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  1. Boilers!

    What are you listening to?

    Dan Seagrave's works are simply magnificent.
  2. Boilers!


    You'll stand alone, the final parody, as you realise your mortality. This seems to be applicable to any kind of marines.
  3. Boilers!

    New Screenshot (Carcass)

    It would be really exciting if that was not only a reference to the band, but also a hint to them as a source of inspiration of Eternal's soundtrack.
  4. Boilers!

    Anyone know how to edit levels for doom 3?

    Actually by Caffeine Freak too.
  5. Boilers!

    I feel like a freak for liking this game

    Sounds self explanatory.
  6. Boilers!

    Doom 3: Phobos

    Are there any news? More time passed since the teaser of episode 2 with the cube, than from the release to the teaser. And all mentioned work with code inspires a lot of anticipations. I admitted myself looking forward Phobos far more than Doom Eternal or, unless Rin will miraculously get her role, even more than WBaWC.
  7. Boilers!

    the correct way to use weapons in doom 3.

    The wiki states 13 pellets with damage of 14 hp per shell. The damage is doubled for hitting head, providing totally 1456 hp for 4 shots. HK health is 900 HP. By no means default spread will let all pellets hit even HK, moreover it's head, but 556 HP of mistake space usually is enough. I've just reinstalled Doom 3 and checked it out. Although the pair from delta4, unlike the ones from hell and site3, seems to be more resistant.
  8. Boilers!

    the correct way to use weapons in doom 3.

    Plasmagun shots are extremely slow and large. It's not fun to fire them, but they last longer in midair and have more chances to hit revenant's rockets, projectiles of macubi and small enemies (lost souls, trites, cherubs). Chainsaw is also surprisingly good against teleporting wraiths, cacodemons, chainsaw zombies and solitary tentacle zombies. 4 shots are already enough for ordinary shotgun. When I don't have SSG, it's more fun to use shotgun to take down almost any enemy except for chaingunners, mancubi, bruisers and small ones. The key is movement and aggressive pushing forward.
  9. g_skill 2 If your version is original release of 2004, this should improve user experience.
  10. Boilers!

    Doom 3: Phobos

    g_doublevision 0 should remove screen jerking and leave only red tint.
  11. Boilers!

    Doom 3: Phobos

    Was path of the UAC employee, that used PC with order of cat poster, intentionally set up to make him unexpectedly appear behind player while he reads that order?
  12. Boilers!

    Doom 3: Phobos

    I've just realized, if you are finishing testing, is it legit to ask, would final release work with vanilla engine or have some kind of source port, or be compatible with any of current ones?