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  1. Tzarge

    Beyond the Grave Wolf4SDL TC RELEASED

    I think there is a way, but it requires code editing, and from what I remember hearing, disabling the Y axis can affect the sensitivity of the mouse input in Wolfenstein 3D to the point of it being very unresponsive and terrible. I’m not sure if that’s true or not, though. I know the it works fine in ECWolf, but I think it uses the ZDoom mouse input configuration, and AFAIK it’s not possible on Wolf4SDL, but I’ll look further into it.
  2. Tzarge

    Beyond the Grave Wolf4SDL TC RELEASED

    Actually, if you run it with the command: @GRAVE --windowed-mouse it should enable the mouse while in windowed mode. (This works on plain Wolf4SDL as well) Windowed mode works but it cant be set at other resolutions currently for this game.
  3. Tzarge

    Beyond the Grave Wolf4SDL TC RELEASED

    Okay, that explains it. Yeah the game glitches out pretty bad in windowed mode sometimes. We are working on fixing that and adding more support for other resolutions. The keyboard controls can be configured that way, the only buttons that can’t be changed are the A and D key strafe buttons, but using Alt+ arrow key works still.
  4. Tzarge

    Beyond the Grave Wolf4SDL TC RELEASED

    Are you wanting keyboard controls? Like arrow key movement, enter key uses item, space opens doors, etc? try editing the controls again, and see if it happens once more. If so, some are having to run the game in compatibility modes, but we will look into this problem.
  5. Tzarge

    Beyond the Grave Wolf4SDL TC RELEASED

    Ettingrinder, we are working on a more put together credits listing. We had been working on this since 2012 and it was the first mod collaboration that we did together and several resources were used and modified that it was hard to keep up with so many people working on the project together. We will update the credits listing in the text file in a future update, and we will be more efficient in that regard in future projects. However, gerolf plans to do 100% original artwork in future projects with this crew. What exactly happens? I’ve never had this happen before. Do you mean the “use” key or the use item key?
  6. Tzarge

    Beyond the Grave Wolf4SDL TC RELEASED

    It is a modified EXE of Wolf4SDL, and cannot be ran with the plain Wolf4SDL source port because the source code has been manipulated. I’ve updated the post with the Moddb page. it is a stand alone game. The file, in its entirety, is required to run the game. No additional files are supported or necessary to run the game, and no other files or programs are supported to run the game. It is purely stand alone, and the EXE is what is used to run the program, like any other video game. That’s how modding on Wolf4SDL works, it’s not like ECWolf or ZDoom where it runs off the PK3 or WAD files. It instead runs off the Wolfenstein 3D source directly, and the source has been modified, as have the base files, to become a TC. This is how DOS Wolfenstein 3D was modded too. I hope that that clears up any confusion.
  7. Tzarge

    Beyond the Grave Wolf4SDL TC RELEASED

    I'm uncertain of what you mean. It is a ZIP file from mediafire, containing the game files, the executable to run the game, a text file, and a folder that contains the audio files of the game (which is mandatory for the way the sound system works, and that is what is the large chunk of the file size most likely, and it cannot be deleted once downloaded, as that is the way the sound and music is stored to run in the game). It uses the Wolf4SDL source port for Wolfenstein 3D, and it has been heavily modified, with features not common in Wolfenstein 3d. I've included the TXT file in the OP.
  8. Tzarge

    Beyond the Grave Wolf4SDL TC RELEASED

    It’s for Wolf4SDL, a Wolfenstein 3D source port. It’s stand-alone and requires no other programs to run. We will have a moddb page up soon with more details. I hope you all will enjoy it.
  9. After many years and many struggles, Beyond the Grave Version 1.00 is finally complete. Beyond the Grave is a Wolfenstein 3D/Doom based total conversion set in the late 19th century. You play as Sartana, a highly decorated ex-Union soldier and a feared Bounty Hunter, who was left for dead but returned as something otherworldly. Sartana will stop at nothing to get his revenge and discover his true purpose. Some of the game's features include: - High Res Graphics - High Quality Sound & Music - 20 highly detailed levels with map sizes ranging from 64x64 - 128x128 - 10 different weapons with primary and secondary attacks (that work like in Blood) - Inventory Items - A diverse range of enemies with improved AI Screenshots: A ThunderEnema production. Credits list in the menu. Just unzip and run the exe. Read the “Read This” section for game manual, which includes controls, story, etc. The game uses WASD and mouse but you can configure the controls to the keyboard only setup as well as manipulate the mouse speed and button layouts. Download here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ynn8ked3go8l577/BTG_V1.00.zip Or on Moddb: http://www.moddb.com/mods/beyond-the-grave facebook page: https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=132215274189585&ref=content_filter TEXT file included in the game: THIS IS A STAND ALONE GAME. The entire file downloaded is required in its entirety to run the game. There is no further files necessary to run it and there are no other supported files or programs for it. The EXE is a modified Wolf4SDL EXE.
  10. They're currently being setup to be user friendly. So stay tuned. Also, if you don't like Steam, you can take the files out and most likely set them up with the GOG version, or run them by themselves.
  11. They're going to release the other betas of SW soon. In fact, I think they may have already.
  12. I'm not sure if the GOG version has the two beta versions with it now or not. That's really the appeal to the Steam version at the moment. Even if you own the game, if you're interested in the betas just install the steam one, and take the beta folders and then remove the SW game from Steam.
  13. *Didn't see a post about this yet* There's a free download of Shadow Warrior (1997) on Steam, it's not the REDUX version, it's the standard DOS game. It is free, and now comes with 2 beta builds of the game! One of the beta's has been online since 1997, as it was leaked by a tech support employee who wanted to play with his friends, and it made its way beyond just the friend. It has now been legitimized, as many did not know of its existence or presence on the web. You can find out more about this beta here: http://hendricks266.duke4.net/swbeta.php The other is an alpha build from 1996. If you have ever taken a look at the DN3D "GOODIES" folder found on the disc, it showed screenshots from this build. It is very unfinished for the most part, but has some interesting levels, art, etc. that you may find interesting or even useful for modding. Even better, there's 6 other alpha/beta prototypes that may soon see release in this format as well. One of them cannot be ran due to some error with the EXE, but they may just include the folder for people to explore it. I'm not sure when these other 6 will be released, but seeing that they did this with 2 of them, I could see them doing it with the rest. Duke Nukem 3d has several, several, prototype builds, and negotiations to release them are apparently being made. I think there are so many prototypes of DN3D in the archive, that it may take a really long time to ever see these, and also Gearbox has to agree to it (and so far things are looking up).
  14. Tzarge

    Share a random fact about yourself

    LOL, well, 9/10 there is never anyone to chase, but if there were, I would probably jump in my car or chase after them on foot. The golf cart is unreliable!