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  1. Ok, I'll be the one to post this. John Stalvern Kane.
  2. I did. Although I don't possess physical copy, but have found colored scans on my old hdd.
  3. Giving links for the noted maps or, moreover, uploading them, would come handy.
  4. Was in video original Gatehouse map or it's improved counterpart from The Dark Mod?
  5. But didn't they utilize Jonathon Fowler's Shadow Warrior as well?
  6. Google is all about market share and monopolies are never good. Also FF sources are licensed under GNU GPL, whereas on the other side we can have only chromium sources under infidel BSD-like ones.
  7. I cannot recall the exact number, but it seem's to me on par to quantity of PAKs or pk4's (including Dark Mod maps), thus it would be approximately 50-70 WADs.
  8. It's possible to duck and both dodge attack easily and leap onward after to take them down in single shotgun blast.
  9. Atmosphere in Eve no Jikan can make viewer think up a lot of philosophical Sci-Fi questions even without mentioning them just because it would feel excessive and repeatable. Shin Sekai Yori - it has the most mature villain of all I've seen.
  10. Hyouge Mono or Planetes.
  11. I don't know, should I ask for an advice here since it's barely related to Doom (Well, frankly, I started sketch as depicting of HDoom Imp but had no wish to draw anything lewd, thus, just derailed it to context of upcoming holiday with promise to myself to finish at least something up to 30th.) So, how do colors look in different monitors (glare/non-glare, laptop/desktop, etc) and does drawing look better after being mirrored horizontally?
  12. GPL has always been commercially friendly, the only thing users are required to do is releasing all code (both remaining original and amended by user) under the same license and distributing it alongside with binaries. RHEL might be the best example of that.
  13. Nocturne in Yellow is definitely one of the best TC. I was very surprised to find myself missing something like that, although it still would benefit from polishing. Could anyone advise mod with similar atmosphere?
  14. Phrozo's mod is worth noting (These sand/glass/lava/nukage/paper/whatever jets and their decals are so neat!), his particle addon when I cannot use mod with something else.
  15. I think, alongside with Bruiser, it should be important to consider Vulgars. Imps and Hellknights become seriously less threatening after player finds SSG, moreover after unlocking the double shot. But since Barons are already buffed version of the second, should Imps have similar counterpart?