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  1. Found this review on the Doom source code GPL release today.
  2. I just love the mancubus death animation.
  3. 400 years later.
  4. Doom is a running tradition in my family.
  5. Total Chaos
  6. I found this chart to be pretty neat.
  7. Propane.
  8. You know i had to do it to em. (An attempt was made.)
  9. Since everyone is posting JOM 5 screenshots, here is mine.
  10. I've been replaying Diablo 2, just for nostalgia.
  11. One is Florida, one isn't. I hate my acct.
  12. Originality is gay.
    I can't see this but it's good.
  13. Depends on everyone's dedication to the Doom community, which I know there is a lot of dedication out there.
  14. About to be 13 soon, don't judge.