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Status Updates posted by EmotionalFelineinaMadstate

  1. So, uh, what's with the bleach remarks?

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    2. Death Destroyer - 4.7m4d

      Death Destroyer - 4.7m4d

      It's a joke


      And kids in Africa could have drank  that cup xd , is not a nice thing to say even if it was meant as a joke.

    3. EmotionalFelineinaMadstate



      It's a joke

      Wow, you know, you could've said that a few hours earlier, when you commented it out of the blue on an unrelated thread.

      And that was a HowToBasic reference, where a ton of commentors are all like "Kids in Africa could've eaten that [insert thing here]!", it's just a running gag on his channel, that's all.

    4. Death Destroyer - 4.7m4d