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Stealthy Ivan

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  1. Hi peeps, glad to see DW is doing well, been a long time since i have been an active member (I always will love DooM), miss the days of skull tag after work but life's little changes (like my daughter) take up a lot of time. I have not mapped in forever (and miss it), and hope you guys keep it up, there is a lot of cool stuff still to be uncovered in doom! I still have all the software to map if I have time, but I'm sure there are a billion updates by now and new programs when it comes to mapping and scripting, plus I have a lot of irons in the fire at the time being. Just glad to see DooM still doing well and wish you all the best of fragging!!!!
    Stealthy Ivan
    K33p DW 1337!!! :P

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    2. Bucket


      Stealthy Ivan said:

      I still have all the software to map if I have time, but I'm sure there are a billion updates by now and new programs when it comes to mapping and scripting,

      Get DoomBuilder, make vanilla maps. Easy as that.

    3. Kaiser


      Who the hell are these new people?

    4. Pavera


      Hi, this is the future speaking.

  2. I have been out of level design/mapping since the 1024 project. I see alot of new things in mapping and Im rather interested. I wonder if I should get back into it (plus I have been into mapping since 1994)? I never was any thing special in the mapping community but the amount of old school doomers is running thin... I think if people can help me out with some new tricks (and yes I read the FAQ) I could come up with some good stuff. Some of my levels are already on here, just search for Stealthy Ivan. Having a family takes away alot of spare time :P But I have taught my 10 year old daughter how to map, so IF I jump back into mapping, give me a chance :)

    DW forever!

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    2. printz


      What if he has to sleep, work to get money to live (he still needs to feed). And time passes really. What if the headphones get destroyed by loud music and stays Doom deaf then. While you're at it, why not make a wad for Strife? Search for KSSC in the doomworld.com/idgames archive, so you know how to program dialogues.

    3. GGG


      Really though, if you have the time and you enjoy doing it, you should do it. It's always good to have a hobby.

    4. Dr. Zin

      Dr. Zin

      TheCupboard said:

      I concur with Dutch Devil. Stay in your room and don't eat any vegetables. You're going to need a steady diet of orange soda and pringles (the sour cream and onion kind, if possible). Keep a bucket by your desk for the toilet and make sure you refresh the Doomworld forums page every 20 seconds or after you draw a few sectors.

      I reccomend Cheez-Its.

  3. I hate it, just for fun (since I build my own) went to our local computer stores to see new factory systems (which some looked ok) but they all had windows vista!!! God does it suck! I personally think XP pro is the best!

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    2. doom2day


      AgentSpork said:

      I've only gotten one BSOD to happen in Vista, which was enough to make it less stable than XP for me. The only time I've ever had XP BSOD on me was when my hard drive was in the process of dying.

      My RAM is dying... : (
      I have the BSOD on a SD card somewhere...

    3. Xenaero


      I've only heard bad things about Vista. I'm scared of it. Very scared. In fact, so scared, I have nightmares about Vista installing itself over everything on my computer, thus ruining it forever.

      I doubt I'll even go with it after the whole 'service-pack-is-release-after-2-years-of-complaint-emails' thing happens.

    4. Csonicgo


      God Bless choice. Linux sucks but at least it's free and will be updated.. :)