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  1. Doom 3 hell didn't look like a 'place'. One moment player is in cage, the other he's among some floating rocks. Cramped caverns get replaced by views of vast and dark maroon sky with almost every step as we progress through. Walls move apart, brick by brick, as if they don't disclose another place, but rather want to present something new and nasty. Sense of time and exhaust are completely gone. Does anyone remember, that stamina didn't deplete at all? CD, Revenants, mancubi and pinkies have tech stuff, but it's not like they have some background behind this. Unlike Doom 16, they are just given as is. Given depiction of hell is not place, but it can be a place, so it sometimes just has no story or sensitive time span. Listening to this log might be handy at comprehending hell's concept. Moreover, D3 depiction of hell is a product, that was created with limitations of engine, artists' imagination and their tools. And despite of that, it does good work. It looks really wicked and twisted without any excessive gore and it's is not chocked up with chrestomathic attributes. Personally I'd like to add this as well. 3. There is nothing wrong with slaughtering demons. They are absolutely evil creatures from hell, place of eternal suffering. At some extent they should even be thankful for player for relieving them of terrible existence. 4. We already have unpleasant experience with the movie and 90ies novels. Lack of true infernal stuff was by no means the only drawback, but it definitely was a significant one. Should we learn on our mistakes?
  2. Quadrops

    Your Favorite Boss Fights

    Almost all fights with Orin in Subterranean Animism. Although, could be biased due to fondness of both cats and infernal thematics.
  3. Quadrops

    Recommendations for Total Conversions?

    Nocturne in Yellow was not yet mentioned.
  4. I'd find D64 Nightmare imp and RoE Vulgar balance wise good addition to ordinary Imps. Just like HKs to Barons or SSG to Shotgun. But why? I always was interested, what glory kills could be performed on them.
  5. Quadrops

    Wallpaper-sized concept art

    That looks very similar to Doom 3 pentagram, but without the easter eggs.
  6. Quadrops

    What improvements over Doom 2016 are you expecting?

    A subtle feature for skillful players. Unlike glory kills, it won't be explicit and hampering, right?
  7. Quadrops

    What improvements over Doom 2016 are you expecting?

    Plutonia style brown jungle maps and bunny hopping. The rest is already mentioned.
  8. Do the fangs have certain reason to be so straight even for side view?
  9. Quadrops

    Plants, Trees, Vegetation models?

    The Dark Mod features plethora of this stuff. Just a small example.
  10. Quadrops

    I am Heavy Weapons Dude

    It might have been one of novels.
  11. Quadrops

    Doom 3: Phobos

    Was that Pain elemental?
  12. I know, I meant, that they were drawn to look better blurred.
  13. I might be late to realize and ask, but will new sprites be drawn with the same blurring in mind as original ones or pixelated view won't make them lose their charm?
  14. Quadrops

    Simon Garlick. What happened to him?

    I recall, his corpse was somewhere near plasma rifle, in cavern with columns.
  15. Quadrops

    Japan Doom

    Do you have intention to mix any tech, like in the second episode of hacx, or would like to confine with traditional stuff?