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  1. I just love the mancubus death animation.
  2. 400 years later.
  3. Doom is a running tradition in my family.
  4. Total Chaos
  5. I found this chart to be pretty neat.
  6. Propane.
  7. You know i had to do it to em. (An attempt was made.)
  8. Since everyone is posting JOM 5 screenshots, here is mine.
  9. I've been replaying Diablo 2, just for nostalgia.
  10. One is Florida, one isn't. I hate my acct.
  11. Originality is gay.
    I can't see this but it's good.
  12. Depends on everyone's dedication to the Doom community, which I know there is a lot of dedication out there.
  13. About to be 13 soon, don't judge.
  14. Something I've been working on for 2 days just for the details.
  15. Collectors Edition.
  16. I'm in a bit of a dilemma of whether to join or not. On one hand, i have potential for a good map, on the other hand, i'm lazy and usually get off my maps early after the first room is created.
  17. I feel like Memfis has partly turned into hardcore_gamer at this point.
  18. I think this one series I found on Netflix called K or something.
  19. I love BFG Division mainly because it was a meme at one point.
  20. Top 10 Unexplainable Images That Will Give You Chills
  21. I've had this same issue a bit ago. You can solve this by: 1.) Downgrading your GZDoom. 2.) Updating your graphics card.
  22. I've never played Doom 2016, but what you're saying makes me think it's a loading issue.
  23. I found it kind of cool, the effects were neat, and the map enhancements... ehhh... But i still found that the use of voxel models in the maps was an okay idea. EDIT: i forgot to mention, this mod fried my computer, so the one downside i have to give to it is that it requires some optimization.