noob]plonker

    Tenebrae and doom 3

    yeh its got direct 8.1 features and that dont mean it wont run it good :S + direct x is for direct 3d redering mode not OpenGL so it dont change a thing ( just that the direct x9 cards have more pixelshaders and stuff witch helps)
  13. [noob]plonker

    Tenebrae and doom 3

    ..|.. i know this aint got nuthing to do with doom but do you guys still play quake world ? i use Telejano on it ( makes it look cool but not as good as Tenebrae thaught ) and do enny of you know were i can get some retextured stuff cus the link on the Tenebrae site for high poly textures ruls but its only for the first level :( fo i get the the 2nd one and i dont want to play enny more :(
  14. [noob]plonker

    Tenebrae and doom 3

    8) mank thats uber l337 ( soz 4 m3 fr3nc# :P ) man thats cool cus i thaught i'd have to update my pc ( i never go under 19 fps in Tenebrae but that stupid alfa goes 1 fps lots) omfg thats cool so with my 17 month old pc i'll pwn ( p4 1.8 512 sdr ,slow dr i know lol , gf 4 mx 440 128mb ) :D :D :D :D :D :D this pwnz :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  15. [noob]plonker

    Tenebrae and doom 3

    if my sistem runs Tenebrae resonabely you guys think it will run the final vertion of doom 3 as smooth ?