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  1. They're currently being setup to be user friendly. So stay tuned. Also, if you don't like Steam, you can take the files out and most likely set them up with the GOG version, or run them by themselves.
  2. They're going to release the other betas of SW soon. In fact, I think they may have already.
  3. I'm not sure if the GOG version has the two beta versions with it now or not. That's really the appeal to the Steam version at the moment. Even if you own the game, if you're interested in the betas just install the steam one, and take the beta folders and then remove the SW game from Steam.
  4. *Didn't see a post about this yet* There's a free download of Shadow Warrior (1997) on Steam, it's not the REDUX version, it's the standard DOS game. It is free, and now comes with 2 beta builds of the game! One of the beta's has been online since 1997, as it was leaked by a tech support employee who wanted to play with his friends, and it made its way beyond just the friend. It has now been legitimized, as many did not know of its existence or presence on the web. You can find out more about this beta here: The other is an alpha build from 1996. If you have ever taken a look at the DN3D "GOODIES" folder found on the disc, it showed screenshots from this build. It is very unfinished for the most part, but has some interesting levels, art, etc. that you may find interesting or even useful for modding. Even better, there's 6 other alpha/beta prototypes that may soon see release in this format as well. One of them cannot be ran due to some error with the EXE, but they may just include the folder for people to explore it. I'm not sure when these other 6 will be released, but seeing that they did this with 2 of them, I could see them doing it with the rest. Duke Nukem 3d has several, several, prototype builds, and negotiations to release them are apparently being made. I think there are so many prototypes of DN3D in the archive, that it may take a really long time to ever see these, and also Gearbox has to agree to it (and so far things are looking up).
  5. LOL, well, 9/10 there is never anyone to chase, but if there were, I would probably jump in my car or chase after them on foot. The golf cart is unreliable!
  6. Hello, I'm new to this forum (but not new to the Doom community). I've played Doom since I can remember, and it has never and will never get old. I make sprites and stuff and have made some maps, but none have been released. My username is pronounced like "Sarge" and I am a security guard at a scrap metal yard. That is as fun as it sounds, as in not so fun. I sit in a tower for 12 hours, 3 days a week, and have to occasionally drive a golf cart that hardly works... It hardly works I think because they overcharge the battery and I think there may be issues with the battery in general, plus it cuts off constantly when driving in muddy areas. It's annoying, but I enjoy the job for the most part because I can work on projects and whatnot while in the guard tower. I plan on finding a different job, probably in security, but hopefully with a better schedule and better pay.