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  1. GPL has always been commercially friendly, the only thing users are required to do is releasing all code (both remaining original and amended by user) under the same license and distributing it alongside with binaries. RHEL might be the best example of that.
  2. Nocturne in Yellow is definitely one of the best TC. I was very surprised to find myself missing something like that, although it still would benefit from polishing. Could anyone advise mod with similar atmosphere?
  3. Phrozo's mod is worth noting (These sand/glass/lava/nukage/paper/whatever jets and their decals are so neat!), his particle addon when I cannot use mod with something else.
  4. I think, alongside with Bruiser, it should be important to consider Vulgars. Imps and Hellknights become seriously less threatening after player finds SSG, moreover after unlocking the double shot. But since Barons are already buffed version of the second, should Imps have similar counterpart?
  5. Should I leave documentation of evolutionary-anatomic approach here? Ironically, it even has something common with BSP, that went standardized by Doom. https://biologicalmarginalia.wordpress.com/2013/04/01/cladistics-of-doom/ Table of data matrix is also given, so have fun with PAST/R/whatever else.
  6. I think, this tool, despite of age, can prove useful for .dds. It's already is mentioned in Arl's link, so, I might just made an emphasis on it's engagement. http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=DDS_creation.
  7. Arl, I'm sorry. geX, thine suggestion is currently being realized.
  8. I noticed MR screenshot first time not here, but on moddb, yet, that wasn't the only new thing there. I put all nasty off topic under spoiler tag.
  9. Sorry, didn't notice, that MRT screenshot was uploaded by geX. Could he/you (geX) help?
  10. Are they script modification and animation speed up or they comprise more complexity?
  11. Animation, especially it's voice acting, of player, killed by wasp enemy in Blankblood/Cracklecradle, is mighty good.
  12. I would distinctly choose Quake I's, yet the_broken_ones_(plant) and bells_of_agony by Aubrey Hodges made me to ponder some time.
  13. Since the revel has started, here are the things, I'd wish to be - - Doomguy's being (and starting narration in case of solid time line) as an ordinary spacemarine, as it's already mentioned, very desirable. And if they come with his face visible - Michael Baldwin looks good for this role. Though, I don't mind him being silent - some quotes from comic or like them would look fine. - Demons must be demons, creatures from hell, not anything like in movie or in some of novels. - And, at last, some tense, horrorish moments would make good addition, but they must be included, only if they are entirely such ones.
  14. Does it mean, that you might not remain the only one, who works upon Hexen EOC?
  15. These will be suitable, if consider VR as graphics enhansement https://github.com/Codes4Fun/RBDOOM-3-BFG/ https://github.com/Perpixel/Doom3 Also there is fhDoom and it's page contains the links to multiple other source ports.