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  1. Why was my new account banned?

    1. Linguica


      Because alt accounts are not allowed

  2. How about The Given?
  3. I don't know what to say about this.
  4. obligatory nuts.wad post
  5. Repost from the ZDoom Forums Discord.
  6. 2 hours ago 20 posts on this thread later 50 posts Oh boy.
  7. Circle of dea- er, I mean 'O of destruction'. That one was memorable for me because I could never figure out why the name was like that.
  8. I was more or less saying a joke about how people take bait too seriously, it was not a post about all the 'uneducated' stuff.
  9. hardcore_baited
  10. Some cars.
  11. Rate my setup.
  12. UNFFFFFFF DAT PIPES All in all those are super cool.
  13. Because kids are too busy stuffing their faces full of CoD to remember how it was back then.
  14. Created an alleyway in Chocolate Doom, with the ramp effect from my previous post on the dumpster. This was rendered perfectly, on GZDoom Builder, it looked like a piece of garbage (no pun intended).
  15. Steam: angriest cat you ever see