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  1. I think there is a way, but it requires code editing, and from what I remember hearing, disabling the Y axis can affect the sensitivity of the mouse input in Wolfenstein 3D to the point of it being very unresponsive and terrible. I’m not sure if that’s true or not, though. I know the it works fine in ECWolf, but I think it uses the ZDoom mouse input configuration, and AFAIK it’s not possible on Wolf4SDL, but I’ll look further into it.

  2. Okay, that explains it. Yeah the game glitches out pretty bad in windowed mode sometimes. We are working on fixing that and adding more support for other resolutions. The keyboard controls can be configured that way, the only buttons that can’t be changed are the A and D key strafe buttons, but using Alt+ arrow key works still. 

  3. Ettingrinder, we are working on a more put together credits listing. We had been working on this since 2012 and it was the first mod collaboration that we did together and several resources were used and modified that it was hard to keep up with so many people working on the project together. We will update the credits listing in the text file in a future update, and we will be more efficient in that regard in future projects. However, gerolf plans to do 100% original artwork in future projects with this crew. 


    6 minutes ago, Spectra said:

    Probably this is just me, but I get a crash if I go to the Customize Controls menu.

    What exactly happens? I’ve never had this happen before. Do you mean the “use” key or the use item key? 

  4. It is a modified EXE of Wolf4SDL, and cannot be ran with the plain Wolf4SDL source port because the source code has been manipulated. I’ve updated the post with the Moddb page.


    it is a stand alone game. The file, in its entirety, is required to run the game. No additional files are supported or necessary to run the game, and no other files or programs are supported to run the game. It is purely stand alone, and the EXE is what is used to run the program, like any other video game. That’s how modding on Wolf4SDL works, it’s not like ECWolf or ZDoom where it runs off the PK3 or WAD files. It instead runs off the Wolfenstein 3D source directly, and the source has been modified, as have the base files, to become a TC. This is how DOS Wolfenstein 3D was modded too. 


    I hope that that clears up any confusion. 

  5. I'm uncertain of what you mean. It is a ZIP file from mediafire, containing the game files, the executable to run the game, a text file, and a folder that contains the audio files of the game (which is mandatory for the way the sound system works, and that is what is the large chunk of the file size most likely, and it cannot be deleted once downloaded, as that is the way the sound and music is stored to run in the game). It uses the Wolf4SDL source port for Wolfenstein 3D, and it has been heavily modified, with features not common in Wolfenstein 3d. 


    I've included the TXT file in the OP. 

  6. After many years and many struggles, Beyond the Grave Version 1.00 is finally complete. Beyond the Grave is a Wolfenstein 3D/Doom based total conversion set in the late 19th century. You play as Sartana, a highly decorated ex-Union soldier and a feared Bounty Hunter, who was left for dead but returned as something otherworldly. Sartana will stop at nothing to get his revenge and discover his true purpose. 

    Some of the game's features include: 

    - High Res Graphics 

    - High Quality Sound & Music 

    - 20 highly detailed levels with map sizes ranging from 64x64 - 128x128 

    - 10 different weapons with primary and secondary attacks (that work like in Blood)

    - Inventory Items 

    - A diverse range of enemies with improved AI 





    A ThunderEnema production.

    Credits list in the menu. Just unzip and run the exe. Read the “Read This” section for game manual, which includes controls, story, etc. The game uses WASD and mouse but you can configure the controls to the keyboard only setup as well as manipulate the mouse speed and button layouts. 

    Download here:



    Or on Moddb:



    facebook page:


    TEXT file included in the game:





    Welcome to Beyond the Grave! Beyond the Grave is my first mod/TC. I hope your playing experience is enjoyable!


    I tried to make this game as glitch-free as possible, but nothing is perfect. Here are some known issues with the game:

    QUICKSAVING/QUICKLOADING:Using quicksave and quickload (F8/F9) causes a lot of problems (eg: inventory items are not saved correctly). Use F2 and F3 to save/load.

    SOUND ISSUES: Occasionally, the game is known to crash when a sound plays right at the same time a MIDI track loops.     

    DISPLAY ISSUES: For some reason, minimizing the game causes the numbers on the HUD dissapear. Try to avoid minimizing the game.

    OTHER ISSUES: Occasionally, the attack frames get messed up when restarting a level after dying. Reloading the level or the game seems to fix the issue.

    If there are any other problems, please let me know about them so that I can address them in future versions of this game. 


    When you start the game, you are prompted to choose between 4 difficulties. The harder the difficulty, the stronger and more numerous the enemies. You will also notice that the amount of wards (discussed in the items section) you start with differs on each difficulty level.

    WHERE'S MY GRAVE?: This difficulty is only recommended for sissies and people with no FPS/PC gaming experience. Note: there is no enemy spawning on this difficulty, which eliminates a lot of the surprise/horror elements in the game.

    MAYBE JUST A SIP: This is a slightly better place for the inexperienced to start than the previous (mainly because we won't make fun of you AS MUCH for playing on this difficulty). Enemy spawning is left intact and certain enemies are stronger.

    RAVENOUS: This is the recommended difficulty setting. It provides a decent challenge even for experienced players.

    EVEN DEATH WILL BLEED: If you are a veteran player, someone who likes a good challenge, a masochist, or someone with suicidal tendencies, then this is a difficulty fit for you. Note: you begin with no wards.       

    ARROWS     Move/Turn
    W&S        Move Forward/Backpedal
    A&D       Strafe Left/Right                                            
    ALT       Strafe
    SHIFT       Run
    SPACE       Use door/switch/pushwall
    CTRL       Shoot/Attack
    X       Alternate Fire/Attack
    R       Reload
    T       Use Item
    F          Kick
    C          Cast Infernal Power

    1       Fists/Machete
    2       Single Action Revolvers
    3       Double Action Revolvers
    4          High Capacity Revolvers
    5       Shotguns
    6       Repeating Rifles
    7       Heavy Rifle
    9&0        Select Item
    I       Use Indurating Amulet
    BSpace       Use Healing Serum

    Tab       Show items and current ratios
    U       Toggle Crosshair
    M       Show Level Map
    P       Capture screenshot
    F1       Help
    F2       Save game
    F3       Load game
    F4       Sound menu
    F5       Full Screen On/Off
    F6       Controls menu
    F7       End Game


    Button 1      Fire/Attack
    Button 2      Alternate Attack
    Button 3      Infernal Power
    Mousewheel    Select Item

    NOTE ABOUT CONTROLS: If you want classic Wolfenstein 3D controls, change 'W' and 'S' in the controls menu to up and down arrows.


    In a time and place where chaos, violence, and crime were rampant, two brothers, Sartana and Pike, were renowned and feared. Born as twins in 1840, they had become the most sought after hired guns in the west by the time they were 20. Eventually, their reputation had earned the attention of civil war officers and between 1861 and 1865, they fought for the Union. Together, they racked up quite the body count and both earned medals of honor for valor and devotion by the end of the war.

    After the war, the two brothers made their living as bounty hunters. As the two further developed their reputation, Sartana noticed Pike slowly turning into someone he did not recognize. Pike became cruel and ruthless. He didn't just simply kill the men who had bounties on their heads; he would capture them, bind them, and torture them over long periods of time. Eventually, Pike changed his name to Devil Eyes; it was fitting given the fact that Pike enjoyed gazing deeply into the eyes of his victims as the life slowly left their bodies. 

    Some years later, news about people being kidnapped in the dead of the night for unknown reasons spread like wildfire. The kidnappings were committed by a mysterious cult, led by a trio called The Unholy Trinity (Jilaiya: The Witch, Droge: The Warlock, and Zagan: The Antipope). Bounties were put in place for various cult members. The rewards were high, so high that Pike became greedy. He no longer wanted to split the rewards, which caused a rift between the two brothers. One night, while Sartana was sleeping, Pike went out on his own in search of the cult.Sartana awoke in shock, knowing that his brother had abandoned him. He was alone. 

    After a couple more years of lone bounty hunting, Sartana yearned for the quiet life and made way for North Carolina where much of his family lived at the time. During his trek, an enigmatic hooded lady, seeming to appear from thin air, approached him, claiming to have news of his brother's whereabouts. Sartana was convinced that the woman was lying until she tossed him Pike's prized Colt 45. He knew it was Pike's peacemaker because his initials were chiseled on the side of the gun. 

    Sartana asked the lady about Pike's location. She unraveled an ancient-looking map and pointed to an island, uncharted on any conventional map at the time, near the Bermuda Triangle. She called the place Isla de la Sombra (Island of the Shadow). She then gave Sartana directions on where to acquire a boat to get to the island. Sartana then asked the strange lady how she knew where to find him and how she knew about Pike. An impish grin crawled on her pallid face as she said, "my master knows everything; and you and your brother both bear the mark."

    Sartana, confused, inquired about the mark. The woman pointed to the birth mark on the back of Sartana's neck and said, "You two were destined to be his left and right hand." She then walked away. Sartana called for her, but his calls fell on deaf ears as the hooded lady disappeared into the pitch black night.

    Against his better judgment, Sartana decided to go find his brother. He headed south, amassing food and resources along the way, to the border of Georgia where he got the boat to get to Shadow Island.

    After a few days of sailing, the boat crashed into a sandy shore in the middle of the night, waking Sartana from his slumber. He wasn’t sure if he had arrived at his destination or some random island. Regardless, he was weary from sailing and sought rest. 

    Sartana moored his boat and stepped foot on the sandy shore, proceeding toward a vast forest in search of a suitable place to camp. As Sartana set up camp, robed hooligans emerged out of nowhere. He was surrounded. 

    Sartana instantly reached for his Colt, but before he could get a single shot off, he was knocked out by a massive blow to the back of the head. Sartana awoke the next night in a decrepit vacant room lit by candlelight, stripped of his weapons, bound to an altar, and encircled by dark hooded figures decked out in long voluminous robes as black as night. A tall handsome man in a dusty grey coat and an open crown hat upon his head appeared in the distance, slowly making his way toward Sartana.  It was Pike, except he was not the same.

    His skin had an uncanny pallor and his eyes glinted like emeralds frozen in ice. Pike gazed upon his brother. A dire grin slowly formed on his face, revealing tiger-like teeth. Sartana, in a weak voice, asked, "what happened to you Pike?

    Pike responded, "Call me Devil Eyes." After that, Devil Eyes unsheathed a silver ritualistic blade and stabbed it deep into his brother's heart. Darkness cloaked Sartana's eyes as death enveloped him in its abysmal grasp.  There was no telling what lied ahead...  


    The enemies you face will stop at nothing to hurl you back into the grave whence you came, so you'll need to familiarize yourself with your surroundings as well as each weapon in your arsenal (including inventory items as they can be very useful for getting you out of sticky situations). Hiding behind walls and knowing which weapon to use in any given situation can save your unlife. 

    Helpful Advice: Using a weapon's alt fire indiscriminately can be fun, but also eats through your ammo very quickly (especially with weapons where the alt fire makes the weapon shoot faster). It is best to use a weapon's alt fire only in situations that call for it.

    Some doors (such as locked doors) are imbued with magical properties that make them shut automatically for inexplicable reasons. It is a good idea to shut doors as some enemies (like zombies) are too stupid to open them. 

    The Island of the Shadow is full of areas not easily found. Thorough exploration can lead you to areas that contain treasures, useful trinkets, and weapons that you would only find later in the game. There are also many walls that can be pushed back, either manually or via switch, to reveal secret areas (press the 'use' key to push a wall or access switches).

    Helpful Advice: Do you hate strafing against walls while holding the 'use' key to find pushwall secrets? Crystal Balls can save you on time and trouble when it comes to locating secrets. You won't be able to find all of the game's secrets with just Crystal Balls, but you should at least be able to find some.

    Returning from the dead not only made Sartana stronger than ever but also infused within him infernal powers from the other side. These powers have granted him with the ability to emit a fiery stream of death from the windows of his soul. As awesome as this ability can be, it is wise to only use it sparingly as your energy supply is very limited (being overwhelmed by hordes of cultists or boss battles are good situations to use them).   


    There are various items that will aid you on your quest. Some items can be used as needed (inventory items) while others will be activated the moment you pick them up and will wear off after an elapsed amount of time.


    Blood Pools: Raises your life by 5 points, up to 100.

    Blood Vials: Raises your life by 10 points, up to 100.

    Entrails: Raises your life by 15 points, up to 100.

    Heart: Raises your life by 25 points, up to 100.


    Protection Runes: Gives you 5 points of armor, up to 100.

    Leather Armor: Gives you 50 points of armor, up 100.

    Plated Armor: Gives you 100 points of armor, up to 200 total.


    Money Bag: Adds 100 points to your score.

    Silver Bullion: Adds 250 points to your score.

    Gold Bullion: Adds 500 points to your score.

    Treasure Chest: Adds 1000 points to your score.


    Wards: Gives you an additional ward. Wards revitalize you when your life falls to 0. Be warned... once you run out of wards and your life reaches 0, final death awaits you.

    Cloak of Protection: Grants user with superhuman resistance to injury, lasts for 45 seconds.

    Rage Sphere: Enhances both movement speed and attack speed, lasts for 45 seconds.   


    Baphomet: Makes you invulnerable, lasts for 30 seconds.

    Bloodstone: Gives you a 100 point boost to your life, up to 200 total.

    Imprisoned Soul: Gives you 300 life points. 

    Blaze Orb: Fuels your infernal power.

    Dybbuk Box: Maxes out your inventory supply of Poppets.  


    Eyes of the Owl: Increases the user's perception by illuminating enemies, making them easier to see. Lasts for 90 seconds.

    Life Serum: Gradually raises your life by 50, up to 100.

    Indurating Amulet: Gives you 25 points of armor per use, up to 200 armor points total.  

    Crystal Ball: Temporarily reveals secrets. 

    Book of the Dead: Summons hordes of wraiths that obliterate anything in your path.

    Poppet: This unique item temporarily paralyzes your foes. This item is especially useful against fast-moving enemies (executioners, werewolves...)

    Infernal Scroll: Summons a ball of fire straight from the depths of hell. Good for obliterating large clusters of lesser enemies or taking down a particularly tough foe.

    Keys: Enemies aren't the only things hindering your progress. Apparatuses called locked doors can be a major source of frustration. To conquer these foes, you need keys. There are four different keys: Gold, Red, Blue, and Green.  


    The denizens of Shadow Island all have one common goal: to kill you. In order to prevent them from succeeding, you will need to gather up an arsenal of death-dealing instruments. Most weapons have a primary attack and a secondary attack.

    You begin your quest armed with only your fists. How could you not? They are attached to you (for the moment). Once you acquire a more competent weapon, you won't be using your fists much... unless you have a death wish. You can also kick your enemies (it is much slower but it deals more damage than your fists). As an added bonus, you can also kick while using other weapons. Press 'F' to kick.  

    A large heavy knife with a broad blade that can be very effective if you can get it between you and your foes. The most wonderful thing about the machete is its ability to maim and dismember. Enemies that fall to your blade almost always die with a part (or parts) of their anatomy missing. 

    An accurate single action revolver that packs a decent punch. It can shoot faster, though less accurately, by fanning the hammer. The peacemaker is probably one of the most versatile weapons in the game and is a favorite among many gunslingers. The main drawback is its tedious reloading process as bullets have to be loaded individually.
    Accuracy: Very Good
    Power: Good
    Speed: Average

    A double action revolver made by two close friends of yours: Smith and Wesson. This quick-shooter might not be as powerful or as accurate as the peacemaker, but it makes up for it with its speed. Additionally, the weapon's top break mechanism allows for the utilization of a speed loader which makes reloading much quicker.
    Accuracy: Good
    Power: Average
    Speed: Very Good

    Incredibly fast-shooting swing-out-cylinder revolvers that have been modified to carry double the ammo capacity of a regular revolver. The Rainmakers are very handy in tight situations, and when used with a Rage Sphere activated you can easily clear a room with these twin brothers.
    Accuracy: Average
    Power: Poor
    Speed: Excellent

    The Boomstick is a very reliable ally indeed. It may lack a lot of accuracy, but you aren't using a double-barrel shotgun for accuracy now are you!? This weapon can be fired either one barrel at a time or both at once for maximum damage.
    Accuracy: Ugly
    Power: Very Ugly
    Speed: Poor

    The Boomstick's bigger, badder brother. This semi-auto beast will hurl your foes into an early grave with relative ease. Though it deals quite a wallop and can carry more ammo than its double-barrelled brother, reloading this weapon is slow and cumbersome. 
    Accuracy: Poor
    Power: Excellent 
    Speed: Poor

    This fast, high capacity repeater carbine is probably the most well-balanced firearm in your arsenal. It is an ideal weapon for disposing of lesser enemies. 
    Accuracy: Very Good
    Power: Good
    Speed: Very Good

    A powerful repeater carbine that shoots high caliber silver bullets. It is more powerful and slightly more accurate than The Rectifier. Great for wiping out more powerful foes, especially those pesky werewolves.
    Accuracy: Excellent
    Power: Very Good
    Speed: Good

    This mule doesn't like it when people are laughing. He gets the funny feeling they are laughing at him. Well... they won't be laughing very long when the trigger is pulled. One shot from this monster turns even the hardiest beasts inside out.
    Accuracy: Excellent
    Power: Turns foes inside out
    Speed: Very Poor

            J. Nicholas Lewis(ThunderEnema)
                Project Coordination
                Level Design
                Sound Editing

                Sprite and Texture Editing
                Sound Editing

            Jesse Stevens
                Promotional/Title Screen Artwork

            Original Graphics
                ID SOFTWARE
                Raven Software
                Monolith Productions
                Capstone Software
                Apogee Software/3D Realms
                Bethesda Softworks

            Additional Graphics
                zDoom forums
                Majik Monkee

            Additional Code
                Wolf Skevos-Jones
                Adam Biser
                Richter Belmont

            Original Sound Sources
                Activision (VtM: Redemption)
                Monolith Productions    
                ID Software
                Raven Software
                Lobotomy Software
            MIDI Music
                Sierra Games (Phantasmagoria)
                Monolith Productions (Blood)    
                Apogee Software (ROTT)

            OGG/MP3 Music
                "Leader" by Outbreak    
                "Iconoclast" by Icon
                Zombie theme by Fabio Frizzi    

            Additional Sounds
                Wolf Skevos-Jones (TotenkopfSDL)
                Various gun sound libraries

            Additional Music
                Rodney A. Brubaker
                Activision (VtM: Bloodlines)

            Additional Level Design/Maps
                Richter Belmont
            Beta Testers
                Cody Young
                Timothy George Wells


    Havoc - Havoc's Wolf3d Editor

    Chaos Software - ChaosEdit

    Bloodshed Software - Dev-C++

    Simon Judd and Gez - Slade Doom Editor

    Anvil Studio

    FL Studio

    Sound Forge Audio Studio 10.0


    Id Software - for creating Wolfenstein 3D, Doom and other great games, and for releasing the Wolf3D source code to the public.

    Raven Software - for making Shadow Caster, Heretic I/II, and Hexen I/II.

    Monolith Productions - for making the greatest FPS of all time: Blood. 

    Ripper and Chaos Software - for creating the Wolf4SDL source port.

    Realm667.com & zDoom forums - for providing an extensive supply of sprite/texture resources to use for mods.

    BrotherTank, Dean, and RonWolf - for running the Diehard Wolfers Forums.

    Gerolf - for going above and beyond to help me create this game.

    WSJ - for the reloading code, and for releasing the Castle Totenkopf source code which allowed me to implement enemy bullet tracing in this mod.

    AlumiuN - for his advanced sound code which made using higher quality sound effects and music for mods possible.

    Tricob - for helping me implement various coding features. 

    Jesse Stevens - for making awesome promotional artwork and title screen art.

    You - for downloading and playing this game.

    If there is anyone I forgot to credit, please don't sue me! 


    If you have questions or comments about this game, you can send me an e-mail at one of the following e-mail address: 






    THIS IS A STAND ALONE GAME. The entire file downloaded is required in its entirety to run the game. There is no further files necessary to run it and there are no other supported files or programs for it. The EXE is a modified Wolf4SDL EXE.

  7. *Didn't see a post about this yet*
    There's a free download of Shadow Warrior (1997) on Steam, it's not the REDUX version, it's the standard DOS game. It is free, and now comes with 2 beta builds of the game!

    One of the beta's has been online since 1997, as it was leaked by a tech support employee who wanted to play with his friends, and it made its way beyond just the friend. It has now been legitimized, as many did not know of its existence or presence on the web.


    You can find out more about this beta here:


    The other is an alpha build from 1996. If you have ever taken a look at the DN3D "GOODIES" folder found on the disc, it showed screenshots from this build. It is very unfinished for the most part, but has some interesting levels, art, etc. that you may find interesting or even useful for modding.

    Even better, there's 6 other alpha/beta prototypes that may soon see release in this format as well. One of them cannot be ran due to some error with the EXE, but they may just include the folder for people to explore it. I'm not sure when these other 6 will be released, but seeing that they did this with 2 of them, I could see them doing it with the rest.


    Duke Nukem 3d has several, several, prototype builds, and negotiations to release them are apparently being made. I think there are so many prototypes of DN3D in the archive, that it may take a really long time to ever see these, and also Gearbox has to agree to it (and so far things are looking up).

  8. Hello, I'm new to this forum (but not new to the Doom community). I've played Doom since I can remember, and it has never and will never get old. I make sprites and stuff and have made some maps, but none have been released.

    My username is pronounced like "Sarge" and I am a security guard at a scrap metal yard. That is as fun as it sounds, as in not so fun. I sit in a tower for 12 hours, 3 days a week, and have to occasionally drive a golf cart that hardly works... It hardly works I think because they overcharge the battery and I think there may be issues with the battery in general, plus it cuts off constantly when driving in muddy areas. It's annoying, but I enjoy the job for the most part because I can work on projects and whatnot while in the guard tower. I plan on finding a different job, probably in security, but hopefully with a better schedule and better pay.