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  1. I did like the bit at 6:38 where he's punching a Demon while saying there's hardly any ammo, even though he can use the Shotgun he has ammo for instead :p Also him mentioning Doom 64 at the end in regards to atmosphere makes me wonder what he would think about PSX Doom.
  2. Plutonia 2's music in general is really good, but I think my favs are the tracks for MAP02 and 32: Songs out of other soundtracks include: Doom 1 - Sign of Evil, I Sawed the Demons, The Demons from Adrian's Pen, Sinister, Deep into the Code Doom 2 - The Healer Stalks, Countdown to Death, Intermission, Waiting for Romero to Play TNT: Evilution - Soldier of Chaos, Cold Subtleness & Sadistic (fits perfectly with MAP01 since it starts with a Berserk pack :P) Rise of the Triad - Havana Smooth, Run Like Smeg, Oww!, CCCool, Wendt - Doug Wendt (unused track, so it sorta counts?) Duke Nukem 3D - Stalker, Taking the Death Toll, The City Streets, Taking Names, Warehaus
  3. I can end up not playing Doom for quite a long time, but then I decide to play it again and end up playing it endlessly for around 2 or 3 weeks, and after that I end up going back to other things. Then the cycle repeats. Same here!
  4. Depends on what I'm playing, really. Usually I try to complete levels in Doom 1 and 2 without saving at all, whereas I tend to save a lot more when playing Final Doom (Plutonia mainly) and PWADs with similar difficulty (or ones I haven't played before), so in this case I usually save after grabbing a key or surviving a tedious encounter.