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  1. MrCacod3mon

    If Doomguy had one-liners...

    To be honest these all seem pretty nice. I like these ones
  2. help thread Have you ever wanted a Deadpool doom mod? well you came to the right place because you get to help make that happen! This thread is for my mod called Deadpool DOOM heres an example of what the mod contains! if you want to add anything to this awesome mod wither it be (Custom sprites, sound effects, textures, items, or weapons or maybe even maps) feel free to post them in this thread. the one thing we probably need is the ability to kick. that would be cool.... if any of your content makes it in the mod you will be credited to being one of the people responible for the mod! ENJOY!!
  3. I just got a new PC 2 days ago. It's soo awesome, but i might have to find a wider monitor. I'm not digging this old square ratio flat-screen monitor.EArsmh5U0AI9Wcb.jpg.10fbc00ab3b9b12043bb919f5239b17f.jpg

  4. MrCacod3mon

    Hotline Miami Mod collab?

    Would anybody be interested in helping out create a Hotline Miami type doom mod? if so, i might need some people to do some stuff like - code a script that gives doom the weapon pickup/drop that Hotline Miami has. - Sprite artwork -possibly mapping (I'm already working on some levels) If anybody is interested, Let me know. I'll respectfully credit those who help, because i'm not a dickhead.
  5. I'm working on a complete 3D remake of the Hotline Miami 1 Levels in the Doom Engine




  6. MrCacod3mon

    M_DOOM Graphic change

    How can i change the M_DOOM graphic texture to a higher quality sprite? If you don't know what I mean, it's what brutal doom did with it's menu texture. is there also anyway i can make the M_DOOM graphic animated?
  7. MrCacod3mon

    M_DOOM Graphic change

    thank you very much dude. it worked
  8. I can agree with that. He can be hard at times but if you find a strategy that can kill him fast enough, he'll be a piece of cake. besides DOOM could need some sort of challenging enemy like the Marauder.
  9. Give me your hot takes on DOOM Eternal... If you don't want spoilers, you shouldn't be in here. go play DOOM Eternal! Here is some of my takes and opinions: Lost Souls are useless since they barely show up in the game by themselves instead of being summoned via Pain Elemental. The Marauder is balanced and is a perfect new DOOM enemy. The Tyrant's name is pointless since we all know it's a cyberdemon. It's probably called the Tyrant for continuity sake because we killed the Cyberdemon in 2016, but how we gonna make that argument when we don't even know wtf happened after DOOM (2016). DOOM Eternal would be more fun if you could do a co-op mode for the campaign. Battle mode feels empty with the limited amount of players. i might make more takes.
  10. People needs to shut the fuck up about the Marauder being too OP in DOOM Eternal. He's a balanced enemy already, the people who complain about him are just bad at the game
  11. Also i changed a bit. laziness still hasn't changed.

    also looking back at some forums i made, im kinda cringing

  12. I'm back and the reason for my hiatus from here was because I was kinda doing other shit, plus I was waiting for DOOM Eternal to release. I have it and I already completed it; its a fuckin good game.

    Other than that I've started playing Hotline Miami, ever since quarantine began, i started feeling like even more shit...

    anyway that's all i have to say. I'll try and be more active on the Doomworld Forums...

    - MrCacod3mon   HEADA2A8.png.15855f7e38a1eb29188bb863a9350522.png

  13. I cant believe i haven't logged in in a while! holy shit!

  14. I'm working on a WAD, and for it there is basically 1 weapon and I don't want the player to pick up any other weapon. So I want all weapon pickups on any map to be gone, but not any power ups though. Is there a code I can put in so it will make all the weapons in the map disappear?
  15. Thanks @Empyre! I will test it out right now!
  16. just something im working on... This is i think is my DREAM WAD.


    1. Ichor


      Five Nights In Hell?

    2. MrCacod3mon


      No @Ichor this mod is about the Springwood slasher himself Freddy Krueger from the 1984 horror slasher film A Nightmare on Elm Street



  17. this came out of curiosity, i decided to mix Brutal Doom with Tourettes Doom and the result of what i got was absolutely amazing. by getting all items i can kick demons infinitely, when i type summon marine the marines start to turn on me by repeatedly shooting me when all demons are dead... so i was wondering... What Doom mods do you think come out with a hilarious results when mixing the mods together?? Please insert what happens in your answers.
  18. MrCacod3mon

    Deadpool DOOM Mod Alpha (Contribution Thread)

    never mind it came like that automatically
  19. MrCacod3mon

    Deadpool DOOM Mod Alpha (Contribution Thread)

    well how do i make it so the keybind for it would be q i found a kick on the zdoom forums and i modifyed it to have deadpools leg heres my modifyed version brutalkick.zip apparently on that forum post you have to put this in the console bind q "pukename kick" now im wondering how i can make my own keybind to appear in the settings
  20. MrCacod3mon

    Deadpool DOOM Mod Alpha (Contribution Thread)

    do i have to put a script or anything? if so, i suck at scripting XD
  21. MrCacod3mon

    Deadpool space marine sprites for brutal doom

    don't worry!! there will be one! Deadpool will get a WAD IF BATMAN CAN HAVE ONE, SO CAN DEADPOOL!!!
  22. i cant make sprites for crap... so i'm wondering, can anyone make a good deadpool player sprite for brutal doom. submit your deadpool sprites in this topic. i will credit who ever's sprites i use. enjoy!!!! and get creative...
  23. MrCacod3mon

    Deadpool space marine sprites for brutal doom

    Thread to my deadpool mod contribution board:
  24. MrCacod3mon

    Deadpool space marine sprites for brutal doom

    ok ill make a thread on that ill link it