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  1. December 31st, 2018.
  2. Ramp in Chocolate Doom.
  3. Hah, jokes on the FCC. I can download videos! I HAVE ALL OF THE POWER!!
    When a Doom mod causes controversy, mixed feelings, and making a dev of a certain port angry, you'll bet i'll give it a good score. Not saying because it caused controversy, it has a good score. It was a weird trip to go through, and is a really neat idea, but of course, a star had to be removed, due to my headaches and immeasurable pain this thing gave me. Love and hate you, anotak.
  4. Found this review on the Doom source code GPL release today.
  5. I just love the mancubus death animation.
  6. 400 years later.
  7. Doom is a running tradition in my family.
  8. Total Chaos
  9. I found this chart to be pretty neat.
  10. Propane.
  11. You know i had to do it to em. (An attempt was made.)
  12. Since everyone is posting JOM 5 screenshots, here is mine.
  13. I've been replaying Diablo 2, just for nostalgia.
  14. One is Florida, one isn't. I hate my acct.