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  1. There's something to be said about cheapness. We're talking 30 minutes of work washed down the drain in 5 seconds. It's maddening dude.....I know.
  2. Thanks for doing that. I did not feel like doing that Max run. It's a pretty cool wad. It's basically Swift Death Lite. I like the 180 button. I'm getting used to it being a keyboarder and all.
  3. WALL-E is a great movie. How can you not like that loveable robot?
  4. That's all you're gonna get from here on out. I won't play any wad on less than UV. Frustrating, yet, you won't get any better unless you play the hardest shit. The rest of the wad is hard af.
  5. Independence Day: Resurgence. 1/10. My god, it's got to be the worst movie I've ever watched. I wanted to see the aliens do some armageddon shit, but after that FINALLY happened, I couldn't turn it off. It was so bad, I had to keep watching it to see if they muffed it up further. and they did.
  6. Map 20 requires some crazy shit. Dammit, gotta get Lost Souls stuck in the HOM space. It's a Nightmare.
  7. Sorry for double posting, but I see I better get these maps in before the 26th. Some of my demos are absolutely dreadful(sorry). A couple of them ain't too bad. Get them points yo! Filler Maxes for Countdown to Extinction Map 31 UV-Max in 3:32(that one's tough for maxing) Map 16 UV-Max in 2:15 Map 17 UV-Max in 1:02 Map 18 UV-Max in 2:03 Map 19 UV-Max in 1:15 Map 21 UV-Max in 1:10
  8. Cool! I love Bloodstain, but it gets too ridiculous hard around map 20's methinks. Had a little trouble with the ending there I see. That's okay. I've got some demos on here that aren't exactly stellar. Those last few maps are absurdly hard.
  9. More filler maxes for Countdown to Extinction . None of these are really that optimized. I just ran through them to find secrets and a decent route and made about four or five exits each. Map 08 UV-Max in 1:56 Map 09 UV-Max in 1:40 Map 10 UV-Max in 1:13 Map 11 UV-Max in 1:24 Map 12 UV-Max in 1:55 Map 13 UV-Max in 1:09 Map 14 UV-Max in 2:05 Map 15 UV-Max in 2:08
  10. Nice one fellas. I knew ya'll could do it!
  11. I'd like to see some people smash that Map25 1:07 UV-Max. That was like my 2nd exit and I couldn't beat it no matter how many times I ran it. The closest I came was like 1:14.
  12. I've got older versions of Swift Death with an unreleased map. I guess I'll do a max of this one crazy map. I forget which #.
  13. Agreed. It's a long, drawn out map that is an absolute beotch to complete...especially UV-Max. Some maps just become tedious and not fun. This is one of them. I've made it up to about Map20 or so of SOD UV-Max/pistol start so far. Haven't beat map 32 yet. That's tough. Came so close.
  14. I gotta play this. The screens look great.
  15. I get a little chuckle every time I read the wad name. I haven't tried that one. It's on my radar. I heard something about stuck Cybies being a pain in the ass? I last saw something in a vid in the April Fool's joke about E3 of BTSX(stuck Cybie?) Not still clear there.