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  1. Assault rifle, basically a faster shooting pistol with tighter spread. Also, the Demon Hand. I always imagined it threw big fireballs in a wide spread, like the <S> gun in Contra. Would make a great weapon against hordes of weaker enemies and would help fighting when running away.
  2. R13

    Classic RBDOOM 3 BFG

    Gears of Doom, huh? Looks great! Hell of a job.
  3. It's because Lazarus and Brutal Doom are not supposed to work together. There was some work done on a "Brutal Lazarus" mod but it seems dev stopped working on it.
  4. Doors with no color keycard tags.
  5. It also works really well in Mednafen. In case anybody wants a quick and easy guide to running this: 1) download and unpack mednafen 2) put your legally sourced psx bios in /firmware folder 3) put the bin and cue file of PSX Doom Master Edition in the main folder 4) you can run the game two ways: 4.1) easier but less elegant: just drag and drop the .cue file on mednafen.exe 4.2) slightly more work: make a shortcut off mednafen.exe, go into its properties and add PSXDOOM_BETA1.cue on the end of the Target like this: and click "apply" 5) now just run the thing, and after the logos will end, push alt + shift 1, now you are configuring the controls, you can use either gamepad or keyboard. Notice that you need to press each button/key twice, also for the rapid fire for all four main buttons. 6) that's it. Hopefully. Alt+Enter toggles the fullscreen. Great job, everyone! I wonder if there will appear some bootleg pirate release of this somewhere in Eastern European markets, like Doom Forever.
  6. How is the gyro support going? Found one of those cheap "AR gun controllers" for smartphones, and thought of using it with Doom.
  7. R13

    Doom Classic Complete on DVD

    Nearly year later, I still need to see the corrected cover art, without NRFTL or and with fixed typo "THE Master Of Levels". They just don't care. And that Brothersoft watermark, come on...
  8. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.opentouchgaming.deltatouch is this the real thing? Didn't notice any release announcement in this thread...
  9. So there was an update to D-Touch on Amazon Underground yesterday (or today, depending on time zones). Anyone had the time to take a look at it?
  10. R13

    More Half Life 3/episode 3 stuff

    Half-Life 3 in Doom when
  11. I've heard in the next MGS there will be a callback to it (or reference, if you prefer), but snake will be smoking weed to see not only the lasers, but also all the layers of the story at once.
  12. R13

    Your dumb Doom habits

    Surviving a huge fight with 1% of health only to die from stray bullet while going back looking for medikit. Also, hoarding WADs just to "have something to pick when the itch comes", only to play Scythe 2 for the umpteenth time.
  13. Have you bought, or downloaded it earlier?
  14. R13

    Your Top 5 Horror Movies

    The Thing Army of Darkness Event Horizon Tetsuo (not sure if a "proper" horror movie) The Strangers (one of the very few films that made me feel uncomfortable) Bonus: The Fourth Kind (I know it's a kinda mediocre movie, but I really like the found footage/mockumentary stylistics mixed with UFO... both my guilty pleasures)
  15. It hurts my heart to see this, because back when it was originally released (2002) it was a neat, "proper" shmup for PC (when most of the shoot'em-ups were either bad Galaga clones, or not-too-great shareware releases, with occasional gem like Solaris 104) with original visuals and music made by C64 remix scene. Sadly, it wasn't terribly compatible with newer versions of Windows, being done in Blitz Basic, and publisher not only didn't care, but also released a horrible sequel. The developer, on the other hand, was scammed out of royalties from many re-releases: https://www.tigsource.com/2006/12/06/anthony-flack-made-platypus/ and the game, now barely working on Win7/8/10, is still being sold on Steam.