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Everything posted by UnholyShadows

  1. UnholyShadows

    Do you consider mouselook as a cheat?

    Personally I always use mouselook unless the wad was designed around it not being used(like for switches and stuff) I just prefer aiming myself rather than using autoaim despite playing doom for years without mouselook.
  2. UnholyShadows

    Fat Reward & Ticket Home | My Farewell (all Chapters online)

    Will realm667 still be up or you taking that down?
  3. UnholyShadows

    Back To Hell. (A Megawad made by me!)

    OOO a megawad??? let me think...................DOWNLOADING!!! Will give feedback.
  4. UnholyShadows

    List FPS Games That Are Better Than Duke Nukem Forever

    Hello Kitty Adventure Island SlenderTubbies Chicken Shoot Goat Simulator
  5. UnholyShadows

    How do you prefer to have your desktop set up?

    My Desktop is quite scary, I blurred it just incase I had any file names that could be offensive to anyone(can never be too careful these days) I should really clean my desktop XD
  6. UnholyShadows

    How do you prefer to have your desktop set up?

    Dirty, messy and completely unorganized! I honestly don't know how I find anything on it lol.
  7. Happy Halloween everyone! I would like to share with you all a Doom64 themed GZDOOM wad that I have been making for a few months now. Finally Figured out a name for this project, it shall be named "Demonic Covenant" My goal with this project is to create a wad that feels like Doom64 while at the same time being unique in its own right. Current Testable version 1.0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/21t6k8ki2bjmde1/UntitledD64Wad1.0.zip?dl=0 (((((INSTRUCTIONS))))) ================================================================================================= This Wad uses Gzdoom(Tested with Version g4.4.2) or anything similar to Gzdoom(QZDoom can work as well) and the Doom2 Iwad(shouldnt really matter but thats what I use) Make sure you Load both D64maps.wad and Untitleddoom64_wad_0.1.wad or else you wont be able to play this wad. ================================================================================================= I would suggest using MouseLook however you might be able to get by without it(Tested with MouseLook) Also you will have to adjust your sector light settings to Bright or Standard as this wad gets pretty dark. This wad doesn't use Jumping or crouching however I forgot to disable it(will in future release) I'm looking for some testers who would like to help me test my upcoming maps before I release them publicly, also if you guys can help me figure out a name for this project that will also be nice. Credits List of changes So far this wad has 7 completed maps which need to be tested and 4 scrapped maps that are in their own special episode. I do plan on adding "fun" maps to this wad which will be in their own episode and can only be accessed through that episode and not the main campaign.(similar to maps like Cat and Mouse) This Project will be balanced around UV difficulty however lower difficulties are available as well. List of maps Screenshots
  8. UnholyShadows

    Doom64 Demonic Covenant (FOR GZDOOM)---- 7 Map Demo (WIP)

    All the original 7 maps have been finished and now I have begun work on map8(60% done) which will conclude this series of frozen hell maps. I'm hoping to release another public test when I finish 10 maps. On a side note i'm still trying to figure out a name for this wad.
  9. UnholyShadows

    dooms fanbase is doodoo farts

    Thats nice! Have a great day girlfriend ;)
  10. UnholyShadows

    2021 Goals & Intentions

    Work more on my doom 64 wad and maybe even finish it. Get my Pharmacy Tech certificate so I can finally get some decent money. Maybe dump my bf cuz hes kinda abusive towards me but I still love him.......Emotions can be a bitch =[ Also not get covid =D
  11. UnholyShadows

    Gothic Exhumed 1

    This is a pretty good map, I love the amount of detail and the difficulty was in a good spot. I died in a few spots but hey thats just all part of the fun, there are also plenty of opportunities to cause infighing which reduces the amount of ammo you need to use. Overall I give this map a 10/10 I couldn't really find anything that would drive down the score.
  12. UnholyShadows

    Doom64 Demonic Covenant (FOR GZDOOM)---- 7 Map Demo (WIP)

    maps 4 and 5 have been completely redone and are basically brand new maps despite having 1 or 2 rooms reused but mostly repurposed. Added a new map and revamped map 06 to be more balanced. Now to tackle the ice map which will most likely be completely remade since some people said it was too slaughtery. Map 07 "Accursed" will now be switched to slot 10 and will receive some gameplay rebalancing. Once the ice map "Subnormal" gets redone and I add maps 8 and 9 I will be looking for testers for a closed 10 map test. If your interesting in helping me test this wad please let me know. Heres a slight teaser Screenshot to show that I have made progress on this wad.
  13. UnholyShadows

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Part of my Map05 redesign.
  14. UnholyShadows

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Just a little side project i'm working on.
  15. UnholyShadows

    Doom64 Demonic Covenant (FOR GZDOOM)---- 7 Map Demo (WIP)

    Working on revamping all the maps after map03 to make them less massive/slaughtery and more compact and trap based(similar to doom64) So far I added 1 new map and revamped map04.
  16. UnholyShadows

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Revamping all the maps after level 3 in my doom64 wad, they will be less slaughtery/massive and more trap like(like the original doom64).
  17. UnholyShadows

    Hexen: Realms of Cronos (UPDATE - v1.0)

    Thanks for clarifying, also i'm really digging these maps atm. Ill let you know my final thoughts once I beat them all.
  18. UnholyShadows

    Hexen: Realms of Cronos (UPDATE - v1.0)

    Idk if this sounds silly or not but can I play this with Wrath of Cronos?
  19. UnholyShadows

    vorpal's 2020 wad picks from the community

    You Sir just made my day when mentioning my Untitled Doom64 wad. I love you and hopefully your having a great day and year. Ill let you know when I finally come up with a title for my project. Also.......Eyeballs the hexen wads on the list! Looks like I got more stuff to play WOC with <3
  20. UnholyShadows

    What was the lowest point in your mapping career?

    My lowest point was probably making this crappy wad! https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/d-f/d2mzd
  21. UnholyShadows

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Finished a new map for my Doom64 project. This map will fill the missing map01 slot, also made a new midi for it.
  22. UnholyShadows

    Doom64 Demonic Covenant (FOR GZDOOM)---- 7 Map Demo (WIP)

    Thats a good idea! Heres some new screenshots of a new map i'm making.
  23. UnholyShadows

    Doom64 Demonic Covenant (FOR GZDOOM)---- 7 Map Demo (WIP)

    Two tracks are done by me, map07 and one unused track for a future map. Thanks for the gameplay feedback, I think I'm just gonna remove the Hitscan Arachnotrons since they seem too powerful. I'm glad you liked the mastermind she definitely is a worthy boss fight now. I think I focused too much on making maps look nice rather than play nice, i'm gonna revisit each map and see if they can be saved or if I should just axe them.
  24. UnholyShadows

    Doom64 Demonic Covenant (FOR GZDOOM)---- 7 Map Demo (WIP)

    Make sure you load the the maps as well because this isn't a mod, the D64maps.wad are required as well as the UntitledDoom64_Wad_0.1_.pk3 I'm using the same version of Gzdoom as you so it should work for you when you load both wads. I highly doubt this would run on the steam port even if you just loaded the the D64maps.wad. I'm going to update the OP to be more specific on what this wad requires to run. Sorry that you guys had trouble loading the wad.
  25. UnholyShadows

    Your mapping fears

    Mine biggest mapping fears. -making maps too hard -having the first few maps be too shitty for people to gain interest in completing the wad -working on a megawad and thinking it will be good but turns out to be super crap -not making maps that are interesting