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  1. @Mr.Rocket but i renamed the 173S to SM01 and its a png image
  2. @Mr.Rocket oh now i see where it is!!
  3. im trying to make a Slenderman entity for doom and i looked on the web for something that acts like a weeping angel or something, because Slenderman moves when you are not looking in slender the eight pages. so i found this DECORATE script that makes it acts like that... ACTOR Slenderman 1448 { Game Doom Health 0xffffffff Damage 1 Speed 15 Radius 10 Height 50 Mass 9999999999 MaxStepHeight 9999 MaxDropOffHeight 9999 MONSTER -COUNTKILL +AMBUSH -CANUSEWALLS -ACTIVATEMCROSS +LOOKALLAROUND +NEVERRESPAWN +NOTARGETSWITCH +NOTARGET +NOINFIGHTING +NOTIMEFREEZE +NOFEAR +CANTSEEK +SEEINVISIBLE +DONTMORPH +NOBLOOD +NOBLOODDECALS -ISMONSTER +SOLID +SHOOTABLE +NOBLOOD +ACTIVATEMCROSS +DONTGIB +NOICEDEATH +OLDRADIUSDMG DeathSound "world/barrelx" Obituary "%o blinked" States { Spawn: 173S A 10 A_Look Loop See: 173S A 0 Fast A_FaceTarget 173S A 1 A_JumpIfInTargetLOS("Seen", 130) 173S A 1 Fast A_Chase Goto See Melee: 173S A 1 A_JumpIfInTargetLOS("Seen", 130) 173S A 0 Fast A_FaceTarget 173S A 1 Fast A_CustomMeleeAttack(255) Goto See Seen: 173S A 10 173S A 10 A_JumpIfInTargetLOS("Seen", 130) Goto See } } so i used this and it worked... but the textures wouldn't show up... what part of this script will make it show a texture or do i have to add something to the script to make a texture appear?
  4. really can't wait for SargentMarkIV's Brutal Doom 2.1!!

    its like waiting for a Geometry Dash update again!!!


    1. TootsyBowl


      It's v21


      and you misspelled "sergeant"

    2. MrCacod3mon


      sorry. my mistake

  5. what else is a funny mix?
  6. why this is happening in the first place is because the Wall Street Journal didn't get that what PewDiePie did on fiver as a joke, which that means WSJ can't take a single fracking joke...
  7. @rdwpa ok i figured it out
  8. That is something better then what i can do!!!
  9. Somebody please make a BFG-9000 mod for Call of Duty Zombies. if so, make the damage the same as the actual damage so we can try and see whats better!
  10. I made this Slenderman sprite for Doom... That's what it looks like... So i wanted to do something more with it. I felt like making an actual slender Doom WAD, but how on earth am I going to make an actual functioning Slenderman? well I don't think I can make it work, because I suck at coding... if anyone can make a code for a custom enemy to act like slenderman. i'm using SLumpEd.
  11. i just wanted for this thread to be fun! thats all... but thanks :D
  12. this post isn't going as expected....
  13. well the point of this post was to say which is better with stats of the weapons