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  1. I hate it, just for fun (since I build my own) went to our local computer stores to see new factory systems (which some looked ok) but they all had windows vista!!! God does it suck! I personally think XP pro is the best!

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    2. doom2day


      AgentSpork said:

      I've only gotten one BSOD to happen in Vista, which was enough to make it less stable than XP for me. The only time I've ever had XP BSOD on me was when my hard drive was in the process of dying.

      My RAM is dying... : (
      I have the BSOD on a SD card somewhere...

    3. Xenaero


      I've only heard bad things about Vista. I'm scared of it. Very scared. In fact, so scared, I have nightmares about Vista installing itself over everything on my computer, thus ruining it forever.

      I doubt I'll even go with it after the whole 'service-pack-is-release-after-2-years-of-complaint-emails' thing happens.

    4. Csonicgo


      God Bless choice. Linux sucks but at least it's free and will be updated.. :)